MSNBC Analyst: Trump supporters need to be ‘deprogrammed’

Eugene Robinson, analyst on MSNBC and WAPO columnist, suggested this morning that millions of Americans who support Trump need to be deprogrammed:

This is how they see you, as though you’ve been brainwashed or something by Trump. You are part of a “Trumpist cult” and they want to ‘deprogram’ you.

This is the kind of language that potentially leads to horrific consequences, because if those in power enforce policies to try and deprogram you and they are unsuccessful, then what? Is murder the next option? That tends to happen with authoritarian governments who don’t like to be opposed. Just look at Germany, China, and the USSR for 20th century examples.

Notice how Ida Bae Wells responds. She doesn’t know how to deprogram you, but one thing she does know is that you must be punished. She says we can’t just jump to reconciliation, that Trump supporters need to be punished first and only then can there be reconciliation.

What’s ironic, as RBPundit points out, is that this is what leads to violence in the streets and potentially worse:

Here’s a few more responses to this garbage:

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