Muslim parents upset over school promoting Easter egg hunt at local church

Muslims in Dearborn are upset that a school sent flyers home of an Easter egg hunt at a local church, even calling it a ‘separation of Church and State’ issue. But the school administrators say they aren’t promoting Easter services or anything of the like. It’s simply an Easter egg hunt. They also argue that they promote many things in the community at different venues in the city as well.

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113 thoughts on “Muslim parents upset over school promoting Easter egg hunt at local church

  1. Throw the flyer away and get over it. I’m not Jewish, but when I receive information about Jewish events I don’t hyperventilate, get the vapors and file a lawsuit. Nope, instead I think great for the Jewish folks, hope they have a good time, even though I won’t be there. Then I throw it away.

  2. then don’t go to the damn Easter egg hunt
    please shut up……………….such a lack of tolerance for those who want to participate so stay HOME and shut UP

  3. then don’t go to the damn Easter egg hunt
    please shut up……………….such a lack of tolerance for those who want to participate so stay HOME and shut UP

  4. It is time to purge this nation of Islam. We cannot co-exist with them, because they will not tollerate us. Once their numbers get to a certain level, they will declare open jihad on all Christians. Throw them out starting with the muslim in the whitehouse. Lock and load!

    1. we already allow them too much freedom in this country
      they are everywhere including the damn white house

  5. “I’m not pro Muslim, I’m not Pro Christian, I’m pro Constitution.” What a steamin’ pile of horse pucky. Wait until the disaffected youth in Dearbornistan start rioting and burning cars like they are doing in France. What will that corksniffing islamofascist lawyer have to say about that? Mark my words, as soon as they have enough numbers, they’ll turn to violence to meet their goals. As I’ve stated before, just because our side has laid down arms doesn’t mean the Crusades are over.

  6. Islam deep-down is really a radical political ideology with a religious veneer, and readily explains why it is so embraced by the radical left because it allows them to accomplish their goal of total control via societal collapse: attack our religious institutions and Judeo-Christian faith, and in the process destroy our moral compass. In fact, Washington’s successor, John Adams, remarked in so many words that our Constitution was created for a religious, moral people and would not be applicable to any other type of government.

    That being said, let’s step back and not just examine the Muslim extremism, but instead view the overall “big picture” here. Nowadays, most major governmental legislation, regulations and so-called “movements” are nothing more than mechanisms to achieve control. Examples are: the ACA (Obamacare), environmentalism mantra (aka global warming or climate change), uncontrolled immigration, and so forth. Of course, the radical leftists vehemently deny the real agenda by using deceptive phraseology such as “affordable healthcare for all”, “saving the planet”, “much needed cultural diversity”, etc. The socialist is an expert at magic: doing something marginally beneficial with the right hand while preparing to stab you with the left. Why the total control? It’s really simple: society rejects God and worships big government (meaning totally dependent upon).

    Let’s face it, this isn’t some type of “conspiracy theory” (although to detract, the media and others would label it as such)… activities such as this article and numerous others are unfolding before our very eyes, and few of us are actually doing anything about it. “Rosalie” in a post below stated that “We’re allowing them to change it.”, and you know, she is absolutely correct. As such, I’d suggest a few simple counteractive steps, because tyranny will be the end result if we do nothing. Bear in mind, these are only my ideas… far from being complete or perfect… there may be better or more effective strategies, but at least it’s a starting point:
    (1) Perhaps most important is voting with your dollar. If some organization, group, or other entity attacks your religious or moral beliefs, then fight back against them or their advertiser(s), sponsors, etc. Righteous people don’t like the idea of a boycott, but let’s face it: we have to fight fire with fire in order to win. And remember, we can always borrow a page from the radical leftist handbook and label this as “consumer rejection”, “economic deselection”, or the like when organizing for action.
    (2) Organize. This has been said before, but we are an unorganized
    majority being dominated by a well-organized minority… it’s really
    that simple.
    (3) Reject political correctness (PC), as its only goal is to crush free speech and dominate the narrative. Therefore, liberals or progressives are radical leftists; gay sex is homosexuality; national diversity or multiculturalism is (code for) white genocide; anti-racism means anti-white; a lie is… a lie, not selective omission; truth is truth, and not bigotry or racism; and so on.
    (4) Don’t allow yourself to be deceived, and this means not supporting Hollywood… period. Most Hollywood “entertainment” almost always has subliminal messaging. Always remember that radical leftists are deception experts, since they can never reveal their true intentions.
    (5) Become more educated, get better informed and spread the information to friends, family and others. There is an excellent film entitled “AGENDA: Grinding America Down” that “…finally puts the pieces of the puzzle together.” It’s available at:

    Highly recommended.

    At the end of the day, our current societal heading boils down to just a simple matter of right vs. wrong… and means the very survival of America as founded. Thank you for your attention.

  7. They complain about our churches but yet in some Muslim dominated countries you cannot even build a church. If you are a Jewish reporter you are not allowed in Saudi Arabia. These are just facts. Yaw’ll know them…and now they know we all know them. They should pack up and leave to go back from where they came…..but NO….they will stay and created more hardship wherever possible.

    1. They’re here to take over and inflict sharia on all of us, make no mistake about it.

      1. Yes Sir, I agree. That is what they think they are after. They may have their way in the areas around Detroit but their are so many other areas of the U.S. they should stay away from for their own safety….but they will learn that by trial and error I presume.

        1. They’re spreading all over MI. Someone here posted that they are also in Benton Harbor, which is right around the corner from Chicago.

  8. Im upset over the – 5-year-old recounts how the lunch lady told her she’s not allowed to pray over her food

  9. This is the Muslim MO all over the world … Complain about discrimination over the smallest of things until the school caves. They just chip away at every opportunity. The school ‘s stand should be, if you don’t like it, don’t go. Period. Don’t apologize to these people, don’t change our traditions. We need to follow Australia’s example. You asked to come here. If you can’t assimilate, go home!

    1. I totally agree with you, I wish our lawmakers would follow Australia’s example. Why do we have to bow to every group that gets “offended” by something MOST people like?? Kind of like the gays, Obama, and all the liberal idiots running around with their PC notebook!

  10. Don’t care for our Christian Holidays? Go back to the sand from whence you came. We won’t miss you at all…perhaps we will celebrate in the streets when you go and pass out cookies.

      1. And remember! You may not pray to your Christian God, as they have moved here not to assimilate but to change your society to their brand of evil, to take over your country as they have in the European countries.

  11. This coming from the religion that tortures, imprisons and murders anyone who doesn’t accept THEIR faith. Who kills their daughters, sisters or wives who become too Westernized.

    1. Who straps bombs to babies! Who would kill you in their nation for even owning a bible!

  12. This country was founded by Christians. He needs to go back to where he came from if it offends him. This is a mostly Christian country. Don’t like it buddy, go back to the Middle East. We never wanted you here to begin with.

  13. Maybe sending a camel spider or Pattie, would make this Muslim family feel less homesick.

    1. I saw this recently at another site, but it was just as good this time. I love a straight talker and he tells it like it is.

    2. Thank you for that video. I’ve seen this guy before and give him a lot of credit for speaking the truth, something we could all use more of.

  14. Multiculturalism at work….sigh.

    It’s an egg! A fun little treat for kids! A novelty…..Like Valentines on the back of a chair, trick or treating, and Santa Claus.

  15. I don’t know who to be more annoyed at—muslims for getting up in arms over an egg hunt, or the church for hosting an event so unrelated to the occasion of Christ’s resurrection.

  16. Nothing wrong with Hypocrisy if it is Muslims Against Christians. Christians are not allowed to pray or hold Religious events. Yet Muslims are allowed to Pray on School Property during School Hours!!!

  17. Here’s what should happen. No courts to ask politely if we can go about our usual traditions. No asking permission from anyone or asking if it offends anyone. Just tell the Muslim this: he can abide by our traditions or go back to his filthy country where they still stone women and give away twelve year olds for marriage.

    Oh by the way these would be your every day Muslims. Not radical Muslims, not extremist Muslims, just the run of the mill average Muslim who does whatever his cleric tells him to do. How do I know this? I’ll tell you the same thing I said on a radio interview last week. Because I’ve been in their filthy land. And the Arab Muslim is a vile entity.

    Islam is an oppressive religion. That’s why they shouldn’t even be allowed in the U.S. They aren’t interested in freedom of religion. They wish Sharia Law to rule the world. Don’t believe me? They are pushing for it in England right now.

    The day will come where the only answer to Islam in this country is brutal violence. Because the Muslim is one of two things—one of the “radicals.” Or following the radicals. Usually they will keep it toned down when not in their land—but as you can see in Europe and now here the Progressive is giving them free reign more and more and the real
    nature of Islam comes out. And it is a vile religion. Yes yes Mr Progressive,Christians burned people at the stake once as well—and we haven’t done that for hundreds of years. That would be the difference between us and Islam, who needs to be regarded as an enemy to this nation and if continues to attempt to force its beliefs on us should be met with violence in defense of this nation.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

  18. and who gives a hoot what offends Christians?
    Starting at the top – NOBODY

    1. God cares for all His kids, every Jew and Christian, from the murdered by Islamist in Nigeria, Egypt, well, a hundred other places, to the ridiculed and sidelined here in America. AND, He is taking notes.

  19. Dearborn! Ya don’t say!

    And the minister is a woman! Heaven … oops Allah forfend! MIght as well have thrown in a package of bacon into the kids’ packsacks. The reaction would be the same… well, not quite. But it’s the religion of perpetual outrage we’re dealing with here, is it not?

    The money quote: I’m not pro-Muslim or pro-Christian, I’m pro-US Constitution” Majed Moughni Nice wood paneling and wainscoting there Mr. Moughni. It’s heartwarming to think that a Western Bible based common law system can enable even you, Mr. Moughni, to enjoy the finer fruits of a Western legal education.

    Damn them Easter easter egg hunts.

  20. Here’s a thought, why don’t Muslims just return to their native country and live how they want to live? I mean, it is obvious they do not support our American freedoms and are “offended” when we live and act free! Time to remove them and all their idiotic complaints!

    1. Putin told them:
      “…. If they prefer Shari ‘a Law, then we advise them to go to those
      places where that’s the state law. Russia does not need minorities.
      Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant them special privileges,
      or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they
      yell ‘discrimination’.
      We better learn from the suicides of America, England, Holland and France, if we are to survive as a nation.”

    2. I was just about to post the same thing. They need to stop trying to change things here – why did they leave where they came from? Leave this country if they don’t like it is right on!

  21. I am still upset abut the 3000 people murdered by Muslims on 9/11. I am upset about the 20,000 plus people who have been murdered under Islam since 9/11. I am sick and. Tired of hearing about their complaints and having to deal with all the sht normal people have to go thru because of Muslims. In fact, I’ve had it with Muslims. So to all the Muslims,…

    Put up or shut up. If you are not condemning or trying to stop the violence and hate caused by your so called religion, stfu and go away, before we have truly had enough. Our leaders all over the globe are letting Muslims get away with this crap.

  22. Eggs have zero to do with Christ.

    Adapt, assimilate, and get over yourself or go back to your third world cesspools.

    That clown is another progressive shark lawyer representing the faux perpetually aggrieved. Do away with entitlements and people won’t have so much time on their hands to be offended.

    1. You are so right. I like me some good “deviled” eggs on Easter and some (forbidden by Muslims and Jews) baked ham. I look forward to “pigging” out.

  23. Perhaps they’d prefer an IED hunt, seems they can’t get enough of that game over in the Middle East.

  24. From Dearbornistan……..The Mooooslim lawyer behind all this, is notorious for frivolous lawsuits in the pursuit of Sharia Law. This is a very nice church in one of the few areas of Dearborn without many Moooooooslims. But they can’t leave well enough alone; the followers of the child molesting, warring A-rab general, must remove all things that don’t glorify Eeeeeslam.
    The real issue is continued mass immigration of the 3rd world, specifically in this case, Moooooslims.

  25. I have no idea why having an Easter egg hunt at a church would be any different than at. as Mr. Moughni suggested, a park. This reeks of liberal bias and I must admit a slap in the face of an organized event aimed at bringing people together. Children who participate in an Easter egg hunt, even children of strong Christian families, aren’t thinking about anything other than the candy in the eggs. And if these kids aren’t connecting the egg hunt with a religion, I don’t see a problem. I did a search on Majed Moughni on the internet and found an interesting story. I thought I had heard the lawyers name before. I always like to know as much as possible and only offer this for others to see and make up their own minds.

    Again I am not defending this Lawyer, nor am I condemning him, the only question I think he needs to explain better is his reason for objecting to the Easter egg hunt.

    1. Take it from someone who has lived in Dearbornistan all his life. the “reason” is simple: the expansion and normalization of Islam in the USA and the forced recognition (and tribute) non-Muslims must pay it. Similar to the forced recognition and acceptance of homosexuals that is going on 24/7/365 in our country today.

    2. Who knows the logic of Moughni given his past denunciation of the Christmas bomber. He doesn’t like “Easter” here… maybe he didn’t like “Christmas” back then either. Eventually the games these guys play can probably be classified under the Islamic doctrine of Maruna: doing things against Islam that actually advance Islam in the longer run.

      1. Thank you and GSR for the responses. I know that
        Muslims believe it is justifiable to lie to not only nonMuslims, and other Muslims as well to keep their real plans hidden. I also don’t trust anyone that claims having an Easter egg hunt doesn’t bother him, yet having it on the
        grounds of a Christian church changes the parameters of their reservations. I guess what I was hoping for is that someone at the right scoop could provide a link that shows Mr. Moughni in a clear light of truth. I searched the internet and found very little on this guy, and was hoping someone could provide more insight as to why Mr. Moughni was against where the Easter egg hunt was going to be rather than the fact it was a Easter egg hunt. I have no doubt Mr.
        Moughni is anti Christian, as most Muslims are, but I like having a smoking gun, so to speak, to use as evidence.

        1. Maybe he’s now trying to get back in the good graces of the “mosque structure” by demonstrating his activism against those evil Christians since he was criticized by his “community” as an activist… whatever the hell constitutes “activist” to a pious Muslim.

    3. If this had been held at a park, he would have still whined about the school promoting an event pertaining to a religious holiday, no matter how tenuous the relationship between the event and the resurrection.

  26. Too bad! If they don’t like it they don’t have to send their children to it but there is no reason to spoil the fun for other children.

  27. What is they version of an Easter egg hunt . Seek and DESTROY OR KILL SOMEONE . The religion of Lies and Death . Why does our government cater to these things that want to Kill us and themselves . WHY ?????

    1. I think you answered your own question with the picture. The Muslim in Chief is at their beckoned call.

  28. CAIR Brotherhood – Dearborn Michigan – attorney Muslim –
    pro Constitution = LIE!

    This is a subtle attack upon Christianity by Muslims. I bet if you
    research this Muslim attorney, you’ll find him to be a member
    of CAIR!

    Another lie by this Muslim attorney was he believed in the
    rights of the Constitution over the church (code word for
    Christian churches)…..

    The Muslims intent is to destroy the Constitution; and to
    destroy Christianity. Their is no middle ground here.
    This Muslim attorney is using “political correctness” to
    force the issue on weak Christians to cease and desist
    Easter as a religious holiday!

    Our enemy in this country is “Islam”…..

  29. Simple solution … also hold an Infidel head toss event using a horseshoes pin or perhaps a pinata event of a burqa clad maiden.

  30. You mean they’re not going to cave? Let’s hope not. If the Muslims don’t like it, then go to a private Muslim school.

  31. The muslims will bellyache and complain until they get the school to change its program….just wait and see. I hope I’m wrong, but I’ve got a feeling that I’m right on this issue.

    1. You’re not wrong. Complaining and whining is their Modus operandi. Muslims never contribute, to make anything better.

  32. Simple — the imam isn’t allowing Easter egg hunts to be held at the mosque.

    The reason they use when Christian school children are shown how to pray in a mosque while on tour — becoming aware of our cultural diversity.

  33. I am offended by this Church too. “We’re not trying to convert anybody.” Than what are you about? This is not a Church. It is nothing more than a social organization.

    1. Exactly right! Is this another Ichabod church here?
      And the lady pastor said the school was distributing the fliers on behalf of the church, but without the Christian logo because it contained a cross. Apparently she was OK with that!

  34. Easter egg hunts have absolutely nothing to do with Christ rising from the grave. This is more proof how inheritely stupid Muslims are.

  35. Maybe we could treat the kids to a beaded hunt. Instead of decorating eggs, they could use models of the decapitated skulls of infidels

  36. “Here’s a flyer that is TELLING kids, young elementary school kids to go to a church”
    “I don’t understand why the school is INVITING us to go to church”

    Like they’ll get expelled if they don’t participate in a long held tradition of going to hunt for chocolate and candy.

    But then again everyone knows that Dearbornistan is Islamic, so it was so intolerant of this school to put flyers lettting folks know about fun and games at a church.

    He’s not pro islam or pro Chrisitan- he’s pro Constitution.

    Thou shalt have no church held easter egg hunts promoted in government schools.

    I can’t quite see it, but when the school’s director of communications, is talking about how they promote all kinds of events, the camera zooms into an event for kids to make paper prayer rugs…. hellloooooo???

    1. Around the 1:40 mark – I saw that too. There was no mention in the clip of that. This is classic Muslim strategy to suppress other ideologies and slowly install a caliphate.

    2. Paper prayer rugs… Good catch, Duckie!
      Who would’ve guessed we’d ever see THAT in our schools?

  37. this is yet one more subtle attempt by the followers of a demented sand n*gg*r to strip the Christian faith of its cultural power. Wake up America. If you do not you will be wearing a government ordered yellow triangle sown on the sleeve of your coat.

      1. The left has crafted to deadly spear tips with which to inflect as much pain as possible on their political enemies . One is a razor sharp tip made from the sexual madness known as Homosexuality. The second one is Islam. The Islam spear tip is honed from stone which has been coated with the blood of Christan saints.

  38. Oh boo fricking hoo! I’m offended by the muslimes that flew planes into our buildings and killed over 3000 people. I’m offended by the muslimes that slaughtered our citizens on the USS Cole, the Marine barracks in Lebanon, the embassy in Nairobi, the beheadings of Daniel Pearl and other “infidels.” Shall I go on? A fricking colored egg isn’t going to KILL people. If they’re offended they should return to their native hellholes!

    1. these Islamist are relentless. They will not stop pushing until they have crush the Christian faith. Once they have they will crush the people who manage our political system. They are a great evil.

  39. If you live in the USA you should learn, accept and be proud of our traditions BUT do NOT try to change our traditions or our culture or make our culture like your previous culture – move back to your country if you don’t like our country!

  40. Next time the Church should be more “inclusive.” While the kiddies are having their Easter Egg Hunt there should be a special section set aside for “Honor Killings.”

    1. Maybe they should show that new movie on “Muslim Honor Violence” to alert kids how not to killed by their fathers. (Remember that old tome — “If only one child life can be saved”)

  41. Only in America can you be a part of group that murdered 3,000 innocent people by flying our planes into our buildings, then get up and screech about an egg hunt with a straight face.

  42. Easter egg hunts have nothing to do with Christ rising from the grave. This just shows how inheritely stupid Muslims are.

  43. I guess this lawyer doesn’t understand the difference between being TOLD to go to church, and being INVITED to an event held on a church’s property.

  44. But the Muslims are not concerned about perversion being taught to their children in school? Hmm?

  45. Go back to whatever country you came from or how about this… Go do something else! Your covered women offend me!!! It sickens me to see a covered woman!
    1 she’s being lied to, by men subdueing her to second class status.
    2. It’s an affront to MY religious beliefs. She’s calling my LORD a liar!!!
    Stop offending me! There 2 can play at the ” I’m offended” game! Have the guts to challenge them!!

  46. Pretty bad when we have to send our kids to private schools to avoid all this hatred. I can’t wait to get the hell out of Durkastan…errr….Dearborn MI.

  47. It’s not like you’re being dragged out of a car and beaten to death for having a different religious belief – which has happened a couple times recently in majority Muslim nations. If you don’t celebrate Easter, then don’t go.

  48. I’m tired of people with no tolerance an immigrants dictating what the populous must do, time to send them home and shout the rest down. IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU ITS ABOUT US!

  49. I’ll bet this ‘Muzzie’ didn’t have a problem with Obama holding a Ramadan celebration on the White House lawn during his first term. 😉 😉

  50. Introducing IED Hunt at the local Mosque. Your child will get a real bang from it. (insert name) Mosque says the rewards are 72 dark eyed virgins for the one collect the most.

  51. All those people who believe in the mythical Easter Bunny have a problem with this? Just don’t flippin go. Is that so hard? Let’s make such a big deal out of people reaching out to the community. Get over yourselves.

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