MSNBC host, lots of other blue checks attack Rittenhouse trial JUDGE, want to get RID of him

Insane MSNBC racist TV host Tiffany Cross has joined a chorus of lefties in attacking the judge in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and trying to have him removed.

The tweets against the judge from the left today have been crazy top to bottom, despite there being no verdict (which is handled by the JURY) nor any sentencing yet. They are preemptively against him. Just like cops in major cities are having to preemptively cancel vacation and time off for their officers ahead of the verdict because, whichever way it goes, they are expecting violence from BLM and ANTIFA.

Which Cross is HAPPY to incite, along with her liberal pals.

There are a LOT more just like this, accusing the judge of being racist and more. Cross made this part of her argument too.

No surprise from the lady who said “burn it all down” I guess.

If this were the reverse politics she’d be out there grandstanding about how offensive it is to attack a judge. The same game they play with military all the time. Sacrosanct and off-limits if liberal, fair game and probably baby murderer if not.

Also same game they play with kids. Off limits depending on whether their parents are (R) or (D).

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