MSNBC host smacked down by College Republican

This is excellent. Touré, host of the new MSNBC show called The Cycle, openly demeans a College Republican by suggesting that most young people are libs and that something bad must have happened to him for him to be a Republican, and asks him ‘how it happened’. But this College Republican named Alex Schriver is no pushover and schools Touré on the fact that a lot of young people are tired of hope and change and are moving toward the Right:

(via Newsbusters)

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124 thoughts on “MSNBC host smacked down by College Republican

  1. Sweet! He sounds a little like my son-in-law….I just want to give him a big hug! By the way, my post-college daughter and her husband are living with his parents. They both (25 and 27 yrs) will be voting for “anyone but Obama”.

  2. Only thing good about this train-wreck “Tour” is if the hots stay in the upper right and lower left corners of the screen…
    I be likin’ me some SE Cupp !!

  3. Woo-hoo! Go young republican….and a realize you are REALLY a young conservative.

    We all need to work together to re-claim the Republican party from the RINOs and elect enough conservative candidates to restore the constitution, and the limits it provides on our ever-growing parasitic government host that is destroying our economy and usurping our liberties.

  4. Handled well by this young Republican. I can’t imagine why the young would vote Democrat since this administration is throwing the entire Santa-sack of debt onto them!

  5. I’m so sick of the condescending litle smirks on the face of MSNBC reporters like this jerk! I thought Democrats were supposed to be tolerant and peaceful, yeah right!

  6. Aww. Poor little Toure Neblett. Big mean conservative guy beating up on him. Neblett’s still a hack.

    1. They just control the mainstream media and scream louder, and gives the appearance of superior numbers.

  7. What happened to Alex is that he didn’t smoke so much weed that he lost all common sense and reasoning. He uses logic and the facts. Toure? PWNED.

  8. It’s because most younger people are impressionable idiots. They have unrealistic, Utopian views of how things should be. When they get older and reality slaps them in the face, they realize the ignorance of their old ways. It’s really that simple.

    It’s easy to give away other peoples’ money and freedom when you don’t have any and haven’t had to fight for it. When you’re young, your priorities have yet to develop. You haven’t had time to watch the destruction of society by freaks of nature. Your goal for the day is to get through class and make it to the party tonight, get drunk and discuss politics with all of that wisdom you’ve accumulated in your 1 or 2 years as an adult.

    The few people who really do take the time to be informed and pull back the curtain tend to lean right. They see all of the sniveling, whiney liberal morons in their classes and just want to distance themselves.

  9. I’ve spent the last couple years trying to explain to the right that the youth vote was up for grabs this time around…..I know I’ve always been a conservative and looking back, so has every guy I’ve ever dated and most of my friends!! When the occupests started their infestation of public parks across the country, the reaction of too many on the right was to use them to define my entire generation and more than once, I had to challenge facebook friends on using the deranged behavior of a group that was clearly the minority to describe all young people…..I was 18 on 9/11 and it was people my age that lined up to join the military and fight these wars (and there are more of them than there are occupests) and we were just really starting out in the real world when it comes to our careers when the economy tanked!! Don’t ever assume that we’re all liberals!! Also, I cannot believe that idiot Krystal Ball, whose entire knowledge of politics comes from one failed congressional campaign known best for the pictures of her and a costume with a certain part of the male anatomy that she wore to a party in college, landed a spot on any national tv program!! Her campaign was so pathetic that most people didn’t even know she was a candidate….she ran for the seat in the district next to mine.

    1. I think you might be right about the youth vote, or at least a large chunk of it. I remember being amazed a batch of new hires where I was working back during the Reagan years. These kids were fresh out of college, and almost all of them had voted Reagan.

  10. This young Repub gave this idiot a Toure of the woodshed……

    My two college aged children are staunchly conservative…..they think Obama is a race hustling huckster and flim flam man.

    I may have been instrumental in planting that idea into their heads…but as it says in the good book….ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

    Some of my son’s friends voted for Obama last time around……they’ve since realized the error of their ways…..with my help of course.

  11. What a well-spoken young man. I doubt you’d have caught him getting rat-faced at some beer pong frat party.

  12. Is “Toure” his first name, or his last name?

    Or dat be his street name?

    Where does PMSNBC find these “journalists?”

  13. And just to comment on the point he made that people usually start out liberal and then become more conservative as they age. Well thats because when you’re young most people don’t know much and have no life experiences. As you age, you get life experience and understand how the economy works and you see the lefts agenda everywhere from your workplace to tv to the gov’t and most people say “Thats bs!” Good for those that understand early.

    As for me I would have started off the retort with “Well Toure I am this way because my parents raised me with common sense.”

  14. As another 23 year old college republican, i’d like to second Alex Schriver’s comments. The youth vote is coming back our way. We’re not all being brainwashed and turned into Obama zombies… despite the vast liberal infultration into academia.

  15. Can you say- SLAAAAAMMMM

    Yes, this arrogant little dweeb on MSNBC is typical of the asinine attitude and mindset that befalls liberals from their incessant indoctrination of what is right and wrong, good and bad. How else can one explain why someone like this braindead liberal MSNBC talk show host, would actually believe and think that Individual Freedom, Liberty, Democracy, Free Market Capitalism, and the US Constitution are bad, and an all powerful authoritarian socialist-marxist govt is good.

  16. er-doesn’t Toure direct music video’s? Why is this putz hosting a political show? What, if you have any liberal cred at all, you get your own show over a pmsnbc? That young man could give classes on how to put a sorry lib in his place…love it.

  17. I love the clip, but is NOTHING but a site where you pledge a donation. There are no links, nothing to read, nothing to see. They first offer a free bumper sticker in you give your address & email. Once you do that you go to the next page where they ask you how much you are willing to give.

  18. “Touré” – French for “douche bag”.

    Liberal young people become Conservative as soon as they get their first paycheck and see how much the government takes from them. This could be part of the Obama strategy. When they can’t get a job, they won’t get a paycheck. When they don’t get a paycheck, they don’t have taxes withheld. When they don’t have taxes withheld, they don’t become Conservatives. When they stay liberals, they keep voting for democrats.

  19. *whooosh* Tourette is getting used to that sound isn’t he? His job description seems to be Token Black Dude in Charge of Getting Schooled.

    Give the man a raise.

  20. Toure is an uncivilized,leftist,racist.He has been indoctrinated for the last three month in hatred against all Republicans and Conservatives by the Obama and the Democratic parties network M.S.N.B.C. BOYCOTT M.S.N.B.C. and COMCAST and VOTE ROMNEY

  21. Excellent!! Well stated, but of course he’s a Conservative and they always have their facts, unlike liberals who base their arguments on lies and emotions.

    There’s a young lady on here who’s name is Krystal Ball?! What’s up with that?

    1. ‘…Krystal Ball?’

      She’s a pole dancer from Reno. A female version of Anthony Weiner. Management thought it might resuscitate ratings.

          1. It is great for those who don’t have to watch them anymore, and great for those of us who never could, didn’t necessarily want to, but couldn’t see the good stuff- which is what Scoop always gives us!! YAY! 😀

    1. I would rather call them “Facts” & “Truth” rather than demeaning the rebuttal Alex Shriver made as “Talking Points.” A term which has negative meanings.

    1. That’s fine young man, but always remember to listen to both sides. The left and the right have their good and bad aspects about them. The more you study the opposing viewpoints the better you’ll be able to pick out what makes sense to you. Just saying…..

      1. Robert: Adverma just dropped a load of rubbish on you. The left has proven time and again over the past century they have no good aspects. They lie, cheat and desire to turn our Republic into a clone of European Socialism.

        You should listen to both sides….but not to learn from the left except in the aspect to allow you to know how they plan to “screw-over” the consitution next…. this is in order to thwart them and their “collective” programs.

      2. For the life of me I can’t think of any good viewpoints on the left. Can you name some? No insult intended….just wanna hear what you think they are.

    2. Glad to have you. Hope you’re able to convert a lot of them liberal dumbasses that don’t think about the consequences of liberal policies.

  22. Excellent Response Young Sir… I toast you with an excellent alcoholic beverage.

        1. Not bad, of course there are, what, over a dozen varities of Sam Adams? What,.pray tell kind sir, is your Sam Adams vintage.of choice? ( please excuse my wine reference)

          1. Vintage of choice? Scottish Ale… but they haven’t produced it in a couple of years. But I had just the old mainstay Boston Lager in my hand when I tipped it.

            They’ve got a High Gravity “Wee Heavy” version of Scottish Ale…thick enough to cut with a knife and fork.

            I’ve got some Cream Stout somewhere in the garage… Honey Porter and Octoberfest are pretty good too.

            I found that I have to stay away from beers that are more on the Hoppy side… they can give me a migraine ( I suspect its caused by sulfites, which I’m allergic to), so I gravitate to the Maltier side of the Spectrum.

            Unfortunately… most wines and Ciders use sulfites as a preservative and the effect is like having a migraine hangover for me. No fun at all because I do loves me some Hard Cider.

  23. I don’t think it was that big number, 8,000,000, that flumoxed TOURE, the briiliant black satirist. I think he was stumped at 8.

  24. What the heck is S.E. Cupp doing with these libtards? With names like Toure, Krystal Ball (Krystal Ball?), and Kornacki? I never heard of any of them. Don’t tell me she works for this lame network. This girl has got to find Religion.

    1. If she stays there for a year, she will personally convert 50,000 males age 18-25 to conservatism. (and they will influence others)

  25. AWESOME!!!!!!! And a liberal audience actually heard that!!!!!!!!!

    Proud mom of 3 republicans between the ages of 21-25

    P.S. Is it not clear as day that if you’re a young person, and you’re a republican, you’re probably really SMART??

    1. Well done Rosie! There is nothing more important than raising good people and that includes being conservative! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    2. Im with you Rosie.

      Proud mom of a young under 25 year old non liberal TEACHER. (AND he has friends that are conservative as well!)

  26. SLAM

    —————- BAM

    —————————THANK YOU MAM’

    Does anyone in the studio have an extra pair of clean shorts?

    He got his clock cleaned !!!!!!!!

  27. This little clip is probably indicative of the Impostors worst nightmare. He’s being marginalized by those he thought he could count on. He has done nothing to encourage the younger voters to come out and support him. There is no energy left in the tank and that little ditty, Hope and Change, has lost it’s promise. There is nothing left.

  28. There need to be ads heralding these statistics aimed at the Youth vote. Obama is like last year’s fad, on the level of The Pet Rock. He’s out of vogue. Time to move FORWARD, kids. And FORWARD means having a job, real independence from you parents as productive, self-sustaining citizens, as well as independence from the government breast.

  29. You could hear the condescending tone in his voice like he was some sort of freak for being a young conservative republican.

  30. Well done! It gives me hope that not every young adult is buying Odumbo’s kool-aid. What is the most appealing thing about the liberal mentality to young adults is not only that the young are naive, but that it feeds into their desire to not be accountable for their own irresponsible behavior. Life isn’t fair, therefore the government should make it fair. The problem is that history has shown repeatedly that when government over steps its bounds in that manner, people lose their personal liberty and sink further into despair. Young adults haven’t lived long enough to realize the personal empowerment that they are relinquishing in exchange for the “free stuff”. This administration’s incompetence has hurt many college graduates, whom are finding that they are underemployed with student loans on their backs. Odumbo will try to bribe them by getting the loans waived on our dime. The conservative movement must make a better effort to educate these students about what that will mean for their futures. It will sand bag their nation’s economy and they will be responsible on a much larger scale! Odumbo is only promising them the moon in order to gain their vote. He could care less how it will hurt this generation and many generations to come to offer programs that are economically unsustainable. The collapse of the USA is his only goal, while stuffing his pockets on the way out the door!

  31. That puppy-Schriver has his eyes open! Toure just spouts his proscribed talking points, then, nothing-dead air!

  32. Oh boy! That kid is way to sharp! And took the poor pmsnbc host to task. Love it. I just love conservatism spilling from the mouths of babes:)

  33. I’m a recent college grad, and I can tell you that the vast majority of young people are going for Obama. Why? Because young people are inexperienced in life, thus they are ignorant, naive, and frankly stupid when it comes to how the world works. Young people are also heavily driven by peer pressure. This year it’s no different. Obama is going to win a majority of the naive youth vote.

    The question should be, “Torre, you’re an adult now. Most adults are starting to understand that their world view when they were a child was flawed and out of line with reality. Why are you still thinking like a child?”

    1. You might be right that Obama will get a majority of young voters, but I think that total number will be vastly smaller than it was in ’08, due simply to lack of enthusiasm.

      1. Not to mention that most young voters aren’t known for actually making the trek to the voting booth. The excitement has warn off on Obama and even though most college students “say” they support him, I am guessing most won’t show up.

        1. Let’s hope you are right. Heck, let’s hope most o supporters don’t show up and vote…no matter what their age.

        2. It’s definitely true that Obama’s numbers within the youth population will be down in both turnout and share of vote. In 2008 at Indiana University, turnout was up 200% because of Obama. The atmosphere of conformity on campus was disgusting. There’s no way he’s going to match that this year, because youth lose interest quickly and move on to the next trend.

      2. After watching the liberty movement grow for the last couple of years, it appears that the young people are giving up on both parties. They will move to the right for the right candidate, but the left has nothing to offer.

      3. I’m a CURRENT College Student, and I know A LOT of kids that are agreeing with me left and right when I argue with my “professors”! I have some hope for the youth vote still…

        1. Right there with you man! If the teachers won’t tell the truth, stand up and correct them. For most college students, they only know what the “professors” tell them.

          I just finished up a semester and by the end of the course, the teacher would say something, and then the class would look at me to verify if he was right.

          Like training a dog, as time goes on, they finally learn and you don’t have to correct them as much.

          1. Sure as Shit man!!! Same deal here…my “professors” HATE me, especially the Communications ones! My Comm 101 prof was expecting all the students to be terrified of public speaking, and just stay quiet while he spewed his BS, but he probably hasn’t had many veterans coming through his course (I’m in SoCal). I am NOT scared of public speaking, nor arguing, so he really met his match with me! LOL!

            Good to see others sharing my experience! It really is great to see the proverbial lightgbulb go off on the other students’ heads, when the BS-meter finally popped the top, and they realize they SHOULD be paying attention to me! LOL!

            1. Hahaha dude, I’m in SoCal too! I’m not a vet, but I’ve always LOVED public speaking so I had no problem speaking up every time!

              And yes it is VERY good to see other students start to wake up to what is going on!

              My favorite segue into a correction was “And here are the facts that you conveniently left out…”

              I remember once, in my Business 101 class, the teacher pulls up a list of the companies with the biggest profits and started pointing out how like 5 of the top 10 were all oil companies, and I said “Oh my god! It’s like they sell a product that nearly EVERYONE uses! The horror!” and he just said “Well… yeah, but still.” It was hilarious.

              And last but not least, thank you for your service! You are a hero.

        2. Don’t get me wrong, Brian. I have great hope for our youth as well. It’s the ‘enthusiasm’ for Obama, which we saw in ’08, that I was referring to. That enthusiasm is diminished tremendously and young people are now thinking for themselves. It’s a great thing.

    2. While it’s true that young people go for Obama, those liberals don’t tend to vote much. Yes, they voted for Obama because it fulfilled the ultimate liberal faux dream. But overall, they rarely vote. The ones that DO vote tend to not be as vocal, but most of them will engage you if you ask, and they tend conservative.

  34. @Toure is such a clown act minus the red nose and giant shoes. I just had a visual of him driving a 1983 Datsun on the highway with his full Barnum & Bailey’s getup on. Too funny! #BARRYO

  35. Kid needs a new hair style but i can’t wait to see him demolish Bashir, Mathews, whom ever.

  36. Actually asking how it happened is the worst kind of question, Toure should have asked that question about democrats. It is the democrats that have been brainwashed, propagandized, and coerced into a position unnatural to instinct.

    1. 4Hoppes2 – Toure could probably find some of those fine (choke, choke) young democrats at the next Occupy movement. Would love to see our Alex debate one of the ‘Occutards’ any day of the week.

      Alex — you make us proud! 🙂

      1. Wouldn’t surprise me if young Alex winds up on Fox after this fearless display of common sense.

  37. Good job Alex! I hope more young people open their eyes to see how the real world works … I don’t have any such expectation for anyone at msnbc even though S.E. might give them a few things to think about!

  38. DAMN! Nicely done. Who was the retard MS-LSD reporter? How it happened Giuchie, Giuchie, ya ya dada, is that you were born stupid and stayed that way.

      1. If Toure (one word) had ever played tee-ball, he would have different values … and might have picked up a course credit or two at Emory before he punted.

        1. his real name is josh epstien or something close,the toure is something that came to him while getting his tires rotated

      2. I love that this happened on the inaugural episode of the Cycle (what a terrible name, by the way). The one clip that’s going to make the rounds on the blogosphere is Toure’ getting smacked down by a college Republican. I’m sure that’s not what the overlords at MSNBC had in mind when they stacked the deck with 3 progressives and 1 conservative.

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