MRCtv did their own exit polling in Cuccinelli/McAuliffe race…

Just watch it. Proves Democrats are stupid and voting just on social issues are stupid too:

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65 thoughts on “MRCtv did their own exit polling in Cuccinelli/McAuliffe race…

  1. Are those morons who were too concern about women and homosexual rights know
    how those groups are treated in Communist Havens like Cuba, Venezuela etc.
    I wouldn’t bet on it. But Since their Idol Hussein O is not a Marxist they don’t need to be engaged in such a small details.

  2. A vote for mc auliffe was a vote for more left wing corruption . He will just be a water boy for pinocchio and the clinton’s . They all self serving despicable people .

  3. The females are determined to promote Marxism. They must be very happy with the new communist mayor of the Rotten Apple. I refuse to spend a dime in NYC.

  4. “He was an ellgeeBLT [said very fast] activist, that was important to me”

    Because as everyone knows, gays are really safe voting for people who love being nice to jihadists and allowing sharia to be implemented.

  5. We know they are out there and they have been doing massive damage to America…DO THEY KNOW IT???? They don’t have a clue….very depressing to actually hear it come out of their mouths!

  6. Dan Joseph (guy with the mic) doesn’t like Tea Party/Social Conservatives. His FB page proves that. He was actually encouraging people to vote against the candidate Jackson for the Lt Gov race on his FB page. He slammed Cuccinelli and social conservatives.

  7. It shows me that the Democrat smear machine in full swing. Both lies about gays and women worked.

    Well Virginia…welcome to California. Your stupidity will reap what it has sown.

    What is funny is they don’t look dumb…then they open their mouths and you get stunned at how seemingly normal people get willingly duped by the lies.

  8. LIV’s…..aside from a few. This is why politicians are able to lie through their teeth and get away with it.

  9. Sure sounds like they love communists a lot. What dummies! They were quoting TV ads. I’ll bet they didn’t even know his record as a DA. They Thought Cuccinelli was too far left? Democrats….God!

    1. these are people who stay on the couch with the tv on and eat chips all day…..they are not qualified to vote…………

  10. See, that’s why I don’t get why the GOPe types always say conservatives are ‘social issues’ when it’s the Rats that are basically only ‘social issues’!

  11. At least they admitted they are carpetbaggers. Did the interview take place in Northern VA(across from DC). They sure don’t sound like any of my family.

  12. Quick! There’s a (space) alien invasion happening and they are all going to blow us up if we don’t stop them! Who are you going to vote for?

    Liberals: “Whoever is as passionate about abortion as I am!”

  13. Mind numb robots with their bumper sticker quotes and false stereotypical view of Republicans. No thought process or critical thinking.
    “Born and raised Liberal Democrat, so… know….” what the hell is that. My parents never told me how they voted. My dad is a Conservative, moreso than me, but I didn’t know that until well into adulthood, that’s also when I learned my mom always voted Democrat, that is until Obama came along, she’s what a Democrat used to be – not an America hating Leftist nut, but a very common sense, decent, moral, America loving lady. I made up my own mind what I think is right, and here I am.
    And I loved that airhead from Vermont who laughed and giggled that she might be to the Left of Lenin “haha, yeah, maybe, haha, hoho, heehee, haha.”

    1. All the way from the “funny farm” haha, hoho, heehee, haha.” Big fan of Mao too I would suppose haha, hoho, heehee, haha….”, Hitler?, haha, hoho, heehee, haha.” Pol Pot?, haha, hoho, heehee, haha.” Obama? haha, hoho, heehee, haha.”

                1. Bowie used that phrase in Ziggy Stardust. Did Metallica do a cover or something? Wait… googling…googling… ah, I see, Metallica recorded a song with that as the title. Now I know!

    2. False stereotypes? More like exaggerations to the point of falsity.
      But the first point is, they work. People believe TV. Ever see the movie Network, “The only things you know are what comes over this GD box.”
      And the second point is, the Republicans don’t do it, and withheld support from Cuccunellii.
      Think about it. Even in the 2012 national campaign, the Dems have Bill Clinton saying “war against women,” and the Republicans don’t make an ad with film footage of women Clinton raped and assaulted, sequentially cut with photos of Clinton and McAsshole. And that’s nothing compared to what I would do with Gosnell photos.

  14. If they are not going to pay attention to what the candidates stand for, they will pay in taxes and with their freedom.

    Have they had their head in the sand for the last 5 years?

  15. WOW, so many low information WHITE liberals voting in VA!! Whoda thunk it? Liberal women should be sterilized, problem solved!! The dim wit with the white beard is the face and voice of the enemy of freedom in the U.S.

  16. The Clintonista can do nothing without the House of Delegates which now has a super majority in favor of the Repuklicans 67-33. That should make anyone in VA have a sigh of relief. One thing left to do Richmond, cede to DC the agreed to land, it’s way past due. Problem solved.

    1. How solid are these Repubicans? Are they going to cut deals? Can you tell us? I live in Florida.

      1. It’s a legitimate question to which I cannot answer but think of in terms of where did the Dem victory come from? DC suburbs. Notice how those poled had no accent meaning they’re all transplants. You could safely go to that website that explains the demographics by county and see that most will be conservatives rather than wishy washy Progs.

    2. I was wondering about that. However, all the miserable puke McAuliffe has to do is employ Premier O’s tactic of bypassing the law-making body of the state and issue executive orders.

      1. Doubt that would happen, the conservatives would like nothing better then a better excuse to impeach the little rat. Besides, let’s wait to see just how much trouble this prick actually made for himself with all that green energy crap. If it were a conservative that had that much frightening baggage, he would have stepped down because nobody would vote for him. Of course when it comes to progressive mentality, integrity hasn’t any meaning whatsoever. Be certain it’s not even a word in progressivenese

        1. Yeah, I don’t think the word integrity is in their vocabulary either. The following ad brought a bump to the Cucinelli camp during his run for the governorship:

          The Cucinelli campaign did not endorse the ad, but they didn’t have to. They should have played this over and over again anywhere and everywhere they could.

  17. Unfortunately, this shows that the NEGATIVE ADS against Cucinelli worked and people are really, really STUPID for voting blindly.

    If you vote – You should have a good reason to vote for your choice or stay home!

    ANOTHER sad day in America

    OH! – Did I mention the RNC/GOP SUCKS!

    1. It’s called liberalism, it’s not just a mental disorder but a fanatical false religion to the Marxist Democrats.

  18. So the “war on women” meme ruled the course of the election. It also helped that the “Libertarian” candidate was bought and paid for by the Demokratik party. I see the Demokratik propaganda machine did a fine job smearing Cucinelli and disseminating lies. They relied on low-information voters and the LOV did not let the Demokrats down. The people who voted for McAuliffe deserve who they elected.

    1. That’s exactly what happened. I live here. The Dems were vicious, and for the most part, unanswered by the GOP. The GOP Establishment money And entities did not support our conservative slate. The GOP is going to rot from within. I will applaud their demise.

  19. Also, how “crazy” will Cuccinelli seem when all the McAufflfle voters start losing their health insurance. He won’t seem so crazy when they are all ushered on the exchanges.

    1. I wish you were right but they will just blame republicans for being so extreme and uncompromising.

  20. It’s really amazing to see how the Alinskyization took hold, and how sound bites and bumper sticker slogans stick. This is probably what happened in 2012 as well.

  21. I don’t know what was more moronic. They way some of them voted or the ones that tried to sound intelligent in explaining why they voted the way they did which were just campaign sound bites they probably heard from commercials the past few weeks.

    Most of these social issue idiots vote for a person that will end up taking every liberty they can from them but that’s ok so unborn babies can be killed although they would all say that they would never have an abortion themselves. This nation is in trouble.

  22. The woman at the end (I stress, woman, not girl) even laughed gleefully and agreed that she is from a pretty much Leninist viewpoint. Wtf is wrong with these people? I’m nowhere near her age and I know enough about Lenin to know I wouldn’t want to be associated with such a figure from history. I ask again: wtf is wrong with these people?

          1. Well, the “dopes” wanted legalized pot. Legalization brings taxation in the eyes of tax and spend lawmakers.

            1. Nah, they pumped up the black market and made it more profitable with less threat of getting caught…

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