Muslim Raheel Raza speaks out against Ground Zero Mosque on O’Reilly

Raza says the building of this mosque is confrontational, in bad faith, and doesn’t help the cause of tolerance. She goes on to slam the ‘bleeding heart white liberals’ like Bloomberg for their PC attitude about this controversial mosque and surprises O’Reilly with her articulate understanding of this issue. He was almost speechless:

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51 thoughts on “Muslim Raheel Raza speaks out against Ground Zero Mosque on O’Reilly

  1. Who’s to say that most Muslim women don’t have the freedom to speak and live as she does? The most populous Muslim nation is Indonesia and there women are just as free as American women to speak as they wish. Women all over the Muslim world are just as outspoken as she is, appearing on TV with no threat to their lives. Stop drinking Faux News’ Kool-Aid. You know nothing about us! The center WILL be built, it’s paid for and in the works. Might as well stop whining about it.

  2. This is the most idiotic response I’ve ever heard, but what would I expect from a conservatard? Why are the Jews entitled to have ‘their temple’? Why should Muslims tear down a masjid in Palestine to appease Jews and Jesus freaks? They ruled Jerusalem and built that masjid there. Next I’ll be hearing that all the modern buildings in America should be torn down because Native Americans ‘deserve’ to rebuild buildings in accordance to their culture. It’s insane some of the stupidity that people come up with.

  3. Can you prove that this actually happened? If you accept so-called religious doctrine that says that this is fact then you must accept the rest of Islamic scripture as well. Don’t cherry-pick things to suit your agenda.

  4. Yeah right Patricia, the comments here about Muslims sure say otherwise. I’d say that most Americans here see Muslims and Islam as the enemy.

  5. First of all, I’m not a Christian but I’m pretty sure Mary was a Jew and not a Muslim. Second, anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows that Mohammed stole bits and pieces from both Judaism and Christianity (and other religions) to fill in the blanks of his made up religion where ever he needed to. He threw Moses and Jesus in there, too. How convenient. For him.

    Finally, Muslims do not respect anything. They submit to Allah’s will in the form of Islam. They do not do this out of respect or even reverence. Unlike other religions, Islam is not about what Islam can do for you but what you can do for Islam. Everything a Muslim does is about the promotion and defense of Islam. Not Allah. But Islam itself. A Muslim man can lie, cheat, steal, and kill and it’s not only acceptable under Islam, it’s every Muslims duty under Islam.

    No woman in history has ever been respected as an Islamic leader. Ever. Some women have been used for political purposes, and some have been popular politicians, but none has ever been an independent leader on her own. While that’s not unique to Islam, the idea that Islam was for womens rights long before the rest of the world is just one more lie told by Muslims about pretty much everything to do with Islam.

    No woman in her right mind would choose to be a Muslim. It’s perfectly understandable why a man would choose Islam. Mohammed may have been a brutal warlord and criminal, but he knew human nature and Islam appeals to that most basic part of human nature. The part that wants to do anything it wants, to whoever it wants, whenever it wants, and blame it on someone or something other than itself, while reaping rewards for doing it.

  6. “livetolove” (how “GROOVY”),

    I would have let this one go… except for the complete either ignorance of your declaration ~”you are totally wrong about muslim woman not getting a say”~ or the willful malfeasance of your entire post.

    muslim women get a “say”?

    Yeah… and then THIS:!/video/video.php?v=119591234758395&ref=mf

    …and that is only one of THOUSANDS of self-taped ‘tolerance’s of these bastards. I won’t post the graphic ones of beheadings, stonings and stomping into comas.

    Go ahead, tell me how “totally wrong” she is again.

    CM Sackett

  7. Actually you are totally wrong about Muslim woman not getting a say. If you look in Muslim history some of the the most respected leaders are Muslim women and many Muslim women are highly respected and regarded in the Koren. There is a whole chapter in the Koren about Mary.

  8. Who gives a fat rats ass what the muslem political movement anti American disguised thinks? No body with a truly open and thinking mind, and when have the muslims as a group ever truly shown they care about religious freedoms? “”Muslims write that “Muslims know the Ground Zero mosque is meant to be a deliberate provocation.” Raheel Raza and Tarek Fatah, both authors in their own right, sit on the board of the Muslim Canadian Congress.” Tell you what perfect time to show some sincerity tear down your mosque on Israels most Holy sight and then rebuild it as a memorial to the muslims who died in NYC and let the Jews have there temple they deserve to be able to rebuild there temple

  9. I too was totally impressed by the demeanor and clarity of argument that this beautiful woman presented to us. I believe most Muslim women are like her and I wish they could all be as free to speak and to live as she is. And please, Ms. Raheel, try to convince your fellow Muslims who love peace and goodwill to speak out against those who commit acts of violence not only against non-Muslims but also against other Muslims, especially women. Those who are trying to build a mosque near Ground Zero are only causing Americans to take a stand against them and it could be that people come to believe that all Muslims are like that Imam who must know in his heart that this is not an inter-faith project, it is not a sign of brotherhood, it is an arrogant in your face attitude against Americans, a misuse of our freedoms – why not make this center a truly inter-faith center, a place where people of all faiths can come together in prayer and brotherhood? That is as it should be…the mosque will never be built there…and that is as it should be.

  10. Handsome, articulate, very sincere woman. I was impressed with her and would go to an event to hear her speak again.

  11. As someone said, “They want to co-exist until they can dominate, control, and if need be, destroy.” I have to ask myself, why would anyone follow a religion whose prophet took a child bride of six and consumated it at the age of nine? I would call this being a pedophile, wouldn’t you?

  12. “Building RESPECT” is the goal of this mosque. Pulleazze! Don’t slap me in the face and then say it is because you like me. This mosque idea is a continuation of the growing islamazation of this nation and is a signal to show other muslims the great victory of 911. Mayor Bloomberg supports this idea because he lives in a cocoon surrounded by millions of dollars, and is totally insensitive to the average New Yorker’s feelings, and totally out of touch with the rest of America.

  13. Dear Ms Raza; (sorry I don’t want to offend, don’t know if you are married, and don’t know the proper greeting, so went with Ms. which is acceptable in the U.S.A.) I saw your interview on Bill O’reilly Fox News (the no spin zone) and was very impressed. You stated the facts so clearly & it was a pleasure to hear what you had to say. Thank you for being a reasoable person and realizing the anger & hurt that building the Mosque on he site of “Ground Zero” would cause. I personally do not believe that all Muslims are evil and want to destroy us. However, the radical group that is leading ths jihad against the western world & especially the USA are defintely backed by more than just a few of the Muslim Clerics. Unfortunately they are in power. I plead with you to try to bring forth more citizens like your self & speak to the Imams & convince them to try to stop the radical people that are truly giving the muslim religion a bad name. I am a U.S. citizen, lucky enough to have been born in this wonderful country. There are always a few crazys but 95% of the American people are peaceful & forgiving people. We seldom start a fight but are willing to defend our country & finish the fight if there is one. I for one commend you for your faith in the Muslim Religion and would prefer that all religions could get along. I am a Christian and proud of it but would never ask you to change your religion as I beleve as do most Americans that your beliefs are between you and your God (whatever his name happens to be). Having said that, I do believe that it would be a slap in the face to the American citizens to build the Mosque on or near Ground Zero & would do far more harm than good to the relationship between the muslim countries and communities here in the U.S. The western world advocates freedom for all citizens including women. Please try to influence your Imam and others that we are not your enemy. I truly do thank you for going on Fox news & stating your views. I was proud of Bill O’reilly for commending you for your thougts so well stated & my husband & I were sitting there agreeing with him. Now if only we could convince the rest of the Muslim people that we mean them no harm and only want to live in pease with our worldly neighbors. We do ask that they follow the laws of this country, when they are in this country, which I do not thnk is unreasonale. I truly hope that no harm comes to you or your family for being so outspoken.

    Respectfully yours,
    Patricia J. Evitt
    Sand Diego, CA 92122

  14. Thank you dear lady for your sensitivity. Reasonable people of all religions understand the reasons the mosque should not be built near ground zero.

  15. $100 million dollars could buy peoples soul – isn’t that the truth!!!
    Greed will always win – look at Bloomberg.

    May God Bless Ms. Raza!

  16. I recently read(I’m still searching to find the precise article again) that Canada is considering doing away with all religious “courts”.The article mentioned currently active Rabbinic courts in some of the Jewish communities there as an example.Their intent I believe is to establish the Civil Codes and Canadian National Law as the only law necessary for its citizens. Which reflects my own feelings about our laws here in the U.S.

  17. As much as I think the anti-Islam sentiments on this site go a little too far…I am fully in agreement with you guys on THIS one and stand strong in the fight against the Ground Zero Mosque as well.

  18. If you want to disagree with someone,post your counter point. Flat out personal attacks with no substance really does not speak positively of the individual poster.

  19. Raheel is awesome! I do worry she’ll get threats. But I want that book! Has anyone here read it?

  20. Muslims are extremely polite. In all my years of criticizing Islam I have never, ever, have a self proclaimed Muslim be rude to me. On the contrary. They want you to know Islam. They will go out of their way to help educate you about the Koran.

    But when you get past all the politeness, and all the flowery language, there is no denying that Muslims follow a religion that promotes hatred for all things not Islamic. Most Muslims are decent people because most people are decent. “Peaceful” Muslims are peaceful in spite of Islam, not because of it.

    Just ask a Muslim what the word “peace” really means under Islam and they will be more than happy to explain it to you. And they will do it very politely. Listen very closely. Because they mean it.

  21. There are other women like Raza who speak out against Islamic terrorists. While they are brave to do so, their efforts are in vain. They are women. Women do not count. No Muslim man, no matter how “moderate” they may be, would take anything a woman says with any kind of authority. It could get them killed, but it won’t get them anything else. Liberals will never listen to them because liberals are incapable of listening to criticism of anything they believe to be true.

    Raza is also either being disingenuous, or is ignorant, of the past statements of the Iman behind the mosque. Rauf has been quoted saying one thing in English and another when speaking to Muslims in Arabic. She went a little easy on him for some reason.

    Then you got Bill O’Reilly. Those white bleeding heart liberals she talked about are in control and none of them would consider anything he says, or anything said on his show by anybody, seriously.

  22. This is the type of Muslim I have known for most of my life, kind and fair. Unless I have been fooled for the past 40 years.
    Ms. RAza really stated the obscenity and insult of building a Mosque in that area very well. Perhaps it will make a difference coming from one of their own.

  23. Just watched O’Reilly Factor and I’m stunned. Raheel Raza was incredible, amazing, I’ve never heard a Muslim be so reasonable, articulate, courageous. She will surely get death threats from her fellow members of “The Religion on Peace” for speaking the truth about the Ground Zero Mosque. Raheel Raza needs to appear on all major news networks but I’m sure the liberal media will avoid her like the plague because in their world she is a bigoted Islamophobe. Thank God/Allah for Fox News.

  24. Yeah, what the Lady said…

    [at 2min. 10sec.]

    Raheel Raza…

    “… Mayor Bloomberg and bleeding heart white liberals like him
    don’t understand the battle we moderate Muslims are faced with
    in terms of confronting radical Islam and Islamization,
    and political Islam in North America,
    which has only grown since 9-11
    because of political correctness,
    and people, because of their politically vested agendas,
    not speaking out against issues like this.”

    Bill O’Reilly…

    “What a great answer, Ms Raza … .”

    STOP! Islamization Of America

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