MSNBC: If Elon Musk does free speech on Twitter it will ruin, um, free speech… on Twitter

Here’s a head-scratcher of an MSNBC take for ya. Ali Velshi and his guest, a “free speech advocate” named Suzanne Nossel, agreed that if Elon Musk gets rid of the onerous and one-sided ideological censorship of Twitter that ended up banning members of the press over a news story because it was damaging to a Democrat, then he will ruin, um, freedom of speech.

Seriously, this lady says that. Her cover story is that OH WELL YOU SEEEEE on Twitter people do terrible things and disinformation spreads really fast, and that is actually bad for free speech because we think free speech should be free to the extent it’s about things are good that we mmedia elites decide are good.

She makes the argument in an LA Times editorial, too, saying that “when arenas for public discourse are flooded with disinformation, free speech begins to shed its value.”

The freedom to share your thoughts and opinions is harmful because what if we don’t like!?

“If audiences lose their grip on what is true and what is false, they can become primed to distrust everything and it becomes impossible to persuade people, even with the most compelling argument or evidence.”

Gee I wonder if free speech advocates opposing free speech and free speech platforms silencing truthful news stories from legit newspapers on the sole grounds that the stories were about Hunter Biden have anything do with people “distrusting everything” or being hard for you to persuade?

Unbelievable. The arrogance.

You destroy free speech by allowing it. Surely that’s an Ingsoc slogan.


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