Mueller is trying to usurp the ENTIRE constitutional POWER of CONGRESS! – Mark Levin

Mark Levin said that the framers never even dreamed that one man, one prosecutor, would have the power to usurp the entire constitutional power of Congress to impeach the president.

Watch below:

Levin says it’s time for Sessions to step up and Rosenstein has to wake up – it sounds like he wants them to get rid of Mueller. He says that Mueller is undermining the Constitution with his investigation and that it’s unconstitutional because the framers did not intend for one man to have the power to impeach the president.

I guess I would say that he’s right, but only if Mueller has nothing on the president, and he’s trying to railroad him. But, if he does have something, any evidence at all, then it’s up to Congress to decided if its impeachable. If its not, then the Constitution will be just fine.

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