MSNBC still treating George Zimmerman like a cold-blooded murderer

Morning Joe and crew are still treating George Zimmerman like a cold-blooded killer who murdered an innocent black teen who was out for a walk, drinking sweet tea.

They are covering the fact that he went to a gun shop recently. Well it just so happens it’s the same gun shop where his original gun was made and now Morning Joe is going nuts over it, acting like it’s below the bar for him to go to that gun store for a custom gun or something.

And then Joe Scarborough starts mouthing off saying Zimmerman disobeyed the 911 operator and kept chasing Trayvon Martin, which can’t be proved, and says the ‘far right’ shouldn’t view Zimmerman as a hero. Seriously?

I’ve never viewed Zimmerman as a ‘hero’, but as a victim of an irresponsible and leftist MSM, of people like Joe Scarborough who continually bashed Zimmerman without even knowing all the facts, and a network that tried to smear Zimmerman early on as a racist by editing 911 tapes.

Ugh. The stupid just hurts sometimes:

(h/t: Mediaite)

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