MSNBC moron wants DeSantis charged with kidnapping [VIDEO]

One of the chief morons at MSNBC, Ellie Mystal, actually tried to argue that DeSantis should be charged with kidnapping by Merrick Garland.

He claims they have proof that the illegals who DeSantis took to Martha’s Vineyard were lied to and told they were going to Boston. Therefore since DeSantis didn’t take them where he said he would, that’s kidnapping.

This is the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a while. Kidnapping is taking someone by force, against their will and holding them captive. That’s not even remotely what happened here.

DeSantis made clear that this was all voluntary and that the illegals signed a release form and were given a packet with a map of Martha’s Vineyard, saying it was more than clear that’s where they were going:

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