MUST LISTEN: Wounded former Navy SEAL calls Rush Limbaugh to thank him for still giving a damn about this country

This is a rather remarkable call and I wish it went longer than it did. Eight months ago Larry, a former Navy SEAL who did four tours in Iraq and four tours in Afghanistan, lost his right leg, part of his right arm, some of his fingers, and was disfigured on his face.

He told Rush that while he was coming off medication while recouping in the hospital he as able to listen to his radio show on a friends radio. And then he said something profound that I’m sure humbled Rush quite a bit: that while he was giving up on life, listening to Rush was propping him up because he realized there was somebody in this country who still gave a damn. Wow. Just amazing.

There’s more and you can listen to it below:

Rush came back from commercial and said these words about Larry:

That was Larry from Apple Valley, California. Where else, ladies and gentlemen, can you hear from real life heroes on the phone? You know, in a long time past Hollywood would be making movies about guys like Larry. Guys like Larry would be the kind of hero that kids would be reading about in school, the kind of heros that kids would learn about in movies.

And of couse the media are not covering the wars anymore. Obama ended the wars – oh yeah those were Bush’s wars. They’re not covering them anymore. The body counts have stopped and all that.

But thank God for people like him in the country. Thank God we still have people like that. Honestly, thank God we have people like that in this country.

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146 thoughts on “MUST LISTEN: Wounded former Navy SEAL calls Rush Limbaugh to thank him for still giving a damn about this country

  1. @JohnCraven if u want to help this navy seal. go to his house in apple valley ca and u can beat his ass for all of the real navy seals who actually served because larry is really a fake ass liar scum Arthur W South.

  2. Arthur W South is a maggot and a FAKE who targeted innocent people with lies and is trying to evade taxes with his Fake church DevTek “church”. This filthy liar Artie South should rot. Filthy Scum!

  3. It’s too bad that this person is a lying fake. He is NOT a Navy SEAL. This fake is a person named Arthur South and he was NEVER a Navy SEAL. The most he was was a Cooks HELPER in the US Navy RESERVE. He was discharged after SIX years as an E-2. Trust me this guy is not who he is claiming. Don’t believe me talk to Chief Shipley and he can confirm that this clown is lying.

  4. Nothing more needs to be said about Larry and the guys he served with. He is(they are) the kind of American(s) this country needs. One who is willing to stand up for America and what America used to be about. Its time we couch potatoes get off our butts and get back in the game.

  5. Nothing more needs to be said about this guy or the guys he served with.
    Standing up for America and your beliefs is what America used to be about. Its time we couch potatoes get back to that idea.

    1. I thought the same thing but then again if he has burn problems on his face, ect., and may be using oxygen masks, ect., all those things may well make him sound so much older than he is.

      John Craven
      New Orleans

      1. I don’t trust the media. I think the whole thing is a hoax. I understand your train of thinking but I find no reason to suspect any of the things you’ve mentioned. How do burns to your face alter your voice box? Oxygen mask? The guy would sound muffled. He doesn’t.

        1. If a person is inhaling oxygen either from a mask or from those nasal canulettes or whatever the word is for those things people put in their nostrils, the oxygen would dry up a person’s mouth, ect., and I would think it would alter a person’s voice.

          I also think that burns to a person’s face would likely include burns to the neck as well affecting a person’s neck muscles and their ability to speak clearly. Also burns to the face could well have been accompanied by smoke and harsh chemicals which also would have affected a person’s ability to speak.

          Any wounds to the neck could have penetrated Larry’s larynx – he did lose limbs in the blast – shapnel goes where it will.

          There are any number of scenarios which present themselves as to why Larry’s voice sounded so much older than the age he stated as being 33 years old.

          I don’t trust the lamestream news media as Sarah Palin accurately describes them – the drive-byes as Rush describes them – but there is no reason at this point to suspect that Larry was a fraud or a hoax. He had too much common sense about him as far as I could tell which I think is one way to judge whether this would have been a hoax. Also Rush’s call screeners – such as Bo Snerdley – are very good at what they do and I think they would have done a very good background check on this guy to determine as best as possible that he was who he said he was.

          In any event I have no reason to believe that Larry wasn’t the real McCoy. And until then I will believe he is who he says he is.

          John Craven
          New Orleans

  6. I heard this live…toward the end of the show. VERY moving, moved me to tears. I wish we could track the guy down in San Diego and find out how to help him. I am moved by the honor from those who put themselves in his position and compare it to the cowardice demonstrated by our leaders from the president on down. Terrible contrast, great honor.

  7. Larry good point, elected officials are there for there own agenda..What did Nancy Pelosi say when asked about Obama Care ” We will have to pass it to see whats in it ” These people don’t care, they are there to take care of there buddies. We need term limits and when politicians vote on something it pertains to them also… No more free health care, retirement and automatic pay raises.

  8. Just one change to this story, if I may.
    I believe that like a US Marine, once a US Navy Seal, always a US Navy Seal.
    Ain’t no “former” about it!

  9. Larry is to be honored & respected for his service to the USA!! He sacrificed & served for the freedoms we sometimes take for granted!!!! God bless you, Larry, we need more committed men like you in our country/government, etc. Keep on keeping on with your life’s dreams – you have much to share and you are sooo worth it!

  10. I volunteer at our local V.A. Hospital here in the city. I see guys like this all the time. They are stronger than I ever could be. They keep going when most of us would wither and curl up in a ball. They are amazing people. Losing limbs and sight and looks. And, most of them simply want to go back and join the fight again. I was humbled by this call, and it appeared Rush was as well. We should all be humbled when we hear from one of these men. They are the unique among us – the men (and women) who keep us safe and who would throw down their lives for us. Whether in local law enforcement or as a Seal, they are a special breed. God, I love them.

  11. I just wish we had voters that cared about our soldiers, instead we have people only concerned with being able to have the right to slaughter children by calling it abortion. I have spoken with people working in elections and they have no understanding what the real issues are because they have lost the love of this country.
    This man of 33 is a real hero and my heart goes out to him. If people thought more about our soldiers they would vote differently.

  12. would love to be able to send a letter of thanks to Larry, is there a way to get it to him? What an honor, to hear these words from someone like him.

  13. Just heartbreaking and inspiring. Men like Larry are worth more than a hundred Congressmen….and to have him dedicate his life and become wounded to stand up for the Constitution, only to come home and be betrayed by his own government….it’s a DISGRACE! Thank you Larry…you are an American hero. And there are still millions of Americans who cherish your dedication and your service and thank you for it. We feel the same way you do about the sad state of our Govt.

    God bless you, Larry. Prayers for your speedy recovery and much success in school and your new life.

  14. How can I help this great Navy Seal? I’d like to do something to help him.

    I wish he would run for office where I could vote for him.

    Is there anyone who knows him who might try to convince him to run for office?

    We desperately need people who will honor their oath to our Constitution in office
    as this great hero has done. Even with all his infirmities, he has more vitality and
    common sense than most of those in government on the national level today. I’d vote
    for him if he were to run as an independent conservative or as a member of a political party.

    Please let us know if there is anything I or anyone can do to help him.

    John Craven
    New Orleans


    Here is WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO NOW before the unconstitutional (criminal) administration tries to limit or confiscate the guns and ammo (property) of LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS.

    If an onerous tax, or insurance, or registration is legislated, ignore it. Treat it as if it doesn’t exist. If the criminals in uniform come, see the next paragraph.

    Particularly if you run a gun shop, but for any law-abiding American, at the first indication that the thugs are coming, call a trusted friend who will start a call chain for an immediate, armed response. Have them block the exits/roads so the armed criminals can not leave with anyone in custody. The people that carry out the illegal order will be committing a crime while armed. Deal with them as you would anyone trying to kidnap a friend. We will far outnumber any thugs they send. And we will have them surrounded. Stop them.

    DO NOT Leave your pistols at home. Although Centerfire rifles will be needed.

    Each individual in law enforcement and the National Guard, you have a decision to make. Let us know what’s coming if you can.

    The 2nd Amendment was put in place for the threat we now face.

    Tyranny of the majority can not be tolerated.

    THE CONSTITUTION IS SUPREME. Defend it with your life.

    Copy and paste this everywhere: on your Rep’s and Senators’ pages, and in every forum (no matter the content). Post a hard copy in your workplace. And, establish a call / text / email / facebook / twitter chain. Have a text ready to go to multiple recipients so you can do it in an instant.

    We’ve never had to do this before, but we have to get ahead of it. Simply spreading this around and making a few calls would put the criminals on notice.

  16. God Bless you Larry. I thank you for serving our great nation and standing between my family and terrorists. I always pray for our men and women in uniform and I will include you specifically from now on.

  17. Thanks for your service and God Bless you and may all the troops come home safely. Thanks TRS for posting this, I didn’t get to hear it on Rush radio show.

  18. OMG, RS… I was praying you would post this. I was listening real time at work and I was crying during the whole segment. Thank you, Larry, and thank you Rush & RS for preserving this moment in history.


  19. Should give all of us pause to realize how we the people were wounded in 2008 and again in 2012 and need to come to some awakening about just how are we going to fight to win?

    1. Stop being depressed about the election ptmd!!! Go to and click on top middle of their home page “News Alert: Call to Action”. Learn about Writ of Quo Warranto effort happening as we pray. Keep the Faith…we still have Hope !

  20. Thanks for posting. God bless Larry and people like him. He is a true hero and gives us a reason for hope.

  21. …men like Larry are the true HERO’s the real men of steel the real super hero’s for it is men like Larry we have our LIBERTY to be able listen to our radio’s . For with men like Larry we are able to have a home a backyard a GUN to protect our LIBERTY from the TYRANNICAL EVIL FORCES that are now starting to cast its ugly shadow over our EXCEPTIONAL NATION . I’ll be damned if I give up my LIBERTY and to let Larry’s HEROISM go for not . Stand up America and HANG ON TO YOUR LIBERTY FOR Larry from Apple Valley , California may God Bless you sir and all the other countless hero’s from battles lost and won for our LIBERTY .”

  22. I was in tears. Rush has been a hero for over 20 years, Larry since 2:30 this afternoon. May God Bless you Larry, you will be in millions of people’s prayers tonight.

  23. SCOOP Thanks again for your poignant post!!!

    I heard a little less than the last 2 minutes of Larry’s call today, and was hoping you would have the full story.

    Thank You Larry! and also to all the service men and women who stand guard and who have given and continue to give so much for this nation.

    What a poor people we are to allow the thieves in DC to live in such wealth and richness giving themselves raises, while with the same greed they allow only a pittance of a salary to our armed service personnel.

  24. I hope Rush will organize something to help Larry and others like him, because I would be honored, and in fact privileged, to make a donation to help their situation.

  25. Larry, is my hero.

    That man, has shown each of us why we can never give up. I would be proud to shake his hand and listen to more of what he has to say. He is a wealth of wisdom. His story and his honor are exactly why Freedom and Liberty will always win out. (Better said: No one takes a hill … for an Obama phone…)

    I honor Larry. My father as well. He served for 20 years and it was always with him. He went on to be a Professor at the local University and like Larry will always be my hero.

    It’s funny. My dad would always tell me, the best therapy in life is teaching and helping others. It’s more than just a good thing. It helps us keep our sanity.

    Thank you Dad. Thank you, Larry. And, thank you too, Rush.

  26. This is a revolting group of misfits in Washington, D.C. who don’t deserve these men. Look at what this man has lost, and they are discussing trying to infringe on the II Amendment?

    Watch Obama take the oath again, with his middle finger scratching his ugly, commie face. Watch John Roberts give him that oath after he trashed it last year.

    1. Stop being depressed about the election !!! Go to and click on top middle of their home page “News Alert: Call to Action”. KEEP THE FAITH NJK>>>We still have Hope………

  27. What can one say through teary eyes? Words of, about, and towards this extraordinary human would be less than futile, even useless in describing the debt of gratitude this country owes him for his sacrifices and his love of country. May God embrace this brave man and shine his comfort upon him. May all people of this country be blessed with the understanding of how much we owe a patriot like him. Bless Rush for taking this man’s call and showing others what humility sounds like. May we all be strengthened by this man’s courage and service.

      1. ABiC, I am sitting here reading various stories that will never be covered by the MSM and while typing this I am listening to my iPod, For You by Keith Urban and can’t help but get a bit teary eyed listening to the words of the song and contemplating the subject of this story. I do so miss the Army where so many are dedicated to the principle of freedom for this country. This includes all of our service men and women, Air Force, Marines, Navy and my fellow soldiers of the United States Army. It helps knowing that so many here understand the sacrifices made by our military. People like you, and all the others that write wonderful comments. Some I have had the privilege to converse with like you, white531, pickle, orangeone, soberthinking, and so many others that deserve recognition for some great insight and beautiful words. (I’m sorry that I missed many of the names) Thank you for your thank you, and a heartfelt thanks to all veterans, previous, current, and future. God bless them all, and God bless all who stand for freedom and justice.

        1. You make me a little teary eyed too. I can never express what I have in my heart for you, our other Vets and our troops. It pains me whenever I hear any one who served or is serving who might wonder if anyone cares. I don’t even watch tv, but I hear all about all these people who are famous for so called reality shows and it just burns me up to think of whatever stupid version of reality they’re making big bucks for- while our boys and girls give up families, friends, pets, comfortable beds, simplest homey things, then if they make it home…. ah crap I’m sorry armyvet. It’s heartbreaking and I love you. Thank you.

          1. I can only speak for myself, but I would wager that many veterans are humbled by words such as these you have spoken. Thank you for believing, for keeping the faith, for just being. It is times like this which reminds me that no person’s sacrifice is ever in vain so long as it can be remembered as something special. I will share one event of my military career that drastically changed my mind set about service to this country. Right before Desert Storm I volunteered to march in an event know as Nijmegen. A 100 mile march completed over 4 days. At the end of this march all the participants march in a impromptu parade at the end. The way we, the American service men and women were hailed, and treated as heroes by the Dutch was mind blowing. Knowing European history I understood how the Dutch could look at the American Military as something special, but the way complete strangers would come and shake your hand, yell thank you, and give us flowers and trinkets of gratitude completely took me by surprise. It was at this time that I truly understood how lucky I was to be allowed to wear the Uniform that became synonymous with Freedom, Truth and Justice. The icing on the cake was when a young child (a little girl) about 5 years old ran up to me, grabbed my hand and walked with me for about 500 feet, them presented me with a small American Flag, I can’t tell you how I wept form the feeling of pride in my country and my fellow soldiers.
            I have some of my civilian friends ask me if my aches and pains are worth it. My only response is this; as long as one person finds hope in Old Glory, as long as one person can say they are free, as long as those who have served are honored and appreciated, then even when I take my last breath, yes, it was worth every tear, every drop of blood, every moment away from loved ones, every pain I feel today, YES YES YES, it was and is all worth it. God bless you and thank you for all your kind words.

            1. Wow, that’s so incredible. That little girl. Wow.
              Armyvet- one of the first things I loved when I moved to America was the honorable men and women who served her. I came here just as Desert Storm started. My parents didn’t want me to move until the war was over. I told them that one of the reasons I had no problem coming then was that the guys who were fighting would keep it from coming here.
              They don’t understand my views at all- I’ve always tried to honor my mom and dad, but I just can’t take things for granted. I always appreciated the Military, but never knew just how much they give until I read an online news article written by a soldier who was serving in Iraq after 9/11. It was the most touching, gut wrenching, honest and blunt letter- all during the time of politicians here slamming everything on that war. I wrote to him at the e mail provided. His dad answered, and I have been friends with his dad ever since. I never did get a chance to meet or talk to Eddie. I chipped in with a bunch of others to help him pay for his honeymoon because he got married between tours. It was so much fun for him and his new bride- and it was such a cool feeling to be a little bit of that. Eddie died over there not long after.
              It broke a lot of our hearts- but it was then when I fell in love with our American soldiers. It was then I realized just what they, you and others have given.
              My family back home don’t get it. They think I’ve become too Americanized. I only hope I can be the best American I can be- because of you guys.
              You guys gave me the best country in the world- and I promise I will not let her go without giving everything I have to keep her for you.

              1. I will close this evening in telling you that we need more patriotic citizens like yourself. As for your parents, love them while they are here, I lost my mother years ago, when I was 25, and even though we had many different opinions, we always had a love for each other that bridged most obstacles. In many ways she is the strength that flows through me. When I first joined the Army at the age of 20, she feared that I wouldn’t fit in, after my second term, she came to understand my need to be a part of something bigger, more valiant than myself. She even came to be happy with my career choice. She passed while I was stationed in Colorado, and I never got to say goodbye one last time, but through all the times I was able to tell my mother that I loved her, I think she was at peace with her son and proud of my decision to serve. Thank you again for all of your kind words and thank you for choosing to be a Great American.

                1. I always have and always will love my parents armyvet. They don’t understand me at all, but neither do a whole lot of others- but I still love them. I’m not a citizen yet- but I pray I can become one in the spring.
                  One of the conditions when I moved here was to honor my parents’ wishes and retain my Canadian citizenship, but I told them when the time came that I’d been here as long as I was there, I’d be giving it up to become an American. That time is now, shy a few years, but it’s time.
                  God Bless you sweet friend. Thank you so much for letting me ramble on, and everything else.

                2. Welcome to American citizenship, ABiC! I pray that you never have any reason to regret ‘joining up’ with us and decide that, after all, it’s better back in Canada. May the day come when we can ALL hold our heads high again and have pride in our country, because we’ve elected a government that really CARES about the people and the land, and not just their own pockets and power.

                3. Thank you so much! And thank you so very much for your service.
                  I may have problems with the current dear leader and a lot of the government right now, but I will never EVER be ashamed or have regrets in coming to America. Even now, it is still the only place I’d ever want to be. Thank you.

                  oh, and welcome to The Right Scoop! 🙂

                4. When that day arrives, our country will have improved for it. Hell, we’re already improved for having you here. Love you, Duckie.


              2. If only more felt as you do.

                My soldier wasnt welcomed when he first returned. I didnt know him yet, but I have so much sorrow in my heart for his first homecoming back from war.

                Some of the people of our Country in the 70’s should be ashamed.

                1. Polsis. I can’t do it myself, for except for my cousin in Afghanistan, I don’t know any of them in person- please, give your soldier a big hug from me. It’d mean the world to me even though I can’t do it in person. love you girlie. I gotta go. I’m bawling over here.

                2. You’re the best, and I mean that with all my heart.

                  I shall run up to him and grab him just for you!

                3. I keep telling her the same thing. ABinC is one of my role models. And Angel on earth and a humble one at that.

                4. I agree with your agreement.

                  Mike. my hubby clued me in on the 2nd reason “she’s” probably named Misty. 🙂

              3. I watched your video and am looking forward to the second part. VERY WELL DONE ABiC ! You are INDEED my friend, an American Patriot. And stop being depressed about the election everybody!!! Go to and click on top middle of their home page “News Alert: Call to Action”.

            2. Last night a while after our comments Armyvet, I watched the Keith Urban song on YouTube, then I looked up Nijmegen. It was right before bed, so I didn’t have time to watch many of them- the one I did see was the Canadian armed forces participation. It was amazing to watch- and seeing the smiling faces of the locals, the kids walking along side and the smiles on the soldiers… well, it must have been awesome to be there. Thank you for telling me about it.

        2. Thank you for your service and your sacrifice, sir! I think I’m going to choose certain MOH citations and post them in my comments every now and then. People need to read what our brave soldiers, airmen, sailors, and Marines went through and did to deserve such an honor. To think the $hi!+bag leftists in this country would spit on the graves and blot out the memory of those who were awarded the highest military honor to be received.

  28. Unfortunately, the safety of this country is falling on the shoulders of fewer and fewer brave people, like Larry, who get the lousy job of protecting us from some of the worst people on this planet. They literally put everything on the line for little pay, little recognition, and even less gratitude. When was the last time anybody saw a major news segment on TV on the men and women who are still fighting in Afghanistan? And when was the last segment anybody saw on our many wounded warriors? It is shameful how the mainstream media has been treating this war. Yes, it is a WAR, and yet I’ll bet most of the people in this country probably don’t even know where Afghanistan is, let alone that we have brave mena and women still fighting there. And when was the last time you even heard our president mention anything about our troops there, not to mention how badly things are going? I’m just amazed that we still have brave Americans willing to give their last full measure of devotion for a country that, by and large, takes them for granted. At least in the mainstream media and at the White House.

  29. God bless this man. For those people who make the military out to be the bullies or worse yet use the military as a photo op to gain votes, you have no idea what these great men and women go through so you can spew your venom. This man has more honor, grace, pride, heroism than the whole of Washington, DC right now. Thank you and may God ease your pain and shower you with strength.

  30. God Bless Larry and all our heroes. This is amazing! Thank you Scoop so much for this- I’ve not had time to listen to Rush at all this week, so without you posting it, I’d not have heard it.
    I thank God for these guys and all of our troops- I wish they knew how much so many of us do love them and care!! Thank you Larry for your incredible service and sacrifice.

    A little off topic, but not really- 4th annual Tampa Bay Frogman Swim is coming up this Sunday the 13. They could still use donations if anyone wants to. It goes towards
    The Navy SEAL foundation to help severely injured SEALS.

  31. Thank you Rush for giving Larry the opportunity to speak and be heard. That was fantastic.

    When we are walking thru an airport, we do our best to stop and thank as many of our Military guys ( and gals) we see in uniform as we can.

    It feels great! – and we’ve always gotten smiles in return and handshakes!

    1. Not just in airports – at Walmart, on the street, wherever they are! I’ve been out of the Navy since 1978 but only last week finally found a United States Navy ball-cap at the VAMC in Syracuse, NY, which I will wear with pride. Paid $5 extra to get one made in the USA, instead of China, but I did it gladly! Think I’ll dig my Navy pins out of my cedar chest, stick them on it, and WEAR it… All this talk of patriotism is getting me fired up again! Good thing they don’t take 58-year old grandmas – I couldn’t handle bootcamp again!

  32. I have the utmost respect for the SEALs. Does anyone else think it strange that all of SEAL team six who got Bin Laden have been killed?

    1. SEALs have been killed in various incidents, but there are no reports on whether any were from the same unit that got Bin Ladin. That’s a closely-guarded secret.

  33. I listened to this on the drive home from work and literally teared up. What a good moment and an honorable man.

  34. This is a tear-jerker. I feel so badly for our military and their families. The obama administration treats them like dog dirt.

  35. I am 62 – and I feel like all of these WARRIORS are my kids

    I really hate the whole scene –

    I believe that all this effort to save the “trash” in the mideast is not worth it

    Simply stage a strong presence off shore and strike if necessary

    I hate the system

  36. I presume that Larry would not heed the advice of the vicious and vile michale moore and beat the crap out of anyone who would thank this fine man for his service.

  37. My husband and I were both in tears listening to Larry. Rush has been so depressing since the election and there are days that I just can’t listen to him becuase this whole situation is so unbelievable. I can’t believe that there are so many morons in this country. Thank God for Larry. He gives me hope again that we are not alone and that there people that actually care even though he has no reason to anymore. Larry, Super Patriot, I pray that you recover and find your way again. I know you will succeed. Via con Dios.

      1. Right before the break, Rush asked him to stay on the line. “Don’t go away.” After the break he was in his sign off mode and time was almost over. I thought they would talk more, but time was up. Rush went on about Larry was such a patriot, but didn’t have much time after that. I was disappointed that Larry had gone away. I have a feeling that Rush knows how to contact him. I hope he talks about Larry more tomorrow. If people write to Rush and ask him I’ll bet he will say more. I hope Larry got a free I-pad or some other goody from Rush’s prize closet. But more than anything else, I would like to thank Larry for giving me hope.

        1. Thank you for filling me in. I too hope Rush gave him one or more of everything he has in his prize closet! If anyone deserves something extra it would be Larry. It broke my heart to hear this man say he was going to have to go back to school and find work thereafter. If he wants to, fine. But, he should not have to with all he has sacrificed for this country. And to think the likes of filthy barney franks retires with full benefits and Larry has to find work. What a sickening reality.

            1. Me too! Veterans like Larry SHOULD be taken care of for the rest of their lives, and if they WANT to train for a job, they should be able to get the education and the work they want. Thank God, there ARE employers in this nation who are actively seeking vets – healthy AND “challenged” – to work for them, knowing they’ll give everything they have and are to the job, just as they did in the military. We need more veterans in Congress, too! As I said above, I firmly believe that every member of Congress AND the president should have served HONORABLY, and preferably in combat, not just some cushy desk-job in a state-side office, before they are ever elected to office. It wouldn’t hurt to have our local and state legislators fulfill the same requirement, too, since so many go on to the national level. Maybe it would cut down on the greedy scumbags who get elected with the aid of the MSM and their crooked cronies just for the money and power they’ll have, and stay in office because of the MSM and the money and power and crooked cronies they have.

          1. I agree. I simply do not understand with all the taxes paid in this country why so little is dedicated to aftercare for our veterans and their families, physically and mentally. If Larry wants to spend his life dedicated to educating others, write about his experiences, etc. he should have the financial ability to do so at no expense to himself.

                1. N arguments here.  I am furious with any lawmaker that proposed their illegal DREAMERS go into our military!

            1. OrangeOne, I totally agree. Any veteren that has been wounded to a degree that he or she has to change their way of life, whether it be mentally or physically, should be taken care by our taxes. Not taken care of the way they are now, but truly taken care of. If you’ve been to a veteran’s hospital, you’ve seen for yourself that our heros are not treated and taken care of as they should be. Instead, we see a perverted ex-pres get father of the year, a died in the wool communist get elected to POTUS, and we see he and his family live high on the hog at our expense.

              It’s a disgrace the way we treat our military, both active and inactive.

              They come back home and what happens? The government, that they swore to protect against all enemies, puts them on a terrorist watch list.

              Who’s the real enemy here , folks? I know, and I hope you do too!

          2. I heard it live too, badbad, and unless the Rush I’ve “known” for the last 25 years has done an about face, I think Larry will receive far more than one of Rush’s famed, engraved prizes from Rush’s closet. Rush never publicizes his philanthropy, so we will probably never hear about it, but I don’t think Larry will have a financial worry for a very long time to come. “Don’t doubt me”.

            1. Ok, you’ve got it…I will not doubt you! It hadn’t occurred to me, but I’m sure you’re right. That’s just a joy to think about. 🙂

              1. badbad, reading my response to you came across as some sort of scolding, and that is not what I meant by any stretch. I type what I am thinking, and sometimes it does not translate well in text. And my “don’t doubt me” is a direct quote I stole from Rush. I really FUBAR’d my response, and I sincerely apologize.

                1. I need to copy what you just wrote and insert my name. I’m the one who has come across as thinking you were anything but civil. My apologies! You have nothing to apologize for…gads, I need to take a course in English!
                  Your response was perfect, my friend! 🙂

                2. badbad, this is why I love this forum. Misunderstandings cleared up in one post. Sweet dreams my friend.

    1. The morons would diminish if we re-instated the draft and sent the whole lot of them to Afghanistan without ANY enlisted members. Should give them a new appreciation for freedom.

    2. Stop being depressed about the election Betsey!!! Go to and click on top middle of their home page “News Alert: Call to Action”. There you will learn about Writ of Quo Warranto and the current efforts of Patriots who have not lost Hope in this Great Nation we are Blessed to live in. Larry, THANK YOU SIR for my FREEDOM !!!! You and your brothers all, are now and will always be in the prayers of a Greatful Nation. Peace be with you.

    3. We all feel the same way as you do. I understand Rush’s feelings too…I felt the same way for a long while after the election. But we have to redouble our efforts to fight against tyranny….not only to save our Republic, but for men like Larry who cannot be allowed to have fought in vain for US. We owe him and all the men & women who fought and bled for this country….and for our children and grandchildren. Do not fear…fight.

  38. Heard that live and it was awesome.

    A quibble, though. I’ve worked with guys like Larry for almost 10 years and don’t call them ‘disfigured’. Wounded warrior, wounded vet, or injured servicemember, etc. will all do just fine.

    1. I try to make certain I use “wounded” and “wounds” to describe damage done in combat and ALSO in support of combat. (A soldier maimed in a jeep accident is still a wounded warrior, in my book.)

      I cringe when I see reporters using the term “injured” for the body and mind damage that soldiers endure.

      1. Indeed. “Injured” is when you accidentally fall off of a roof and break your leg or something. “Wounded” actually refers to something sustained resulting from an act of aggression. What do you expect from the vidiots/idiots in the propagandist media arm of Zero or the LSM?

      2. Tears are falling down my face. It is so sad that our service men and women are risking their lives and not many seem to give a damn. I really wish Mr. Rush Limbaugh had a segment where our soldiers can call in just like Larry did an open their hearts out. By then, maybe somebody else will give a damn.

        1. That would be good.

          We all need to be more vocal. I spent the last thirty years keeping quiet because I lived in a University town where any hint of the words “liberty” or “life” would get you shut out of all society.

          No more. Now we own this country, and the leftists are here by our good grace. They’d all starve if not for us rednecks. So I refuse to be quiet any more.

          All my friends are here, so I don’t care about there anymore.

    2. I heard it live to and you are right it was awesome when I heard it and I couldn’t see Rush until I got on TheRightScoop but I could feel he was choked up by the call and I could see he was on the video that was posted.

      It was Larry who called himself ‘disfigured’ and I think Rush simply repeated what Larry had said of himself which is Larry’s right I think to describe his wounds as he wishes. He has certainly earned that I think.

      John Craven
      New Orleans

    3. I would far rather look at someone with honest “WAR wounds” than someone whose meth-lab blew up on him, or he was smoking a cigarette while sucking oxygen for his tobacco-caused lung cancer and it blew up in his face, or who got drunk and crashed into another vehicle, killing everyone but walking away from the scene…. I can’t call that wounded warrior “disfigured” or “ugly” for getting his wounds while fighting to keep us free, or to free someone else from their tyrannical or terrorist government. I did my Navy duty during peacetime, but I was just as prepared to fight and give my life for my home and family, and our way of life. I can only presume to imagine what our military and their families go through now, with service like Larry’s four tours in Afghanistan and four tours in Iraq – a ‘lifer’ (someone who serves 20 years or more) today lives through HELL, time after time after time – and their family goes right through it with them – for a “retirement” that wouldn’t keep a dog alive! The military life has never been a bed of roses by any means, but having to leave a spouse, children, aging parents, friends, beloved pets (sometimes more loved than anyone else!) – to go off to a hostile country where “the enemy” is seldom seen until it’s too late, where innocent little children have booby-traps taped to their bodies, where IEDs litter the countryside and kill at random…. not knowing if you’ll come back in one piece, alive, or as just a few scraps in a bag. That’s HELL ON EARTH. I say, no man or woman should ever be nominated for public office if they have not first served in the military, so they will KNOW what it’s like to be sent to fight a war for reasons you don’t understand, against people you’ve never heard of, to benefit the crooks and politicians somewhere…. Maybe they’d want to CHANGE the status quo and pass GOOD laws, and vote for BENEFICIAL resolutions, and be less likely to pad their own pockets with the money and blood of the FAITHFUL citizens and military. AND THAT HEAD CROOK IN THE WHITE HOUSE SHOULD BE YANKED OFF HIS THRONE AND SENT TO COMBAT HIMSELF!!!!! Maybe if he had to wear faulty “body armor” and worn-out combat boots, carrying a military assault rifle remodeled so it only fired 5 rounds from a 30-round clip, staying awake for several days and nights in a row, scared to peek around a corner for fear of getting his head blown off, eating the garbage fed to our fighters, and making the piddly amount they’re paid for what they face every day, with the “support” they get from this government – MAYBE he would be a better commander in chief and would not only learn HOW to give a decent salute to the men who guard his sorry butt, but would WANT to – and to salute our flag, say the Pledge of Allegiance, and do everything he could to PRESERVE OUR CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS AS THEY WERE FIRST WRITTEN!!!

      1. THANK YOU for my FREEDOM sister !!! Plaese take a moment, go to and click on top middle of their homepage “News Alert: Call to Action” and check out the Writ of Quo Warranto action being persued by fellow Patriots as we pray….

  39. God Bless you Larry and thank you for your service. Patriots like you make me proud to be an American!

  40. Can you spell HERO because Larry is a hero and a true patriot. It’s the Larrys who keep us free and it is their sacrifice which we must remember when we think about what Obama is trying to do to this country.

    Rush is also a patriot and more than once has kept me going, calmed me down and taught me many things. I’m one among many; a conservative who loves my country and who is willing to do whatever I can to keep it as our founders intended. May God have mercy upons us all.

    God bless them both.

    1. Thanks c4p.for telling me about this on the other story,,.this is truly beautiful..I listened to war heroes in my family growing up and now…They would ask how futile fighting was ,only for our country to be taken over from within…..the ones who are no longer here. I wonder why more do not come forward and let their voices be heard..But we are living in a time of retribution for everything.

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