MSNBC host describes BENGHAZI, IRS ‘memes’ as ‘bones that can never be buried’ because conservatives…

Apparently to one MSNBC host, Alex Wagner, the slaughter in Benghazi and the IRS scandal are just “memes” that conservatives keep bringing up to attack Obama. She says they “live on well past their expiration date” and then refers to them as “bones that can never be buried” (you know, because conservatives won’t let the four people slaughtered in Benghazi die already) asking David Axelrod how potent these ‘memes’ are to voters:

WAGNER: Let me ask you about – we’re talking about memes that continue to live on well past their expiration date. A lot of conservatives have defended Christie and his nearly 2 hour press conference and said ‘if only president Obama would give us that time to explain about Benghazi or the IRS’ and it sort of to me pointed out they’re going to continue to make Benghazi and the IRS – that is going to be relitigated in 2014 and 2016. And to a certain degree, are these bones that can never be sort of buried, if you will – I mean how potent do you think those are to swing voters, to people in the middle?

AXELROD: I don’t think they’re potent at all to swing voters. They’re red meat for the base. They’re a distraction for the base. I mean, just take the IRS, for example. The principal person who made the decision at the IRS was a middle level civil servant named Lois Lerner. I worked at the white house at the time. If you had asked me who Lois Lerner was, I would have guessed it was one of superman’s girlfriends. I had no idea who Lois Lerner was and I’m sure the president didn’t have any idea who Lois Lerner was. This involved a decision by one of the closest aids to a governor of a state and to equate the two is absolutely ludicrous. We ought to set that aside. I think that there are many, many efforts to deflect but I don’t think you can – I mean the story is very very clear.

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