MSNBC hack Fernand Amandi trots out Hugo Chavez bit to trash talk Tucker Carlson – Dare you to do it to his FACE, bud.

Like any MSNBC coward, girly man Fernand R. Amandi, who is referred to as an “analyst” at that 1984 network, talks a lot of trash really dramatically for the sake of his gullible (and tiny) audience. On TV and online only of course.

What a coincidence that he stole his bit from brutal Venezuelan socialist dictator Hugo Chavez.

Today, on the show of unapologetic racist and supremacist Tiffany Cross, he tried to be a badass in insulting the left’s latest bogeyman Tucker Carlson.

Yes, latest. Though MSNBC and CNN have always used Tucker’s show as an excuse to cover Fox News instead of, you know, the news, their main business was keeping liberal viewers scared and panicked about Donald Trump.

With Trump temporarily out of the White House they need someone new to fuel the daily outrage/fear beast, and for that they’ve turned to Carlson and DeSantis. In other words, to the people who don’t bow and scrape before them.

Watch this skinny little [fill-in-the-blank] try to talk like some kind of boss. Via Newsbusters:

Newsbusters added this note, which is pretty good.

Note: What drove Cross and Amandi to complain of Carlson’s “stink” and “insanity” was his statement that the Democrat party is seeking to replace the current US electorate with more Dem-friendly immigrant voters from Third World countries. Question: how hard do you think Biden-Kamala would be clamping down on the border if, say, millions of Republican-leaning Poles were trying to enter the country?

Think about it.

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