MSNBC hack says ‘unvaxxed’ should have to pay MORE for health care

MSNBC’s most absurd host, Joyless Reid, is now arguing that the ‘unvaxxed’ should have to pay more for health care because they are hogging it or something:

Reid claims that the unvaxxed are “collapsing our healthcare system”, that the ‘unvaxxed’ are taking up all the beds in emergency rooms so that people who have strokes and heart attacks can’t get into the ER.

What a load of hogwash. She doesn’t cite an ounce of fact to back up her claims which run counter to everything we are learning about Omicron. I know hospitals are still dealing with Delta, but a quick survey of a few hospitals in New York City show that they have plenty of capacity left.

Furthermore, I’ve not seen a single report of hospitals turning heart attack and stroke patients away because they don’t have room. That’s not even how emergency rooms work. They use triage, which means treating the worst patients first.

Reid has got to be the biggest liar on MSNBC and yet she still has a job. Why anyone watches MSNBC is beyond me anymore. Nothing but a misinformation network.

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