CNN’s Don Lemon SHOCKED that Paul Rodriguez is opposed to illegal immigration, because he’s a LEGAL immigrant!

What is really despicable about the liberal left in the immigration debate is how they try to equate legal immigration to ILLEGAL immigration. One of the reasons they do this is so that they can label those of us who are against illegal immigration “anti-immigrant.” That’s why this exchange between CNN’s Don Lemon and comedian Paul Rodriguez was so dishonest, even though Paul handled the offensive suggestion very well.

Watch below:

Notice the question he served up was a softball intended for Paul to complain about racism – instead he knocked it out of the park against illegal immigration.

Ironically, Paul Rodriguez, who is not just a legal immigrant but served in our military, gave one of the most eloquent and well reasoned arguments for why the flood of illegal alien children need to be turned back – and he did it without hysterical screaming.

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