Muslims SAVE a group of Christians from a terrorist attack

A group of Muslims in Kenya protected a group of Christians from a terrorist attack by Al-Shabaab, warning them to flee before the attack came:

CHRISTIAN POST – A group of Muslims thwarted a terrorist attack planned against Christians in Northern Kenya, saving nearly two dozen believers from death, a persecution watchdog has revealed.

According to International Christian Concern, the Islamic extremist group Al-Shabaab had planned to storm a construction site for a new hospital in Kutulo, Kenya and kill any Christian workers they found there.

When some of the local Muslim population heard of the impending attack, they rushed to the area to tell all Christians to evacuate. They then waited for the gunmen to arrive and confronted them.

While the Muslims were unable to prevent the gunmen from opening fire on the construction site, more than 20 Christians were nevertheless able to flee the site and escape without injuries.

“They confronted the gunmen who proceeded to the site and failed to get what they wanted. [The attackers] opened fire but no one was injured before they escaped,” north-eastern regional commissioner Mohamed Birik told media, according to Premier UK.

Kutulo, located in Mandera County, Kenya, is a highly dangerous place for Christians to live and work due to the high concentration of Somalis and Muslims that live in the region. ICC notes that Christians are an “easy target” for terrorist groups like al-Shabaab, as they are easily identifiable.

In light of this reality, ICC’s Regional Manager for Africa, Nathan Johnson, told The Christian Post the Muslim’s decision to protect Christians is of “immense importance.”

“First, it shows that those of different faiths can come together and protect each other,” he said. “You will find that, most often, those who are most able to defend people against extremist groups, are those of the same faith as the extremist group. When locals know what is happening or receive warning when attacks like this are coming, it takes brave men like these to stop them.”

The story also provides the chance for groups like ICC to “laud the heroism of those of other faiths,” Johnson continued.

Wow. This is just not something you hear every day.

How heroic of these Muslims to not only warn the Christians working at the construction site to evacuate, but to also confront the Al-Shabaab terrorists when they got there.

It reminds me of how Muslims in Afghanistan helped save Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell from the Taliban. There are good and peaceful Muslims out there and it’s awesome to see them put their lives on the line to save their Christian brothers and sisters.

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17 thoughts on “Muslims SAVE a group of Christians from a terrorist attack

  1. What a wonderful piece of news. It did my heart good reading that.
    Thank you to those Muslims in Kenya who saved those Christian lives.

      1. Well, according to his personal publicist, and his extended family members, yes. But, we have been told that it is “racist!” to acknowledge these simple facts.

  2. “How heroic of these muslims …”

    Not really. The truth is, as long as any one of these people aligns themself with the ‘death cult of islam’, they are a coward, and part of the problem. A terrorist animal who does one good deed, but chooses to remain a member of their terrorist organization, is still a terrorist. There can be no such thing as a “heroic” muslim.

    1. Their American Muslim “brothers” will make them convert to the “Whites are the devil” mantra.

  3. While I am grateful for those brave Muslim neighbors, unfortunately Al Shabaab was temporarily thwarted but not stopped. They will be back, and in greater numbers, but not before those who stood up to them are quietly murdered in the night; just to send a message.

    When Al shabaab returns, fewer will be alive to stand against them. To stop groups like Al Shabaab, they must be hunted down and killed.

  4. If more Muslims would do this, they’d truly be known as a ‘religion of peace.’ God bless them with the Truth and His grace for helping His people stay safe.

  5. I love hearing stories like this. It give me hope that we can come together and find common ground even though are faiths are different.

    1. I also thought of Marcus Luttrell. That was an amazing story and he is still friends today with the Muslim gentleman that saved his life.

  6. This is cool, but these Muslims are going against the tenants of their own faith. The most authoritative verse in the whole Koran is the last one Mohammed wrote, the verse of the sword. They need to watch out, because they’ve earned themselves a target on their backs for not being sufficiently Islamic.

  7. It is interesting that there are muslims who have come to know Christians (the group of Christians was building a hospital for that muslim community) and that maybe it is possible that muslims who have been raised on hatred toward Christians are learning that we are not at all what they were indoctrinated into believing. At least, I hope that is correct. I also routinely hear of thousands of muslims covertly converting to Christianity regularly (if they did it openly, they would be murdered for doing so). Clearly, there is good that comes even from evil when Christians spread love and the Truth of The Word. It does my heart good to hear stories like these.

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