MSNBC starts the PURGE talk against current and *future* Republicans judges after Trump gets Special Master

The purge continues. Now it’s not just Trump or Trump supporters or MAGA politicians and voters but it’s judges who were appointed by Trump that they want to purge from society. And even more, to disallow ANY Republican appointing or apparently even being judges.

MSNBC has been very open about their extreme leftism lately. Yes, lately is the word. Before that they tried to claim they were merely left, not extreme left. But now they have declared civil war against half of America, have the most racist person on television every Saturday, advocate single party far left rule on the airwaves, and now argue that only leftist judges are real judges.

It’s called tyranny. They want what China has: a single communist party rule.

“When you allow Republicans to control the courts, you get nothing,” Elie Mystal says. Just think about what he’s saying. You hear how he says it? You see the smiles of assent?

When Mystal goes on his tyrannical tirade here, Joy Reid and her guests nod along, and if you watch the whole thing, don’t disagree, call it out, or even try to mitigate his radical view. That would be MSNBC suicide.

But more than that they dove in on it, with supposed expert Glenn Kirschner echoing Mystal, calling this judge and all judges appointed by Trump corrupt.

I’ll say it again. IT’S A PURGE.

That’s how these things work. In Stalin’s Russia you didn’t just want to make sure to applaud with everyone else. You didn’t want to be the first one to stop applauding.

Consider this an OPEN THREAD.

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