Muslim Honor Crime: Iranian man cut off wife’s lips and ate them

Had to do some digging with the help of SooperMexican to even find out this guy’s name because it isn’t being reported in most sources. But as it turns out Hodjattallah Rabbani, Iranian-born professor who works both in Sweden and Tehran, cut off his wife’s lips and ate them because he believed she was having an affair. And according to sources familiar with the matter, he doesn’t regret it either.

Here’s the translated report from a Swedish source Avpixlat:

The professor got the idea that his wife was unfaithful and attacked her with a knife. He cut off her lips and then ate them up. And he does not regret it one second, either, according to someone familiar with the matter. The professor believes his wife has wronged him by the alleged unfaithfulness. The attack occurred at their home in southern Stockholm.

The prosecutor believed the brutal attack was so serious that he wanted to get the man arrested for attempted murder but the right content with extremely serious assault, which can be changed later on. The professor should have a Section 7 investigation – little mental examination – to see if he is seriously mentally disturbed.

His wife, severely shocked and hurt bad, now staying at a secret location and the doctors say it will take time before we know if she can be restored in a satisfactory manner. They do not even know if it is possible to operate back her ‘lips’.


The suspect is Hodjattallah Rabbani, born in 1960 in need of Persian interpreter. He has been arrested on suspicion of very serious assault. He is now taken to the Forensic Psychiatry Unit in Huddinge.

According to the Daily Mail this professor was born in Iran and still works in Tehran:

The man, who is from Iran, was doing post-Doctoral research at the institute in 2010.
He is now employed by a university in Tehran, but still lived partly and Stockholm, where he collaborated with his old research group at the university, and used its email services and library through a ‘declaration of association.’

While it is good that many are reporting that he did it because his honor was violated, most people are leaving out that this is a Islamic crime. Political correctness has swindled even our Swedish source above in to saying things like this (again, translation):

AP: As some readers have been incredibly difficult to take this on with shame culture background, we take it again.

Shame culture or honor violence is NOT tied to any specific religion. It is a barbaric tradition and cultural practice carried out by various Christian, Muslim, for example, those who follow jezidism, as the murdered Kurdish Maria belonged.

Shame Culture is a concept of cultural patterns that restrict people’s freedoms and rights with respect to related parties honor. While oppression is when it is applied to people who do not include shame culture’s values.

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63 thoughts on “Muslim Honor Crime: Iranian man cut off wife’s lips and ate them

  1. In need of a Persian interpreter? He’s a researcher at Karolinska – he’s just being a prick asking for an interpreter. He at least communicates at a high level in English, as do most people in Sweden.

    Honor crimes should face the highest level of punishment, as Islam is NOT a religion but a system of government–a government set on the destruction of the West. Following Islam is therefore treason.

  2. Did anybody let the the NOW gang know about this?

    I’m sure they would be very interested in ignoring it.

    1. Good point, the left turns their ( collective) head when it comes to the violation of woman in, Islam.

  3. Islamomisia
    A hatred of those who are followers of Islam; especially, those radicals who try to justify their murdering and destruction in the name of Islam.

    That’s me. I have no love for violent, psychotic people, afflicted with warped, magical thinking, and, pretty much, islamites are on the top of that list, until you can show me widespread Christian or Jewish violence and bigotry to meet or exceed that. (Somehow, I think you won’t.)

  4. I can’t say what I want to say about Islam. But the more I hear about it, the more I don’t like it. I’m concerned about where this “religion” is going to take the world…

    God will judge this man harshly.

  5. The Middle East is a backwards collection of nations.

    I saw a show a few years back where women suspected of infidelity were dragged out to the middle of a soccer field and shot in the back of the head. Another woman was submitted to touching her tongue (three times) to a scorching hot rotating wheel….and if she got burned she was guilty and would be killed. She passed (found innocent) and hugged her husband. Really? I would have cut his nads off!!

    All that just off accusations or suspicions….and from nations that lash the WOMAN for getting gang raped by a group of men while the men walk away free.

      1. Wow, you have really done your homework. I bookmarked a couple of those.

        Well, the liberals appease the muslims and pretend like none of this is going on. Obama is helping unleash radical Islamists around the world and we were attacked because of our foreign policy (they claim).

        This is going to be a very tough thing to stop in the future even if it was only the Republican party permanently in power, but we will have the appeasing left dragging us down and destroying any effort to protect our future.

        Depressing, isn’t it?

  6. This kind of stuff is PURE “EVIL”–barbarity is these days and times. Just like the naked Black man in Florida who ate the face of another Black man. Really strange since Florida is one of the Watermelon capitals of the world.

    1. The guy ate the homeless man’s face because he was high on a new dangerous drug, not because he was a religious nut case.

    2. This will be the only warning you get on that racist garbage. If I see it again, your posting privileges are done.

  7. Funny thing is they mention other religions that supposedly do stuff like this but I’ve not heard of any actually happening that wasn’t committed by a muslim. Not in the past 300 years, anyway.

    This barbarian needs a pork massage, then he should be giving flying lessons out of any aircraft. If allah loves him, he should land ok, right?

  8. Muslims will not reform their attitudes about how they treat women until women start fighting back. They need to cut off the junk of rapists (without waiting for the Iman’s judgement), they need to do a little of their own “honor killing” of those who don’t like the way they dress. The few women in Saudi Arabia have “dipped a toe in the water” of revolt; maybe Muslim women need to form their own militias and make all the men wear chastity belts so the women can dress however.

    1. I don’t know, the mental damage to the women has to be immense. If you’re treated like a dog your whole life you probably start thinking you’re a dog (so to speak). If they believe this is Allah’s way then they probably believe it to be right.

      If they cut off a man’s “junk” then they might be going from a beating to a beheading (if they are the accused), and if the man is accused of a crime he won’t get any worse punishment but she will.

        1. I was basically aware of everything in the article except I learned one very…..very….shocking thing. In 20 years there will be enough muslims in the United States to elect the President by themselves. I thought the muslim population in the states was still very low….like 1%. My daughter is only 20 years old and it really scares me what they will do to her.

          We need to stop all muslim immigration and start deporting those that are here….and ban the religion. I know that will never happen but we have to do something to put a stop to this. If they can elect the President in 20 years, they will also be able to elect governors, senators and congressmen. Destroying the constitution will be easily accomlished, and when they get that many people they probably won’t even bother doing it by the books. They’ll just tear it up and take over.

  9. The time has long since passed that we should call these “Dishonor killings” or in this case “Dishonor mutilation” For there is NO honor in such actions.

  10. How sickening. What I want to know is how did he hold her down to commit this act? I would have removed his dangly bits, or I would have died trying. I’m sure she sat down, sat still, and allowed him to “punish” her. It’s a sickening mindset in the Muslim religion, as well as other religions… women are so incredibly subservient that they would allow this sort of torture and mutilation to be done. It happens every single day around the world.

  11. ‘Shame Culture’, ‘Religion of Peace’, ‘Honor killings’ – it sounds like liberals when describing things that are exactly opposite of what they really are. Kind of makes them sound ‘softer’ and more acceptable. Not to me.

  12. Yikes, he be possessed. Oh, the lovely life of a Muslim woman. May God have mercy on her and may Allah, aka Satan(?), let her go and be free.

    What would surprise us about these animals? Absolutely nothing. Feed him to some lions so he can appreciate what early Christianity was like well before Muhammed was born. This is not a human being. It is a monster.

  13. Why do women even marry these Neanderthals? Who wants to live in the 7th century where you are considered property and can be abused and even killed at the whim of your “husband”?

    1. Women have no choice in the matter. Almost every muslim “marriage” is aranged by the families and has more to do with money than anything else.

  14. Really, is today that slow that this kind of sickening, disgusting, misogynistic “news” needs to be talked about? It doesn’t for me and hopefully not others.

    1. I’m not going to defend RS here because he needs no defending and is well capable of defending himself should he feel the need… But he posted a story… YOU are free to read it, or ignore it… Comment or NOT comment… Why are you having a problem?

    2. It’s part of the dialouge that needs to be given due time. Remember that islam is being touted as a religion fo peace, when in fact, this religion is at the very core of the world’s ill at this moment in time. islam is hellish in nature and unless and until the world reconizes this, it will be given respect and it will continue to be politcally incorret to speak harshly about it or expose it’s true nature.

      1. First of all, how are you sure he is Muslim? i mean whoever living in Iran is Muslim?
        There are lots of people in Iran that they do not believe Islam like him. As a result, we could not relate this matter to Islam.
        Also, I have studied different religions in the world. Islam like other religions has many branches. Some of them like Al-Guade are very dangerous. But other ones are quit peaceful.

    3. Are you really suggesting we just ignore this kind of news? If we just don’t pay attention to the sickening, disgusting ‘misogynistic’ news then it will all go away, right? That’s kind of how NOW works – only scream at Rush for calling someone a slut but don’t speak out about the disfigurement and barbaric treatment of women by the Muslim culture (or any culture for that matter). THAT doesn’t work for me….

      1. You are so right Amy – it is sickening how women are treated, everywhere. Just who the hell do these men think they are? I get so infuriated and believe me it isn’t because I don’t know what I am talking about. But I don’t need to tell my story to justify my anger.

    4. Yes, it does need to be discussed. Half of America thinks that the problem with islam is that we don’t treat them or their countries right. Fact is, islam is a satanic religion and the followers of islam are animals. Would you even consider letting a daughter do a year in a foreign country like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan or Indonesia? If not, why not?

      1. As I mentioned in other places, Really Islam has various branches. Islam which now introduces to the world is Al-Quade. Al-Quade is a branch of Islam. In fact most Muslims do not agree them at all.

        1. Get over yourself. I’ve lived among three different muslim sects – they are all the same except for minor doctrinal differences. If you really believe they don’t all support shocking behaviour, you are a very ignorant, naive idiot.

    5. Wodiej, try on being a woman that gets beaten, physically or mentally. This needs to be out there. Just don’t read it if it doesn’t concern you. I am surprised that you would say this.

    6. Yes, this is precisely the kinds of things we must talk about so that our population is not lulled to sleep by the fantasy world being spun to them by the left. Our society will be much safer if our people are educated about the perpetrators of such horrendous crimes.

  15. What honor? Savages have no honor!!! And What a savage!! Another fine example of the “Religion of Peace”… Jeez!!! Execute this cannibal POS ASAP!!! Sick! Sick! SICK!!

    1. Well said! If only the truth would carry the day…it seems those days are long gone, unless God would have mercy on us still.

      1. Our Holy and Great God is watching I believe… And keeping track of things! Holy God, our Heavenly Father, in his infinite wisdom will soon deal with these servants of Satan… For that is what they are! Remember Sodom and Gomorrah?

  16. The Swedish government has heavily prosecuted those who choose the educate at home but invite this mutilating manic into their midst.

  17. Gosh…isn’t this multicultural thing just going swimmingly? Makes me want to buy the world a Coke and teach them all to sing….

    1. Perhaps you missed this part:

      His wife, severely shocked and hurt bad, now staying at a secret location and the doctors say it will take time before we know if she can be restored in a satisfactory manner. They do not even know if it is possible to operate back her ‘lips’.

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