MTG refuses to apologize for musing about ‘National Divorce’ to protect red states from Democrats moving out of “shithole” blues states

MTG has been in the news for musing about something called ‘National Divorce’. I’m not sure exactly what it would entail, but it has to do with a legal separation of red and blue states so that disaffected and unhappy blue-state Democrats moving to red states won’t be able to ruin these red states with their left-wing views.

As far as I can tell, the recent conversation about this started here:

This is when MTG chimed in on the issue:

That apparently set off the lib masses, who didn’t like what MTG was musing about at all, with some saying it would be civil war:

Fast forward to this morning.

MTG just released a multi-tweet thread REFUSING to apologize for musing about protecting red states from ‘Democratic Communism”:

I don’t know about National Divorce, per se, but blue staters ruining red states is a true concern of mine. I’ve voiced it several times with respect to people living in cities like Minneapolis and San Francisco, where crime is skyrocketing because these cities throttle and defund their police forces. Nothing will cause people to move out faster than if they feel they aren’t safe, which means a potential mass exodus of Democrats with their socialist ideologies from blue states into surrounding red states. Next thing you know, a red state is turning purple with left-wing politicians being elected to both state and national offices.

I don’t really know what to do about it, but yeah, I completely understand why Greene is musing about it and speaking in such stark terms.

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