MSNBC admits SHOCK about the reception of Trump’s visit to El Paso

An MSNBC reporter today admitted shock that people in El Paso were positive about Trump coming to visit the city:

LOL! This would only be a surprise to Democrats and the anti-Trump mainstream media. They just don’t get that many Americans don’t feel the same way about Trump that they do. Most people aren’t looking to warp everything Trump says into some racist or hateful meaning.

These hosts and reporters who hate Trump live in a huge echo chamber of anti-Trumpism and that’s all they hear, which is why we heard Nicole Wallace yesterday say, without a contrary thought, that Trump is talking about exterminating Lations. It just never occurred to her that this was an absurd thing to say until people on the right called her out for it.

They just don’t get it and I think the 2020 presidential election will prove this point to be true.

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