MSNBC contributor ‘shocked and appalled’ that her kids won’t get COVID boosters [VIDEO]

An MSNBC contributor admitted that she was shocked and appalled when her kids wouldn’t take her advice and get any more COVID boosters.

Katty Kay told Ezekiel Emanuel that when her kids came home from the holidays, she made plans for them to get their COVID boosters. But her children, 22 and 16 years old, both refused to get any more vaccines or boosters.

Here’s more via Fox News:

MSNBC contributor Katty Kay expressed shock on Thursday that her children aren’t interested in further COVID-19 vaccinations.

After watching a clip from a doctor describing how busy hospitals have become in the closing of 2022, Kay described her personal frustration on “Morning Joe.”

“You would think that the country would respond by saying, ‘Okay, we’ll make sure we’re all up to date with our vaccines,’” she said to fellow MSNBC contributor Dr. Zeke Emanuel.

“But I had a strange conversation with my 22-year-old and my 16-year-old last night, and I said, ‘Okay, I booked you in for COVID updates, you’re both back for holidays, you’re going to get your boosters,’ and both of them said, ‘No, we don’t want to. We’ve had enough vaccines, and we don’t think we need them,’” Kay said. “I was sort of shocked and appalled.”

“But is this the kind of response you’re seeing from young people at the moment, that they think this is over, and they don’t need any more vaccines?,” she asked Emmanuel.

Dr. Emanuel responded by saying how COVID-19 vaccines don’t prevent transmission of the virus but do prevent series illness.

“Yes, but I would say, you know, we keep thinking vaccines are going to prevent getting COVID. They don’t prevent getting COVID. What they prevent is serious illness, hospitalization and death,” he said. “And young people think they’re invincible — and yes, they are at lower risk from COVID, but that’s not zero risk.”

“There are only two things that really can prevent transmission of the COVID virus,” Emanuel suggested. “One is a good mask, an N95 mask, and wearing it, especially in crowded situations on airplanes and transportation, and the other is better indoor ventilation.”

I kinda felt like Emanuel was trying to placate Kay’s sense of ‘shock’ over her children not getting boosters, while at the same time trying to ever so slightly to disagree with her.

Maybe I’m wrong, but it doesn’t seem to me that he was all that concerned over her children refusing the boosters. And I like how he pointed out that the vaccines don’t prevent anyone from getting COVID and that children are at a pretty low risk.

Whatever the case is, Katty Kay is just an example of the idiots who take Dr. Fauci and these vaccines way too seriously.

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