Muslim Honor Crime: Iranian man cut off wife’s lips and ate them

Had to do some digging with the help of SooperMexican to even find out this guy’s name because it isn’t being reported in most sources. But as it turns out Hodjattallah Rabbani, Iranian-born professor who works both in Sweden and Tehran, cut off his wife’s lips and ate them because he believed she was having an affair. And according to sources familiar with the matter, he doesn’t regret it either.

Here’s the translated report from a Swedish source Avpixlat:

The professor got the idea that his wife was unfaithful and attacked her with a knife. He cut off her lips and then ate them up. And he does not regret it one second, either, according to someone familiar with the matter. The professor believes his wife has wronged him by the alleged unfaithfulness. The attack occurred at their home in southern Stockholm.

The prosecutor believed the brutal attack was so serious that he wanted to get the man arrested for attempted murder but the right content with extremely serious assault, which can be changed later on. The professor should have a Section 7 investigation – little mental examination – to see if he is seriously mentally disturbed.

His wife, severely shocked and hurt bad, now staying at a secret location and the doctors say it will take time before we know if she can be restored in a satisfactory manner. They do not even know if it is possible to operate back her ‘lips’.


The suspect is Hodjattallah Rabbani, born in 1960 in need of Persian interpreter. He has been arrested on suspicion of very serious assault. He is now taken to the Forensic Psychiatry Unit in Huddinge.

According to the Daily Mail this professor was born in Iran and still works in Tehran:

The man, who is from Iran, was doing post-Doctoral research at the institute in 2010.
He is now employed by a university in Tehran, but still lived partly and Stockholm, where he collaborated with his old research group at the university, and used its email services and library through a ‘declaration of association.’

While it is good that many are reporting that he did it because his honor was violated, most people are leaving out that this is a Islamic crime. Political correctness has swindled even our Swedish source above in to saying things like this (again, translation):

AP: As some readers have been incredibly difficult to take this on with shame culture background, we take it again.

Shame culture or honor violence is NOT tied to any specific religion. It is a barbaric tradition and cultural practice carried out by various Christian, Muslim, for example, those who follow jezidism, as the murdered Kurdish Maria belonged.

Shame Culture is a concept of cultural patterns that restrict people’s freedoms and rights with respect to related parties honor. While oppression is when it is applied to people who do not include shame culture’s values.

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