MSM said the RIOTS that don’t exist ENDED when Feds left, but THAT’S not true either! CHAOS, fires, WAR reign

The mainstream media said there were no riots anywhere and everything was totally peaceful in the country. A New York Times writer of little renown snarkily pleaded for someone to show him how to get the riots because he couldn’t find them. An MSNBC reporter in front of a BURNING BUILDING said everything was “mostly peaceful” at his riot.

Then, when Trump sent in the Feds, they cried out that he was crushing peaceful quiet protests with his brute evil forces.

THEN when the Feds pulled back, the media claimed these riots that were mostly peaceful and also never happened in the first place had somehow stopped and become peaceful again.

But if none of that makes a lick of sense don’t you worry your pretty heads none, because their lie about their lie about their lie is also based on a complete lie. Nothing has stopped. Nothing has become peaceful. It’s a complete catastrophe in Portland and other places STILL and once again it was all caught on video last night that CNN’s Fat Dumb and Bald Guy won’t be saying a darn thing about. Luckily actual journalist Andy Ngo is still doing the work.

In fact, they’ve gotten worse.

By the way, guess who else doesn’t want you to know about any of this?


It’s a Brave and Fake New World, y’all. Here’s a metaphor to wrap it all up neatly for ya.

Yeah. That’s about the size of it.

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