MSNBC guest RELIEVED that MURDERED Charleston church-goers didn’t have GUNS!

Bob Shrum brought his best stupidity to MSNBC today and made sure to get in there that the best thing for nine black church goers is that they NOT have guns to defend themselves when a murderous racist came in to kill them.

Watch below:

In fact we know from other examples that having just one person with a concealed carry weapon can often defuse just such a situation. Here’s on example that actually happened in a church:

Amid deafening cracks of gunfire, smoke-spewing canisters and the flight of thousands of New Life Church members, Jeanne Assam said she suddenly saw the hallways clear and a gunman come through the door.

“I took cover. I identified myself. I engaged him. I took him down,” the 42-year-old former law officer and volunteer church security guard said Monday at a news conference in the Colorado Springs police station.

“I just said, ‘Holy Spirit, be with me.’ I wasn’t even shaking,” Assam said. “I give the credit to God. I say this very humbly. God was with me.”

Assam, a member of New Life for only a few months, admitted she had been without sleep since Sunday’s midday shootings at Colorado’s largest church.

The episode left two injured and ended the lives of two teen sisters and the gunman, 24-year-old Matthew Murray.

Police declined to confirm Monday whether Assam’s weapon, which she reportedly emptied in the exchange, inflicted Murray’s fatal wound or whether it was self-inflicted.

Thank goodness idiot Bob Shrum wasn’t in charge of the gun laws there.

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