MSNBC contributor completely loses it on-air, claims Trump will shut down voting in California if acquitted [VIDEO]

You may not realize this yet, but if Trump is acquitted of impeachment, he will use the iron fist of government to do whatever he wants, including shutting down elections in California to keep illegals from voting. At least that’s what an MSNBC contributor says will happen:

Newsbusters writes:

Apparently having a vision of the future, Johnson, politics editor for, feared: “Imagine Donald Trump deciding sometime in June, ‘Well, I heard this conspiracy theory that a lot of illegal immigrants voted in California, so I’ve decided that during the presidential election California has to undergo extreme vetting because we can’t trust their votes. We’re going to shut down voting in a state.’”

Johnson insisted it would happen: “This is literally the kind of thing he will do now. We’re not talking hypotheticals anymore.”

He pleaded with senators to convict the President:

“So why people aren’t concerned, why people don’t realize that this is step one to actual autocracy? Not the theoretical one, not the one we talk about in class, but an actual president who will say, “This state’s votes don’t count. These people don’t have a right to vote. These people can’t come into the country.” That is what they’re allowing to happen here.”

This is unbelievably absurd and indicative of just how much these people hate Trump and want to destroy him.

These fears might be a tad more understandable if this were 2016 and Trump wasn’t a known quantity. But he’s been president for over three years and has never used the power of government to do anything outside his constitutional authority. In fact even when the courts rule against him, he always obeys their rulings and keeps fighting within the court system, which is more than we can say for his predecessor who was held in contempt by the courts for ignoring their rulings.

This is just unhinged hatred and fear mongering that should be reason enough for MSNBC to boot him off the network. But they won’t because they probably all agree with him, which is utterly pathetic.

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