MSNBC guest lays out plan to impeach Trump and make Pelosi PRESIDENT

Apparently the left is rife with ways to dump Trump and one of them was explained on MSNBC today, and the end result was Pelosi becoming president:

Here’s more from DC Examiner:

Joining the network’s AM Joy on Saturday, Wine-Banks was asked if Congress should look to impeach Trump first or turn their eyes to Pence instead. In response, she suggested going after Pence first and giving Trump the option to either replace him before being impeached himself — so that a Republican can remain in the White House — or decline and let Pelosi take over.

“You could impeach Pence first,” Wine-Banks stated. “The problem is that Donald Trump then has to name his replacement. But I think that maybe a deal could be struck where he was told, ‘If you don’t make a replacement, then Nancy Pelosi does become president. And so, you are going to be impeached and convicted. You need to make this replacement so that the proper party remains in power.'”

The left is literally dreaming up ways to get Trump out of office. This is how much they hate him. It’s almost comical.

What’s even funnier about this is that it supposes that Pelosi has the goods on Trump, and we all know they don’t. There’s no quid pro quo no matter how many whistleblowers can find. We’ve seen the transcript of the call and it’s not even close.

These people are deranged. Can you imagine what these people will do when Trump wins again in 2020, especially after all their efforts to destroy him? I dare to think…

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