Mother tells Fairfax school board: “My son Robert took his life because he thought all of the oppression was his fault” [VIDEO]

Last night a mother stood before Fairfax County’s school board and told them that her son Robert committed suicide because he was taught that black oppression was his fault.

She told them that he was not responsible for everyone’s problems and that his life mattered.


Here’s what this mother said in full:

My son Robert took his life because he thought that all of the oppression was his fault. There were times he felt excluded because he had to use electives for speech therapy. His expressive language would be even worse while wearing a mask. You need to be inclusive to every student. Be inclusive to those with special needs or not. Be inclusive to those who are masked or unmasked, vaccinated or unvaccinated.

Every race, every life, every student matters.

No one wants you to stop teaching black history but, please, do not do it in a way that makes his life worth any less. My son was not responsible for everyone’s problems. His success does not mean anyone else had to fail! His life mattered; he was important and valued. His emotional disability led him to the conclusion that any success he had, he did not deserve. Robert deserves more. Rest in peace.

Such a horrible outcome and we should all pray for Robert’s soul.

But I guarantee you these leftists don’t care. They’ll continue to teach this white guilt garbage and just blame his suicide on his emotional disability. That’s just the kind of cold, heartless educators they are and I haven’t seen any evidence in the last year that would make me feel any different about them.

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