MSNBC caught doctoring another clip to make Romney look pathetic

When Romney was in Dayton Ohio, he was introduced by Paul Ryan and the crowed immediately began cheering “Romney, Romney, Romney…”. Romney interrupted them and started his own cheer “Romney/Ryan, Romney/Ryan…” to ensure that Ryan was included. So that’s the truth of what happened.

But the Morning Joe crew on MSNBC made it seem like the crowd was chanting “Ryan, Ryan, Ryan….” due to an overlay that said “Ryan” and that Romney interrupted them to add his own name to the cheer so he could be included. Pretty pathetic, eh? But as stated above, that’s not what happened.

Stu and Pat got a call from a woman who was there and indeed confirmed that the crowd was chanting “Romney, Romney…” and when Pat and Stu went back and listened to it, they heard exactly that.

Also, the Huffington Post ran a correction to their version of the story that confirms what the above caller said:

UPDATE: A reporter who attended the event contacted The Huffington Post to say that the crowd was chanting Romney’s name, not Ryan’s, and that Romney added his running mate’s name to the chant, not the other way around.

There you have it. MSNBC caught doctoring another tape to make Romney look bad.

(h/t: Townhall, The Blaze)

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