MSNBC guest says Muslims are the LEAST terrorist faith group in America…

Chuck Todd is determined to be the most liberal media moron of this week as we documented earlier how he deceptively edited Ben Carson, and then we find him allowing a Muslim guest to mislead his dopey audience of idiots on MSNBC.

In this clip, Dalia Mogahed offers some completely irrational arguments to defend Muslims form the criticisms offered by many on the right.

Watch below:

She also says that the majority of terrorist attacks in the United States are committed by white male Christians. Holy crap are you serious?!? WOW! That’s an incredible statistic if you don’t know anything about how statistics work!!!

Yeah that’s not terribly surprising in a country where 70% or more identify themselves as Christians. When less than ONE PERCENT of the people in America are Muslim, then yes, you might find a slight disparity in the number of crazies committing terrorist attacks.

But of course the idiot Chuck Todd didn’t point this out, either because he doesn’t know or understand that disparity, or he’d rather push a liberal leftist narrative to his unwitting audience. Or a combination of both…

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