MSNBC host blames Kamala’s low approval on WHITE MALES

MSNBC host Joy Reid is predictably blaming Kamala’s low approval numbers on ‘white males’, or racism. Or White Supremacy.

Via The Blaze:

MSNBC host Joy Reid is blaming white men for Vice President Kamala Harris’ dismal approval ratings.

Speaking with the Root in an interview published this week, Reid claimed that Harris’ negative public image is a result of white men who control the media narrative about her.

“Most of the media is still white and male. And their take on Kamala Harris becomes the take,” Reid said. “It becomes conventional wisdom.”

Reid, who hosts a prime-time show on MSNBC, described Harris as a “regular sister” who is not afforded many opportunities to display her personaility.

“She’s just a regular sister in the same way people would always say that Michelle Obama is like if your cousin became first lady. Kamala Harris is like if your cousin became VP of the United States,” Reid told the Root. “I think she doesn’t get to show that personality often enough, and so people haven’t had a chance to get to know her.”

The fact that she said ‘white males’ in the media means only one thing, that she’s talking about Tucker Carlson and Fox News.

But instead of just saying ‘Tucker Carlson’ or ‘Fox News’, she puts a racist spin on it because that’s the kind of leftist race-baiter she is.

The whole thing is stupid anyway because Kamala has been a disaster, so much so that Joe Biden himself doesn’t want much to do with her because of all her ‘baggage’.

Kamala is the reason why her approval numbers are in the tank, but leftist hacks in the media like Joy Reid will say anything to defend their own.

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