MSNBC reporter gets SHAMED by CHAZ protester after he calls it a ‘street festival’ – [VIDEO]

An MSNBC reporter made the mistake of calling the CHAZ CHOP takeover of a portion of downtown Seattle a “street festival”, and that did not go over with the protesters there at all:

Vaughn Hilliard, the MSNBC reporter, is trying to explain how ‘peaceful’ it is there after a week of clashes with the police. So he says it’s like a ‘street festival’.

But a protester came up and shamed him for even suggesting such a thing, saying “It is not a street festival…do not say that! Shame on you for saying that. Learn right now that it is not a street festival!”

Another chick standing their claimed their voices are strained because of police tear gas, telling Hilliard “you have to understand some traumatizing things happened here; all of us standing here are suffering from PTSD from our own country.”

I’m surprised they didn’t make Hilliard get on his knees and beg for forgiveness. Seriously, that would have been epic.

As to that PTSD comment, puh lease. I’ve never been in the military nor have I been to war, but I can imagine the horrors that those men and women who fight for us must see there. For this woman to claim she’s got PTSD because she had to deal with tear gas is laughable at best. If anything they need more tear gas to run them back home to their mommies.

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