MSNBC crew gangs up on Gov. Scott Walker over auto bailout and Janesville plant

Just after Paul Ryan’s speech finished, Gov. Scott Walker did an interview with MSNBC from the floor of the RNC, which I imagine was probably supposed to be a light interview. But basically Walker was ganged up on by the over-zealous talking heads covering the speech over an issue that had nothing to do with Paul Ryan’s speech or the RNC, but a GM plant closing in Janesville.

The short of it is that Walker highlighted a broken promise Obama made to the people in a GM plant in Janesville in 2008, saying that his policies would keep it open. MSNBC talking heads all argued that it closed in Dec. of 2008 and because of that it couldn’t be Obama’s fault.

But Gov. Walker’s point was that if GM and the government had followed the advice of Mitt Romney and went into a managed bankruptcy up front instead of dumping billions of taxpayer money into GM, only to do a managed bankruptcy later, GM would have been better off with no wasting of the taxpayer money.

But that point soared high over the heads of Maddow, Schultz, and Sharpton as they continued to press Walker over Dec. 2008.

Oddly enough, the plant did close in 2009 as Walker had earlier suggested, according to Wisconsin’s Journal Sentinel. The MSNBC folks were relying on the reporting of the Washington Post, which apparently got it wrong.

Watch below:

One other point. The fact that the Obama administration forced GM into a managed bankruptcy after giving it 2 bailouts beforehand just proves Walker’s point that the bailouts were a fraud. Just pouring money into a company without fixing its underlying problems will still end in the same result.

It’s just like Obama’s stimulus package philosphy, that if you throw billions of dollars at the states it will fix their problems. But it didn’t and since then they’ve had to lay off people and cut back on spending to actually address their underlying budget problems. The stimulus just delayed them taking the proper action in the first place.

It was all just one big waste of taxpayer money.

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