The Mueller report is finished. Complete. Turned in for a grade. It has been submitted to Attorney General Barr and the President’s attorneys have released a statement.

“We’re pleased that the Office of Special Counsel has delivered its report to the Attorney General pursuant to the regulations,” reads the statement from Rudy Giuliani and Jay Sekulow. “Attorney General Barr will determine the appropriate next steps.”

Barr will be offering a summary of the findings to top lawmakers over the next few days. What we know is it didn’t come with recommendations for ANY indictments.

Here is Barr’s letter to Congress:

Pelosi and Schumer also released a statement.

ABC News reports what sources say the President is saying about it.

A sentiment for all to share.

What’s that? What’s the word, you say? Oh yes, about that…


UPDATE: Sarah Sanders speaks:

UPDATE II: There’s some waffling about whether it’s no recommendations for further indictments or no more indictments, or that maybe there are sealed indictments people don’t know about.


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  1. I guess this means Trump and his lawyers did a good job with those written questions and answers they gave to Mueller. I remember Trump telling the press that the questions were easy because he did nothing wrong and has nothing to hide. People were afraid or hoping (if they are R or D) that Trump will mess up his answers and invite a charge.

  2. We need to have some videos posted on the site of liberal’s crying over the Mueller report. Two and a half years of their lives wasted, their viewers deceived, their hearts broken. Maddog Maddow would be a good place to start.

  3. I was at least expecting them to have found that Pres. Trump was colluding with Col. Mustard in the library for that candlestick.

  4. Anyone think there was “collusion” (being sarcastic here) concerning when this report was released?

    For such a big story the Friday night news dump seems like a bizarre time to release this, no?

    1. At CruzGal

      Obummer used to do that Friday night news dump his entire time when he was squatting in the WH – 412 Friday’s.

    2. @cruzgal Yeah, and apparently it’s also a big sports weekend. The timing is more than a little suspicious.

    1. I saw some clown try to claim recently that since Hillary Clinton didn’t intentionally distribute classified information with her private server, she wasn’t in violation of the law.

      1. That same clown would probably want you or me thrown in jail for unknowingly breaking some EPA regulation while working in our yard.

  5. Anyone believe that with the release of Mueller’s report,nearly all of those announced nut jobs will un-announce their Presidential run for 2020.

  6. I would love to be the one to present the Koch Brothers a few copies of Mueller’s report and of course be allowed to say a few words when giving those reports.

  7. So what’s next? Democrat “investigations?”

    No, sorry. Democrat Congressfolk are not empowered to do criminal investigations.

    But here’s what we can look forward to:

    1. Sessions and Rosenstein will both be able to testify about what they know, because they won’t be officeholders.
    2. Trump can now freely declassify whatever he wants without fear of “obstruction!” charges.
    3. IG Horowitz can now wrap up his investigation
    4. US Attorney Huber can now wrap up his investigation

    So Democrats clamoring for full transparency are simply virtue signaling, as they quake in their boots over what is known about this massive scandal finally coming to light.

    2019 is shaping up rather nicely.

    1. @k-bob It’s way past time that our side got some excellent news. It’s infuriating what the Democrats and their puppets have perpetrated on this country. Time for Trump to ramp up the action and Let’s Finally MAGA!

  8. There should be a Trump vindication party/celebration for America to see! Then Hillary should be investigated/prosecuted for Russian collusion!

    1. They should light up the White House and/or Trump Tower just to torment everyone on the left.

  9. 2020 is Trump’s to lose. Let’s hope he is smart in his tweets, and doesn’t do so many silly Trump things now that he has been vindicated. Hopefully, the pressure is off a bit, and he will have more impulse control.

      1. All that’s necessary there is for the McCain family to shut up about Trump. Until and unless they do, Trump will hit back.

        And I don’t blame him. I would, too.

        1. That’s fair.

          Hopefully the voters focus on Trump’s presidential accomplishments and not his spat with the McCain family.

      2. If Trump had manufactured a fake dossier to prevent McCain from occupying the White House, wouldn’t Meghan McCain have a completely different perspective on the matter?

  10. The left is in full meltdown mode.

    Apparently some House Dems are planning on bringing Mueller before a committee to get to the bottom of this.

    Good grief.

    I was never Trump back in 2016 but the left has made me a 2020 Trump voter.

    I’m not going to put on a MAGA hat or board the Trump Train anytime soon, but I won’t be silent in calling the leftist nutjobs out.

  11. Hardest hit… all the NTs. Forget the loons on the Left. The NTs must be put on suicide watch. Where’s @Deep State Annie?

    Did Trump just win a second term?

      1. Yeah, sure. Of course… you were expecting Trump to be led out in handcuffs after the shyster’s report. Sorry. Try again.

        1. Liar. Find one comment anywhere where I said anything remotely like that.

          You can’t, so you just make up bull$#!+ like this.

          1. I’m not going to waste my time finding something your crew, the NT crew, has been pushing along with the Left. All you need to see is Ana Navarro, Steve Schmidt, Bill Kristol, and the rest of the crew to understand where your thoughts truly lie…

              1. You just admitted you were still NT… and so are they. You’re telling me that NTs are now divided in two groups? Come on!!

                1. As I’ve said repeatedly, everyone who is #NeverTrump is so for a different reason, but that fact is apparently too much to penetrate your skull.

                  I could tell everyone about the time you were caught in a public bathhouse with a goat and a jar of peanut butter and be just as truthful about you as you are about me.

                2. So now there are different reasons… there’s one main reason, to get Trump out of the WH. So please, stop acting “smawt” with me.

            1. In fact, I proposed nearly a decade ago that Schmidt never be trusted by anyone on the Right ever again after what that clown did to Sarah Palin.

              But facts don’t matter to cretins like you.

    1. I went over to The Dark Site (one article was all that I could take) and I did not see her. BTW, there was some grudging acceptance of Mueller, but Orange Man Bad!

        1. @Scope They’re really not that bad over there if you overlook the prevailing hatred of Tromp and the rejection of anyone who doesn’t agree 100%.


    I want to see DirtyCop Comey do a perp walk. I want to see McCabe, Strzok, Page, Obama, Lynch, Clinton, Jim Baker, Clapper, Brennan, Rosenstein et al in black and white striped burlap with chains around their wrists and ankles. (Of course, in Clinton’s case, those chains must be wrapped around her cankles.)

    We have been lied to and forced to use 22million of OUR tax dollars for NOTHING. Nothing there.

    The reckoning I believe will happen under AG Barr.

      1. @msliberty Later on Ingraham, Laura said 30million! Whether it’s 22, 30 or 40 it’s still far too much of our own tax dollars to force us to spend on a hoax that was based on hatred and seriously (perhaps irretrievably) damaged this country.

    1. Do you think any of those things are really going to happen? If they do, I’ll be very pleasantly surprised, but I’m not holding my breath.

      1. @c-w-smith I’m not naïve. I said “I want real prosecutions.” I did not say they would happen, so don’t go twisting my words into some silly semantic argument.

        1. @golfcartone You did say

          The reckoning I believe will happen under AG Barr.

          But okay then, I can only take you at your word.

    2. I read an article that claimed unfortunately Barr will not undertake any further investigations into Hillary for fear of further sullying the reputation of the DOJ. In order to investigate Hillary’s crimes, he would have to involve those at the DOJ all the way up to Lorretta Lynch, that participated in the Clinton coverup, and the Trump Russia collusion witch hunt. Apparently he believes that to just let the Hillary crimes slide off into the distance is the best course of action to regain some credibility at the DOJ. In my opinion if he allows the obvious two tiered justice system to go unpunished, he only further adds to the bad reputation of the DOJ. Trump has apparently been exonerated with the Mueller report so he may feel it is just time to move on, despite this being the biggest scandal in American history. I would be happy if he just went after those that agreed to do Hillary’s bidding, and participated in the cover up like Comey, Strock, Page et al, but I doubt even that will happen. Again, he will likely just move on.

      1. @scope-formerly-pinecone “Just move on” is the Establishment way. They’re drastically miscalculating if they think Trump voters are just going to move on, forgive and forget and everything is now cool. It’s not. It allows a dangerous precedent to stand.

        Barr needs to look at the overall damage and do everything in his power to bring trust back.

        The Democrats will take any non-action by GOPe as being a green light for them to continue their bad behavior. You know this. I know this. The Democrats know this. If Barr doesn’t act, the only people in America who don’t know this are the effingREPUBLICANS!

        1. @golfcartone –

          “The Democrats will take any non-action by GOPe as being a green light for them to continue their bad behavior.”

          Unfortunately that train already left the station, long ago. When did the Republicans in DC ever fight one little thing that Obama did? Better yet, when did any Republican in DC ever fight against GWB’s domestic policy that I still believe drove more people out of the Republican party that at any time previously.

          GWB remained silent throughout the Obama presidency, but low and behold I’ve been reading articles where the GWB presidential center, along with GWB himself have been very vocal against Trump’s immigration policy. Remember GWB had to hyphenate his position as a “compassionate conservative.” As though conservatism isn’t emotional enough, and compassionate enough? GWB is deep state. Barr was a Bushie.

          1. @scope-formerly-pinecone I didn’t disagree with your first comment. I was simply adding my own input to your comment. You know, like having a conversation about this.

            FWIW, Nunes just said on Fox he believes Barr will pursue this and that “they” (I assume they means House Rs on intel committee) are filing criminal referrals to DoJ that will name who they believe are dirty cops and a few others that “people might be surprised about”. Nunes is a serious guy.

            I have hope that Barr will make an effort to right this ship. If he doesn’t, then he perpetuates the problem and causes more damage upon damage. He may also not give a rat’s ass about Trump voters’ opinions and the vast expanse of Flyover America.

            I’m fully aware of who Barr is but I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt here because he’s well aware of the public crisis of confidence and the corruption/subversive behavior of Obama’s FBI and DoJ.

            I won’t take a cynical position on something that’s of such great importance: our law enforcement and entire legal system are at risk here. I happen to be a former cop who is now in law school. I know first hand the importance of justice. This is what has shaped my life. We shall see how it shakes out.

            1. @golfcartone – Good morning Golf. I agree with you that Nunes is one of the good guys, along with Meadows and Jordan. Look at how Nunes was drug through the mud when he blew the whistle way back when about the unmaskings. I heard at one time that there were some that were involved that would be very surprising to many. That should be fascinating.

              I completely agree with you that this entire scandal cannot go unpunished. There is very little trust and faith left in the FBI and the DOJ. I was just repeating what I read in an article somewhere, don’t remember where that claimed Barr has no appetite for prosecuting Hillary et al. That may or may not be true, but if maximum pressure is put on Barr to pursue justice, and that pressure may in fact come from public outcry, he likely won’t have a choice. I hope also that Trump pressures him to seek justice. It is going to be very interesting to see how it all plays out.

              Thank you for your service as a law enforcement officer. None of us would be safe without you guys. 😀

  13. Meanwhile, Maddow, Matthews, Cuomo, Stelter, Lemon, Shep Smith and the rest of the leftist jerks are on Suicide Watch.


    1. Speaking of Shepard Smith…

      Ryan Fournier
      Shepard Smith Under Fire For Sexual Assault Claims, Could Spell Doom For His Future At Fox.

  14. Ho hum,another friday night release and cleary hoping this will go away after the Sunday Morning talk shows.

  15. I’m not a Trump fan. At first I was embarrassed to defend him, but it was just so unfair, what was happening… I didn’t vote for him, but he won, and then he did a pretty good job. I knew from the first time I heard it that Donald Trump was not a Russian spy, that was flat out ridiculous. The whole special counsel thing was so unfair. So unfair.

    If any person earned re election for POTUS it’s Trump. I can not imagine the inner strength it has taken to endure this for so long. He must be a very strong person.

    He’s earned a second term.

  16. “Beep! Beep! Zooooooom!”
    So goes the Roadrunner (Trump) while the Deep State wails in the dark.

    1. I love that….how are we ever going to stop this character assassination without cause if there is not a penalty for it?? Look at what they have put this country through and now people that will never learn about or believe the truth!!

    A lie. A total lie.
    Perpetrated upon the American people by Democrats, Never Trump and the Media.
    Incalculable damage.
    Attempt to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States because they didn’t “like” him.
    To hell with those who voted for him (including me). To HELL WITH US!

    The perpetrators of this WITCH HUNT won’t stop until they’ve stripped flyover country of their rights. Please, don’t let them succeed in their ultimate WITCH HUNT GOAL.

  18. I saw where Chris Wallace was saying there were no leaks (maybe not major ones) but I clearly read this news from ABC last night haha

      1. No doubt Wallace will fit right in with the new Fox model, now being run by a Murdoch son who is a clear global warming believing lefty.

  19. Anyone remember how the NTers were going to come gloat about what would come of this investigation? I do. They’re pretty quiet these days.

  20. Benjamin Weingarten
    Reminder that Gen Flynn’s life was ruined over perfectly lawful conversations with a foreign counterpart, and the threat of using FARA laws against him that have virtually never been applied, solely as a result of the Mueller special counsel having been ordered
    7:16 PM · Mar 22, 2019

      1. I agree with that. The Mueller team bankrupted him, and destroyed his reputation. Where do you go to get your reputation back? The WH would be a good start.

    1. They could go back to the 1850’s – secession and don’t take away their black slaves.

    2. @ronbo The Democrats do not intend to let this Mueller report be the final word. They will continue this charade odd infinitum, thereby destroying this country further. The Democrats are nothing but anti-American subversives. And many on “my side” played into this awful chapter in our history. I resent each and every single one of them.

  21. James Woods

    #MuellerTime certainly not Happy Hour for #Democrats. Robert Mueller just got President Trump re-elected by a landslide…

    1. There is a sort of justice in it all. The left blamed Comey for Hillay’s loss in 2016 and Trump’s win. Now Mueller, brought about by Comey, may have just handed Trump a landslide win in 2020. 🙂

  22. Just reported Mueller is having a few sticking around to shut things down. But, but, but he just got funding until the end of September. HAHAHA

  23. Did anybody think there would be any more indictments? For what? The only indictments were for other things, not for Russian collusion.

  24. David Reaboi tweet-

    “LET’S NOT FORGET: Almost without exception, the GOP foreign policy “serious people” fell for a massive, absurd hoax conspiracy theory. It revealed their fundamental unseriousness.”

    For many on the Republican side hasn’t John McCain been considered a “foreign policy expert”? He was a part of the entire Russian Conspiracy hoax. Oh, my bad, 😯 😯 Can’t say anything bad about the departed/dead.

  25. Off topic but it looks like everyone is having problems with comment repeats. I wonder what’s going on with it

    1. @aphazel Yeah, I have a lot of problems. Repeats, sometimes my touchscreen doesn’t work on some icons, if I click to reply from my inbox it won’t go to the comment, and a couple other little glitches. Disqus was better… when it worked.

  26. This will be an oldie but goodie…………. Auntie Maxine on Morning Joe.

    “Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) on May 18, 2017 discussing the Mueller investigation: “We’re going to learn a lot about the connections between this president, his allies, and the Kremlin. […] I believe it’s gonna lead right to impeachment.”

  27. Just listening to Fox tonight, the loony dems are still hoping there is a magic bean for them hiding in that report 😥 😆

  28. It’s gonna be hilarious watching people switch sides on Mueller be the devil incarnate if the report clears Trump 100%. Fox News will be like Mueller is awesome and MSDNC will be all Mueller is an incompetent boob. No one will acknowledge the pivot they make.

    1. Three years investigating a conspiracy theory came up dry? Nothing accomplished except the ruining of lives based on claims that never had a shred of real evidence?

      I’m not seeing a need to pivot here. I’ve been saying there was no evidence of collusion for a loooong time now.

  29. Mueller’s report falling on its face won’t mean Jack to the MSM and the Democrats. They will be back to Impeachment for something in a New York minute.

    1. Schiff to Mueller: “I told you to make something up if you couldn’t find anything”

      Mueller to schiff: “I like having a career and I don’t want to go to prison”

      Schiff back to Mueller: “you’re going wish you did after I’m finished”

      1. @David Jenson – Were you eavesdropping on them 😀

        Also just heard that Cory Booker is fund raising off of this.

      1. @tomnewman64 newman – IKR! It’s so funny & pathetic at the same time. It’s a good thing Trump didn’t fire Mueller.

  30. Pivot, Pivot, Pivot!!!

    Of course, they’re already prepared to pivot. That was the point of the warnings before now that the Mueller report might not be as devastating as hoped.

    Adam Schiff has already complained that the Mueller investigation was just too “narrow.” Which, of course, means they have to broaden the scope of the Congressional investigation….

  31. St. Robert of Mueller has issued his report? THE Report?? THE BIGGEST AND MOST DAMNING REPORT IN THE HISTORY OF REPORTS???? OH! EMM! GEEE!!! This ‘ll fix em! This’ll fix em for sure!!! Just wait! Just you wait until Adam Schiff for brains, Eric Swallow and Mad Max “Auntie Ester” Waters get ahold of it!!!

  32. As the biggest hoax falls down

    Comfortably Smug
    Turns out people ended up voting Republican because they love America, and the Dems are monsters, not because Putin hacked the United States and made super brainwashing memes that took control of voters on election day.
    5:01 PM · Mar 22, 2019

  33. And yet, little tattlerat Chuckie Schumer, whom I am sure the other kids in the neighborhood hated when he was growing up, essentially said that, no matter what is found, the report will continue to be used by demonrats against Trump and the GOP, twisting and misrepresenting every word. And when it was clear that nothing would come of this report, NYC immediately started filing charges against Trump. RESIST!!!

    This crap will NEVER end. I do hope that all Americans, including democrats, vote for Trump in 2020 and also toss out demonrats like AOC, Tlaib and Omar (who are recruits of the Justice Democrats, an anarchist group that seeks to overthrow our government).

    Is anyone else as sick of all this garbage as I am? WASTE OF OUR TIME AND TAXPAYER FUNDS!

    1. @charli Unfortunately, Congress is a wasteland of complete idiots that are elected by people who have no idea who they’re voting for. My niece has a good friend who is working for the new Senator from North Dakota. She went in to sit on a session regarding abortion since she’s very interested in that subject.

      She said it was the most disappointing thing she ever saw. She described it like high school, where there were the little cliques, and whenever there was a speaker that the dems didn’t agree with, they were all in their little groups and on their phones completely ignoring the speaker.

      She couldn’t believe that some of these people were hired to represent us and was pretty discouraged at the entire spectacle. What is sad is the good people that truly go there to make a difference. They are ignored, ridiculed and attacked.

      1. It IS a sad situation and I am sorry that your niece’s friend had to see such dysfunction. This is partly our own fault. The American people cannot expect government to control itself on our behalf; we must all hold their feet to the fire ourselves, and that is in both parties. Sad but true.

  34. Well. Looks like Preet Bharara was right about Trumps vindication.

    Anyways, another congressional investigation spending millions to get nothing, except a few flunkies

  35. This may be off topic or not. What I want to know is we all have seen Obummer on t.v. on tape and he is out and out saying to “Putin” Obama said,”After my election I have more flexibility.” Just who the h-ll was actually a leftist going to help Putin with missel defense.

    1. barry obama was one of the most corrupt lying presidents of our yes we can time
      he is a mentally ill scumbag

  36. This can’t be good for democrats going into 2020 considering that they’ve wasted millions of tax payer dollars on opposition research and still came up with a big fat nothing. Maybe Republicans will get the house back as a result. This was supposed to be the silver bullet which took down the Trump administration. Using the FISA courts to spy on a presidential contender didn’t work, soviet style show trials designed to stop Kavanaugh didn’t work, and the Mueller probe didn’t work. Hopefully normal people who don’t obsess over politics will punish democrats handily this up coming election cycle.

    1. I wish you would be correct, but let’s face it, the GOP is terrible at promoting themselves, or at exposing the truth about demonrats (rinos are too afraid to be honest), so it is going to fall onto the rest of us to educate the American voters, and especially the indoctrinated youth, as to the truth of then tens of millions of THEIR money was wasted on this witch hunt and the lies that were drummed up by the Clintons to waste our time and destroy people’s lives.

      1. You’re probably right about that, sadly. I always hold out hope that the GOP would grow a pair just to be disappointed by them

  37. Hmmm, will we see Mad Max. Swalwell & Shifty apologizing all over the MSM just like they were when they were throwing accusations. 💡 :question:

    1. Yes, and I doubt Maxine Waters will ever stop her “IMPEACH, IMPEACH, IMPEACH, IMPEACH, IMPEACH!!” The entire Black Caucus is out for blood because Trump is an old white man – a real threat to them all.

  38. So the Mueller Report ends with a whimper—a criminal witch hunt designed by Dems in order to conceal their REAL crimes.

    1. And many lives destroyed, reputations and especially financially, because they had to hire expensive lawyers. They should be able to sue Mueller and every one those thugs on the “special” council.

  39. Can anyone really be surprised? If there had been ANY “there” there, it wouldn’t have taken two plus years to find it.

    EPIC FAIL, Dems!!!! :facepalmd: :facepalmg:

    1. It probably would have been leaked by a activist in Government as well, very soon after he beat Hillary.

  40. Let me express my surprise….

    I’m not surprised.

    This was always a political hit job by Dems and McCain’s ilk. A pox on them all.

    1. Reminds me of an old joke.

      Pizza delivery guy pulls up to the gates of the nudist colony. “Who ordered the pizza with nothing on it?”

  41. I knew from day one that Trump was innocent of any of this. Just listening to how he responded, you could tell. Just like Jussie Smollet, who most of us knew from day one that he was lying. You just know it in your know-er 😉
    What a waste of taxpayers money. What a scheme they weaved!

  42. Yep. The people who yelled that Trump would never accept the election results if Hillary won were mostly the same people yelling “not my president” when Trump won, and then supported this sham Mueller investigation [and in government helped to start it]. They are hypocrites and never accepted HIS election victory.

    1. @rutgers Heck, Hillary never accepted the results of the election. She’s the one who’s the biggest hypocrite when she challenged Trump at one of the debates if he would accept the results.

    2. They weren’t “mostly” the same people – the were the exact same people. :thumbsup:

  43. David Reaboi
    It was always a HOAX.

    It was spread w millions of dollars through a massive network of hack journalists who became conspiracy theorists & partisan operatives.

    It was indulged by lunatics who didn’t care about what would happen if they accused a president of being a traitor.
    5:24 PM · Mar 22, 201

      1. Don Jr.’s retweet of Matt Gaetz:

        The Mueller Report is in. Turns out all along it was two Nigerian men in #MAGA hats who hacked the DNC & rode shirtless on horseback w Putin to mar-a-lago.

        😯 😆 😥 😛 :silly:

  44. Trump survived, that is amazing. Most Republicans would have been finished with what was thrown at him

    1. @nancy They are so out of control with their rhetoric (which they believe) that it’s comical and unbelievable at the same time. I truly can’t stand to watch either one of them.

    1. @landscaper Man, I’m with you there. We, the hardworking American people, who saw through this sham are owed a refund and while we’re at it, why don’t we prosecute the people who actually engaged in Collusion. Hillary Clinton, where are you??

    2. Would you settle for 4 more years of this administration in the White House? Because I think that’s what you are getting with this report.

  45. “After 2 years and $50 million dollars, we have determined that Michael Cohen and Roger Stone are very strange and not to be trusted. That is all.”

  46. No COLLUSION? WHUT??? Trump did nothing wrong?? Well Lisa, Peter…your insurance plan fell thru. NOW what? Plan ‘G’??

    1. Now Mueller better watch his back. People who fail to come through for Hillary have been known to have unfortunate “accidents”.

  47. Well that’s it for now, the corrupt NY Ag is still trying hard to make politics a crime for the Trumps

      1. @tomnewman64 I’ve seen reports suggesting Nan is behind AOC’s troubles…you know, it doesn’t seem that outlandish at all. Remember what Piglosi’s own daughter had to say about her.

        1. At Tom, never in my entire life thought I would give Nan an attaboy! Love when the Dims eat their own.

  48. I see something wrong already…he addressed Dianne Feinstein and Jerrold Nadler as “Honorable”.

    1. “The Honorable Dianne Feinstein (and her driver, and the good people of the Chinese Communist Central Committee)…”

      1. It’s going to be a very, very bad weekend for the Dimwits, for sure. Probably not enough alcohol in the nation to wipe this one out.

    1. @wendzpnw If they don’t mind, I may join them in a celebratory screwdriver. Even if they do mind.

  49. I just put on my Carnac hat on and shazam … I’m able to predict…

    No Russian Collusion and Hilary is still not President…

    But I can proudly say Donald J. Trump is MAGA…. enjoy!

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