MUST LISTEN — Mark Levin: Obama holding nation RANSOM to SEIZE ‘power of purse’ from Congress

Mark Levin shows below how Obama is holding the nation ransom in order to seize the power of the purse from Congress, which would absolutely eviscerate the Constitution. Levin explains that Obama has absolutely no constitutional power in this regard, that the power of the purse was explicitly given to the people’s House of Representatives in the Constitution. And Obama’s plan is to seize it and Levin calls this a ‘coup’.

See, Obama doesn’t actually have to raise the debt ceiling himself in order to accomplish this. If his ransom demands (threat of default) are met by the Congress and he gets everything he wants, which is a clean CR and a clean debt ceiling raise with no ‘partisan’ strings, then he will have effectively stolen the power of the purse from Congress. All he’ll have to do is threaten default or some other calamity in the future and Congress will have to bend to his will.

Mark Levin plays audio from Rep. Tom McClintock in his segment below who spoke about this recently on the House floor. You can listen to the full segment below and it is rated a “MUST LISTEN”:

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215 thoughts on “MUST LISTEN — Mark Levin: Obama holding nation RANSOM to SEIZE ‘power of purse’ from Congress

    1. I’m always willing to listen to multiple takes on an issue so I read the article on that first link. It’s total bullshit.

      The author makes the claim that our debt is perfectly balanced by assets. That’s not true any more than if you have a personal $30,000 credit card liability that you own $30,000 in assets. Sure, if you racked up that credit card debt on something that maintains its value… but who does that?

      People rack up debt mostly on quickly depreciating assets like iPhones and cars or totally depleted assets like meals and entertainment. The money spent is mostly gone forever.

      The same is true with the Federal Government. Spending billions on food stamp and other social welfare programs doesn’t leave you with positives on the balance sheet, only debt. Any non-depreciated residual benefit of social welfare spending is pretty minimal.

      Apart from that, ask Greece about how they were able to liquidate their assets to pay off their debt… or Detroit. That line of thinking doesn’t work so well then, does it?

      1. The view that you have is incorrect and does not apply to the US federal money system. The U.S. federal government is a “monetary sovereign” – it creates or issues its’ own currency. Greece (using the Euro) and Detroit (a local government) are currency users, they do not issue their own currency – there is a big difference in how they operate monetarily and fund their operations. I implore to you to learn more about MMT because it applies to our money system. Austrian Economics is out of paradigm and inapplicable for our current dollar system (we are not on a gold standard anymore, and our government fiat money system has much more flexibility). Please google: Prof. Stephanie Kelton, Pro. Randall Wray, Warren Mosler, Mike Norman, Modern Monetary Theory (MMT).

        I really wish Mark Levin would learn about MMT, he is terribly misguided and uneducated about economics. There are too many misconceptions about economics and how our money system functions in the general public.

        1. Yes, I agree that we have more flexibility and that there aren’t the hard limits experienced by users of currency.

          That said, fiat currency is only as good as international belief in its value. The debt from fiat currency is not free and it is not without extraordinary danger. Its biggest advantage is also its biggest weakness — it’s not backed by anything that we could liquidate to pay off debts. I looked at the other links you posted and they’re all fundamentally flawed in thinking that we have some sort of free ride. We don’t.

          It’s foolish to think that fiat currencies are going to protect us when the world decides that the US dollar is a bad investment because of its debt level, quantitative easing, and a decline in America’s prospects.

          When that happens, the dollar will plummet. Interest rates on homes and businesses will skyrocket. Countless trillions of value in the US will be permanently destroyed. Levin’s caution and warnings are more than warranted even if he doesn’t take the time to go into the arguments you’re making.

          You should really be questioning your trust in Mike Norman’s flawed logic and understanding of econ more than you should be worried that Levin is urging that we be a hell of a lot more cautious taking on so much debt.

          1. From your post, you misunderstand MMT. The “free ride” misconception is a very common, intellectually lazy and misguided criticism of MMT.

            Have you even read Warren Mosler’s work?, Prof. Stephanie Kelton’s, Randall Wray’s works?

            1. I will look into MMT more to understand it, but I have to say that Mike Norman’s logic so far is heavily flawed — see my statements above regarding his claim that our debt is balanced by credit/assets. That’s simply untrue.

                1. Yikes, I just watched the youtube video. That guy sounded just like some of the folks in the 1990’s who were telling everyone that tech companies that never turned a profit would continue to see increasing stock prices. Since that was the medium term trend, people believed it. Books were sold, pundits of the “new economy” got a lot of television time, everything seemed rosy.

                  Eventually, reality set back in and the bubble burst.

                  The reason why interest rates have not surged due to QEx and other policies is that our economy’s performance is relative to the rest of the world to a degree. It’s foolish to think, though, that this medium term trend will continue forever.

                  These medium term trends that eventually collapse are called “bubbles”. Sooner or later, this bubble will burst too. When it does, it will be a disaster. Managing your debt so that your outflow matches your inflow is just common sense. Anyone who says otherwise is selling something.

            2. No, but I’ve read The Creature from Jekyll Island and it doesn’t paint a pretty picture of “flexible monetary policy or fiat currency”. However, I will take a look at your book references.

          2. “when the world decides that the US dollar is a bad investment”
            It seems bizarre to try do address this issue in ways that convince the world that the US dollar is a bad investment. We aren’t going back to the gold standard, so political maneuvers that cause grief to international investors in the dollar are, by definition, harmful to the U.S.; far more harmful than additional debt or a reworking of the healthcare system.

            1. In a vacuum where there were no other problems, maybe… it seems even more bizarre to NEVER address this issue and instead pursue debt levels of historic magnitudes while also stifling economic growth with giveaway social programs that are demonstrably destroying the businesses that could maybe fuel the economic engine to make those programs even remotely feasible.

              Jeeez, the Sequester wasn’t even a real cut and the Obama administration squealed like a stuck pig while attempting to exert maximum pain in a heavy-handed political move only outdone by the unnecessary park shut-downs they pulled with the recent government funding impasse.

              When exactly are the adults supposed to get control of the runaway credit cards in such a way that won’t scare the rest of the world that we’re acting responsibly? If it’s bad to try to do so now, it will only be worse later when the debt exceeds $20 trillion.

              1. Our debt-to-GDP ratio is not unprecedented. Everyone agrees that there is a long-term debt issue, especially when factoring in what we all know is happening with entitlements (baby boomers, etc.). With that said, it’s not that hard to see why the debt is suddenly growing so fast. When you cut taxes in order to cause an economic expansion — something plenty of people said was not a reasonable expected result — and instead get an economic collapse, it’s not hard to do simple math and see why receipts no longer keep up with expenditures.

                We had a higher debt-to-GDP ratio after World War II and government had a fair amount of positive contributions to cleaning that up after it was done. Like it or not, the federal government is a major player in our economy; whether or not that is a good thing in the long term is up for debate, but it should be simple enough to see why you don’t just pull the rug out from under its involvement and cause another bout of contraction in the economy.

                Decrease defense spending. Reform entitlements. Address healthcare costs (not just the insurance industry like the ACA). Keep federal spending in areas where it contributes positively to the GDP and employment, bump taxes back up to appropriate levels where appropriate (higher income brackets, capital gains).

                Is anyone really shocked that the debt is growing when you cut taxes and increase spending during a time of economic contraction? If history doesn’t show that cutting taxes is a silver bullet to growth, then why is it still such a centerpiece of deficit/debt reduction?

                1. You are correct, after WWII, there was a very brief spike in debt-to-GDP ratio that exceeded the current one… but this is completely different. That spike was a one time occurrence because of a massive war occurring when the nation was also just coming out of economic contraction. Due to the destruction in Europe and Asia as well as a technological and product boom in the US, we were able to pull back quickly from those debt levels.

                  This time, the debt is built into the infrastructure. This time there will be no breakout period for America like the 50s were. Much of the rest of the world has caught up to our ability to produce. The safety net of our dominance is gone.

                  “When you cut taxes in order to cause an economic expansion”…

                  You seem too smart to not realize that revenue from taxation is not a linear function. It’s a curve with non-trivial behaviors. You don’t want it too high or too low and many factors should influence where they are set. I would argue that tax levels are at historic averages now and shouldn’t be raised. Overall tax and tax-like burdens (regulations) are actually very high. Even Keynes would have been against our debt levels and against raising taxes during difficult economic times ( )

                  “Decrease defense spending. Reform entitlements. Address healthcare costs (not just the insurance industry like the ACA).”

                  Hell, we pretty much agree there. Exactly who on the Left is promoting this agenda and when are they going to do anything about it? I don’t see anyone doing that. I see the President and the Democrats in Congress doing the opposite. The only people I see actually doing anything about some of those things is the much maligned Tea Party.

                2. I absolutely understand that revenue from taxation is not a linear function, but I would argue that the tax rates are not nearly high enough to be near the point at which an increase would result in a reduction of revenue (at the point of equilibrium on the laffer curve for example). It seems to me that moderate adjustments (3 or 4 points, about the same size of the Bush tax cuts) could make a decent dent in the deficit without causing major dips in the economy.

                  Also, I would argue that the difficult economic times are not being shouldered by those at the rates I’m talking about raising. Those paying mostly capital gains or income tax in the top 2 brackets are doing great while everyone else is hurting. We are seeing corporate profits soaring and the stock market booming with very little positive effect on hiring; if increased hiring isn’t the natural benefit from lower tax rates on those at the top, how can the economic woes of those at the bottom be used to justify those rates?

                  Decreased defense spending has been a liberal rallying cry for a long time; it is blocked by establishment Republicans at every turn and their power to do so is only maintained through a coalition with tea party types. Obama has put a lot out there on entitlement reform, but needs some partners in the legislature to gain some traction; it seems like all he ever gets back are non-starters from Paul Ryan. Many of the healthcare cost controls proposed for the ACA were considered non-starters by the right because they are considered interferences in the free-market.

                  I’m not proposing going back to 90% top bracket tax rates, but adjusting up by a few percentage points for those who are making all the money while showing no willingness to actually hire and improve the standing of those in the lower brackets seems like a reasonable step.

    2. Are you for real, or just being sarcastic? Are you serious? That would be scary. Equals? Brian, “public federal government debt” DESTROYS “private personal assets”.

  1. The Republicans will lose big in 2014. They act like Demonrats and the RINO Party will be destroyed. Chase Bank is limiting withdrawals and other banks will follow. You might want to consider getting some cash ASAP! Obama won, the Constitutional Republic is dead. The HOUSE has been neutered.

  2. Obama got about everything he wanted. Plenty of bribe money. McConnell gets billions for Kentucky, which he will use to bribe voters in 2014. I am moving to the Libertarians.

  3. I’m no political genius, but even I knew that’s what Obama is doing. Heck, that’s what the Rats do every time someone tried to reform any program!

  4. Half a loaf there, Mark. One should add that the reason the power of the purse was invested in the House was to have the branch closest to the people and in tune with them to run or refuse to run parts of government as they saw fit. When the executive usurps that power it devolves to one man, the most insulated branch, from the people. We become a defacto monarchy. Obama has learned how to get anything, anytime he wants, now. The founders expected each branch to jealously guard (their words) their powers and prerogatives. The House just folded. This turned into a pure constitutional crisis with the ACA, CR and debt limit mere props in the scene. Having failed to do their constitutional duty, the House Republicans are, till the next session, illegitimate.

  5. ~~ Rabbi Daniel Lapin says:
    I would really much rather live among people, all of whom are trying to
    make lots of money by coming up with goods and services that could
    enhance my life than among people seeking power over me and my wallet
    through politics, even though they euphemistically term it “public
    service” Their ‘public service’ invariably involves:
    (1) Taking more of my hard-earned money
    (2) Explaining how much more good they’ll achieve with my money than I could do myself,
    (3) Making sure that a good portion of the money they confiscate from me to “do good” sticks to them.
    I choose the private sector.

    1. No, the book of Revlation actually gives a much more vivid and horrifying picture of destruction than what we are seeing today. THIS AINT NOTHING YET.

      1. I realize that as I shudder in my spirit. I was remarking on how it is taking shape. I’d say it is the beginning, but I believe our fate was sealed the day this nation told God to exit stage left.

        1. That was the day the Democrats booed at their convention when ask if God should be allowed into their platform.

  6. Wow, that was a great speech by McClintock. Question is, how do we stop it? How can Congress stop it? Obama is usurping Congressional power and it’s a lose/lose situation. If we hold strong, Obama obliterates the Constitution by not servicing the debt and putting a hatchet in the nation’s back. If we cave, Obama wins and successfully rewrites the Constitution by usurping power and eliminating Congressional power over the purse and giving it to the executive branch. Obama should be impeached for violating the Constitution either way, but he won’t be and the Republicans will be the ones put on trial in the media.

    I don’t know what to do now….or what I want Congress to do. Advice please.

    1. Same question! But it would seem that all the bad scenarios can only come to pass if allowed. There are so few fighting for us, and it feels like we just got our butt handed to us, doesn’t it? Bad day, we really took a hit!

      1. Yes and no. We took a big hit today, but when people get slapped upside the head with Obamacare being nothing like they were promised, they won’t be very happy about it. For the middle class it’s much higher insurance rates and deductibles, and for the lower end (and young adults) it’s going to be having to pay the fines because they still won’t want to purchase insurance on 25 work hours a week.

        We can still benefit from this before the elections when people remember who tried to prevent them from getting screwed over. Or am I dreaming?

        1. Anybody think that Dems purposely “glitched” the ACA system for fear of millions of Americans would be furious about the costs and rise up against all politicians over Obamacare before the CR was passed and the Debt Ceiling was raised?

          1. I don’t think so. It think it was designed to fail but destroy the private insurance industry. It will pave the way for a single payer. I don’t believe they intended for the initial shock factors to be so bad, as opposed to a gradual tightening of the screws over ten years or so.

    2. the servicing of the debt isnt happening it can’t we arent on the gold standard we pay out in inflation….all taxes go to the fed and the big banks the big fascist banks that run the Ofuhrer pretty much out in the open

  7. Our Government, Congress, The Courts and Oval Office are all LOST !
    A Peoples’ Revolt is Required to Recover what has been Stolen by Obama.
    Next: Your 401 K, Your Savings, Your GUNS, Your Property and Yourself.

    The King has been able to regain a Kingdom in America, as never before.

    Soon, your EBT Card or Monsanto UPC Tattoo on your hand is all you’ll need.

    III % of us will be else where, ready, willing and able to start on the road back.

    See you at FEMA CAMP ! ….(not)

  8. Ever since Obama uttered the words “spread the wealth” on the campaign trail. Since then, on a daily basis, my ears and mind have been assaulted with evidence of his tell tale signs of his desire to dismantle the Constitution.

    Obama’s tyranny is growing at a rapid pace…it is now more visible and in your face confrontational! Alinsky is the play book. The former party called Democrats and LMSM are now entrenched Socialist’s doing the bidding of Obama.

    I saw a car bumper sticker today…”Democrats cleaning up after Republicans since 1932″, needless to say I had to restrain my Ford Explorer.

    Kudos to Rep McClintock, amazing Constitutional clarity, coming from of all places California. Mark Levin is our Constitutional leader, he is a God send and a much needed inspiration to American patriots!!

    1. “Democrats cleaning up after Republicans since 1932”

      And what was the bumper sticker beneath… Projection is Us?

      1. Haha… only that one!…I only happened to see it and had a hard time reading it. The largest lettering was Democrats! It is amazing because most people are fearful of bumper sticker rage around these parts!!

        1. Bumper sticker rage! I have bumper sticker fear everyday. Mine simply states in bold black type: OBAMA ISN’T WORKING. But the only comments I’ve had… far, are people asking me where I got it so they can get one too.

          1. I am in the North metro Atlanta area….you can never predict what kinda of kook you will encounter…very few bumper stickers…mostly Obama ones…cause they are crazy to start with!

              1. I lived in CT for 26 years, all my immediate family is still there. My husband is a CT native, then we transferred to the South. Where I am originally from. USA has become a transient nation.

                I can not believe the original Constitutional states are now complete Socialist Progressive bastions….traitors. When you experience the historical New England is hard to believe they can deny the Constitution so easily.

        1. I forgot to look at the make and model….it was not a beater that is for sure. A yuppie Librat!

    2. Obama’s tyranny is rapidly growing, that’s for sure. Three more years. At this rate we won’t make it two.

      1. Obama the tyrant is emboldened! If he speaks I hope every American that loves the Constitution will turn off the tv.

          1. My mute button is worn to a nub….as the Obama atrocities grow so does my intolerance to his voice or anyone that supports him. I think we should have a media blackout day or week, as an organized protest…bet they would sit up and take notice!

    3. Democrats causing stock market bubbles and depressions since 1919 and currently the big kahuna total annhilation and genocide

      1. I agree. FDR the New Deal, LBJ and the Great Society, Bill Clinton and a Mortgage in every pot..whether you can afford it or not….and now Obamacare and Amnesty for illegals and wide open borders.

  9. On a disappointing day, I believe this video of Reagan will encourage all that the lost of a major battle does not mean we’ve lost the war:

    Reagan Warned Us About Obama

    1. I love that video and I so so SO much wish we had Reagan leading us now. I would love to see him square off against Obama and the liberal rhetoric and lies.

  10. So I guess we’ll all just ignore the fact that this is a non-starter in the Senate as well? We should also pretend that the President isn’t granted veto power by the Constitution? Obama is getting everything he wants? You do realize that the actual matter at hand, the budget numbers, are nothing close to what Obama wants, right? You guys could make more of an impact if you weren’t living in some strange alternate dimension.

    1. Obama wants to collapse our dollar into the cashless bureaucracy he almost has in place so that Exceptionalism dies and You are controlled. I think he’s doing a great job, of that much. Just hope his minions pick a good career for my 1st grader. With her patriotic and independent attitude, might be floor sweeper at the mosque.

      1. Absolutely absurd. You do realize that a failure to deal with the debt ceiling would do far more harm to the dollar than the EXTREMELY slow inflation you guys are so alarmed about? The dollar will only collapse when international faith in it does and it’s the conservatives that are doing everything they can to make that happen.

        1. You mean republicans. If Conservatives were in charge, we’d be building oil refineries and creating enough jobs to employ the western hemisphere,

          As far as Obama goes, the comedy may be absurd, but he is following the Cloward & Piven model. The USA is cranking out $87B a month in baseless money. We’re a 1.5Trillion in the hole every year with no budget. I’d say Int’l “faith” in the dollar is at an all time low, for good reason.

          What is it you are advocating? We are headed in the wrong direction.

          1. Now see what you went and did??? You talked common sense and thru in convincing FACTS…that scares the bird crap out of people like decayo and all other fascists.

          1. You guys are all a bunch of geniuses. I can tell from your extremely intelligent replies. demoRATS? I get it! It’s like democrat, but instead you imply they are rats! That is hilarious. My 4 year old is in absolute stitches.

    1. And the winning hand gains power and control…forget fair and square, honesty, integrity, morality and love of country …..winning by lying, and hooks and crooks!

  11. I listen to Mark every night. He “teaches.” Things I had forgotten, he never will forget. There isn’t another host on radio who “teaches.” He is a national treasure.

  12. I was “chauffeuring” last evening and heard Mark Levin comment on this. I was
    so enthralled that I drove around the block a few times so I could listen to the complete point he was making.
    All I can say is “conservatives, hold the line!” Our day is coming (election 2014 and beyond) and I hope the country can hold on until then.

  13. Who will be the next George Washington? Who will lead us against tyranny?

    “Let us separate, they are unworthy to be our Brethren. Let us renounce
    them and instead of supplications as formerly for their prosperity and
    happiness, Let us beseech the almighty to blast their councils and bring
    to Nought all their devices.”

  14. The RINO Senate minority and RINO house leadership are equally responsible. They need to be punished with election defeat.

  15. Obama is like the wolf who just ham strung a moose. As the wolf does, he will eat his prey while still alive. We are now closer then ever to a total take over by the progressive commies, led by the head commie himself. As Levin says, this is a coup. And unless it is stopped in its tracks RIGHT NOW we become the moose with only minutes left to live.

  16. George Soros is already counting the return on his investment, through the destruction of the US economy and that nasty Constitution, which has always stood in his way. He paid his establishment sheep well, and with others, hand picked, Barack Hussein Obama to do the evil deed.

  17. So, here we are. The fight must go on. We’ve been working for everything that we’ve blessed with, and we’ve come a long way fighting even after our forefathers stopped sending tax to the Brits. No other nation on earth the I can see could ever match the marvelous wonderful blessings America has been blessed with. It is that way for a reason, although many have attempted reversing the rudder through ideals and freaking weird power trip beliefs.

    I’m encouraged to stand together with these warriors, Capt. Cruz, Paul, Lee, Palin and the many even here on Scoop and I wonder, if this is the Devil’s and gang best shot at God and Constitution, Freedom loving God’s Images !
    Many battle fronts we are engaged into, we may sadly have fallen soldiers by the way side, nevertheless there is a war to conquer. Let’s have butter and stake for Christmas.
    Thank you Mark and for all that hold up the SUN so we can spot all freaking demons around. In God We Trust.

  18. Thank you Scoop for staying on top of all current event taking place in our nation. Vast info. and deep dig into all facts that matters that affects our everyday lives.
    Thanks for working hard .

  19. Levin is correct about the real issue as usual. Unfortunately only the true conservatives understand this, i.e. Palin, Cruz, Lee, etc.

  20. We have entered the Constitutional Crisis… We have entered the time of loss and war… Americans MUST take the Stand we have been talking about… We must REMOVE Obama if we are to survive…. IT WILL BE THEWINTER OF OUR DISCONTENT… but we must save our Country!

      1. But it will never happen. All we hear is talk about saving our country, but never any true action. Congress will never pass Obama’s impeachment, if it ever comes to that.

    1. These “articles” Mr Levin is discussing was BEFORE the Federal Reserve Bank was implemented……and no longer applies…..

      It’s THEIR money…….not “ours” as Mr Levin would have you believe…… Even the Rebbe new this…..and planned on it before his passing. It’s a “World Currency” and they do as THEY see fit. It has NOTHING to do with Congress ANYMORE.

      This is the “dirty little secret” in the room nobody is talking about……

  21. I became a Republican in 2011 to vote in my state’s primary. Then the GOP allowed us only the other guy who was also for government run healthcare, cap and tax, anti-gun, etc., etc., etc. . . .

    Talk is cheap, and a politician’s talk is worthless. Regarding what they’ve done when they had political power, there was no difference between O and MR, except that one made me ashamed to be a Republican.

    So I’m not a Republican anymore.

    I’ll become a Republican again to vote for a Palin, Cruz, Lee, Paul, or other patriot, but if the GOP forces another progressive as our Republican ‘choice’, I’m voting third party or Democrat.
    It’s the only was to stop this ‘progressive’ advance, and save and restore our Constitutional Republic.

    1. You say all this and then say you might vote Democrat? I don’t know ANY Democrat that has not voted for any of the socialist crap coming out of this administration.

      1. A progressive Dem voting progressive is bad.
        A progressive GOP voting progressive is worse.
        We must either take the GOP from the progressives, or have a third party. When the GOPe is weak is when we have the best chance of doing this.
        So I will not vote for a progressive Republican, and will vote to defeat one.

        1. See right there is the flaw in your logic. Progressive Republican is not worse it is the same. Not voting sends a message to both parties about what they put up as candidates.

          Often times what is not said speaks volumes just as inaction can often be action.

          1. If the old progressives with a power base keep getting re-elected it diminishes or renders nugatory any conservative challenge. Vote Dem, get them out and rebuild. No flaw whatsoever. The flaw is you folks rationalizing a failed strategy.

            1. How in the hell can one rebuild with voting in a communist who doesn’t give a crap about what you want or think??? Are you asleep? Have you not noticed that most of the country, Democrats included, don’t want Obamacare but got it anyway regardless?!

              You are patently absurd. Republicans will never ever reform if the message you send is “elect Democrats and be more like Democrats” and voting Democrat does exactly that!!! Republicans then think you like the message the Democrats put out and then adopt that message. You seem to think they can read your mind about ‘cleaning house’. Stunning!!! The only thing they see is you voted Democrat…THAT’S IT!!! Nothing more, nothing less. You vote Democrat then you are a Democrat and agree with the message. It’s that simple.

              Your strategy is the one that is flawed and has failed over and over again. I see the enemy and it is YOU!

              1. Engaging in irrational ranting does not advance anything. As I said we have different views and strategies.

              2. ‘The enemy is YOU?’ Now you’ve gone too far. We want the same things but we are trying to float ideas that will work to save this nation. Attacking with statements like that is not only unproductive, but very destructive. You could be right, but maybe not….only God knows. We need to ask Him fervently and faithfully how to save this great nation.

                1. Save your lectures. I stand by my post. If people on both sides of the aisle are going to be stupid then I will say so. I do not discriminate or give free passes to our side of the aisle.

                  And quite frankly voting Democrat makes one the opposite side of the aisle for whatever the reason or circular logic they use.

                2. I don’t completely disagree with you, I’m considering what you are
                  saying, but I happen to have a different point of view.

                  By the way,
                  having a different point of view in the DEMOCRATIC party makes you an

              3. I like your common sense response. Perhaps you will convert those that are either short sighted or as my grandmother used to say want to “throw the baby out with the bath water!”

              4. I haven’t decided how I personally will vote for/against the RINO here where I live, but:
                1. The “lesser of evils” strategy you’re promoting is common and what arguably got us here in the first place.
                2. Voting in the Dem for one cycle may seem counter-intuitive, but if it gets some fresh conservative blood in there the cycle afterward, then it may be worth it.
                3. Your insults to people looking to break us out of the bad RINO pattern we’re in are unhelpful and cast a shadow on your credibility.

                1. I have insulted no one and your logic…well it isn’t logic…has never worked nor will it ever work. Once in office it is very difficult to get them out.

                  Your last point casts a shadow on YOUR credibility. Disagree if you must, that is fine. But don’t try childish tactics of accusations on me and expect it to work. There is only one group in America that does that…Progressives. It’s called deflection and redirection.

                  As one who has done this for a living, I guarantee you voting Democrat sends one singular message to Republicans and that is: Moderate or stay in the wilderness. And that is the current message they have right now. What in the hell do you think the re-election of Obama got you? Do you see them being conservative or caving into Obama currently?!!! What conservatism have you seen come out of GOP or GOP leadership with the re-election of Obama? Please enlighten me. I want detailed points.

                  For whatever reason you guys seem to think they can read your mind and your goofy osmosis code voting. You want a conservative in office? Then you do that by voting conservative and that includes recruiting and nominating as well. Learn the system before you lecture me on strategy. As I said earlier…been there and done that…got the t-shirt.

                2. “I have insulted no one”

                  See, there you go with an obviously untrue statement from the beginning. A quick look above shows that you throw out insults in almost every post:

                  “You are patently absurd”
                  “Are you asleep?”
                  “I see the enemy and it is YOU!”

                  How is anyone supposed to take comments from you like, “As one who has done this for a living”? Based upon the integrity and abrasiveness demonstrated above and elsewhere, I really doubt you know much of anything about strategy or campaigning.

                3. If that is an insult then you are an ignoramus. If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen as well.

                  I don’t really care about your doubts. I have in the past worked campaigns so you can take it or leave it. I don’t really care one or another. Your doubts make no difference and are of no value to me one way or another.

                  See the real problem here is the boneheaded idea to vote Democrat to get a conservative. It’s ridiculous and you are deflecting from that.

                  What I find absolutely hilarious is your hypocrisy since you did post this: ” It’s total bullshit.” I think Brian would find that ‘insulting’. Physician heal thyself or if you prefer “Take the plank out of thine own eye before examining the splinter in mine”.

                  If you are going to deflect and misdirect like the left you had better get better at it.

                4. “If that is an insult then you are an ignoramus. If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen as well.”

                  So now you’re redefining insults and trying to insult me in the process. Smooth.

                  “I have in the past worked campaigns so you can take it or leave it.”

                  Answering calls in a phone bank or putting signs in your yard don’t qualify for the kind of campaign credibility you claim to have but don’t demonstrate.

                  If you had any real experience, you’d know better than to act like this in a public forum. Actually, you’d probably have better campaign things to do than argue with me here.

                5. Act like what? You? I didn’t redefine any insult…YOU DID! Then you went on to hurl insults at others while complaining. You then conveniently ignored that. STUNNING!

                  And it doesn’t matter because you still deflecting from the point.

                  You have a cockamamie idea about voting Democrat and don’t like that I challenged you on it.

                  Tough. You go right ahead and vote Democrat. Reap what you sow. It’s not like I can stop you regardless.

                  I do like that you admit that you are an ignoramus though. Yep that is a burn and an insult…FANCY THAT!!!! OMG! CALL THE WORD POLICE!!

            2. Let me see if I understand you here. What you are saying is if the GOP puts up a progressive candidate against a Dem candidate, one should just either vote 3rd party or for the Dem so that the GOP progressive cannot win?

              1. Yep. A progressive GOP is worse than a progressive Dem. They both vote the same – just as bad – but one adds ‘bipartisanship’ and legitimacy to a bill. And a Rino is blocking, or taking the place of, a true constitutional patriot Republican.

          2. progressive republicans are worse because they run on one issue to get elected, then vote against what they ran on.
            At least with a democrat, you know what you are getting.
            To their detriment, republicans and like-minded people, like us, are attacking each other. Do you see dems doing this?
            Ronald Reagan was right..never say anything against a fellow republican…because, duh….the dems will do it for you.

            1. Ronald Reagan would of gotten a conservative on the ticket or marginalized a progressive into conformity but Reagan never ever had the likes of the Democrats we have today in huge numbers. He just might of not voted himself but the best we can do is speculate on Reagan.

              I won’t be blackmailed into not criticizing lunacy because it comes from our side of the aisle.

              Are you a hypocrite or have you been completely silent on McConnell, Boehner, and the rest of the RINO progressive leadership? Shall I search your posts? Really what are doing blogging if you aren’t ‘criticizing or giving an opinion on a topic? Unless you have been completely silent then you are a hypocrite.
              And I hate to tell ya dear Reagan did criticize our side. My Uncle worked for him for three decades. I worked on both of his presidential campaigns. Remember he bucked the establishment big time when he challenged the Republican hierarchy in 1964 with Goldwater and again in 1976 at the Republican National Convention against Ford. He might of done it differently but he still did it. These are different times and different people to say the least. Who knows what Reagan would of done with the internet which he didn’t have. His son Michael criticizes Republicans quite a bit and I agree with him. Michael has used the internet as well as radio to great advantage.

              1. Blackmail? Hypocrite? Marginalized? Lunacy?

                This is the language and the anger of the left.

                Search my posts all you want. I certainly gave you my opinions….what makes you feel you have to ”search my posts for opinions?” Knock yourself out.

                1. You are scraping bottom and far too defensive for someone who is supposedly so pure and wise…Try reading my post again and comprehending as to why I would search your posts. You are a hypocrite.

                  You bet I am angry and with good reason. Who do you think you are to tell me I can’t criticize someone from this side of the aisle or even imply such a thing?! If something or someone is criticism worthy then their political bent has little to do with it. I believe in equality of the masses and political persuasion…so yeah no immunity for the right side of the aisle. You pulled out the Reagan card and thought to silence my free speech with it. You are fooling no one with your blustering ‘language of the left’ garbage.

                  Game, set, and match. Thanks for playing.

          3. Progressive Republican is not worse it is the same.

            No it’s not the same, it’s worse, far worse.

            We all know what the Dems stand for, they do not hide it.

            On the other hand, the RINOs pretend to be on your side, while screwing you each time they can with their real (progressive) agenda.

            IOW: facing an enemy is much easier than dealing with a traitor in your camp.

            Bill is right: Purge!

            1. Yeah whatever.

              A Progressive is a Progressive is a Progressive. Just as a communist is a communist. A dog is a dog. a cat is a cat.

              And I hate to tell you Dems do hide it. You just don’t pay attention.

              You go ahead and be Democrat and vote Democrat. It’s still a free for country for now…but remember that Democrat you vote in to punish that Progressive Republican just might be the one that takes it all away.

              Oh and how did it work out for all of those Republicans that voted for Obama? Has he moderated? Kept his promises that he campaigned on? You did say after all you know what you are getting with Democrats…so show me where he kept his promises. BTW…do a search. I put up a blog post on this site about how many promises Obama has broken…315 and counting…but you go ahead and tell me again we all know what we are getting with a Democrat because from where I’m sitting there are over 95 million people that don’t know.

              1. You don’t get it. And NO, it’s not the same, and it’s your logic that is flawed, not Bill’s. You you don’t see the difference between an enemy and a traitor? Prepare yourself to lay down and think about England eight days a week.

                Most of us know and understand that a third party option will imply several election defeats before it can get stronger.

                There is another way, as I wrote yesterday, to get to the point we all want (a Conservative GOP): once a Conservative has been beaten in a primary, go against the Rino in the General, end of story. It’s not a spiteful choice, it’s a tactical one: it’s crucial that these guys don’t come back to Congress.

                Second: what the heck with these “Obama’s promises”? Are you kidding me? Of course he’s lying, and it’s by design, even the Left knows it.

                Do you think that if he had told the truth about what he really wanted, he would have been elected? And by the way, the result, when he “breaks his promises”, is far more progressive than expected.

                Which is his point anyway.

                1. Blah, blah, blah. It won’t work and never has. You keep dreaming that ridiculous strategy and dream though.

                  You vote Democrat then you are Democrat approved.

                2. Well it is certainly more impressive than your argument or actually coming in the middle of an argument and expecting me to rehash the same old tired stupid crap you put forth again and again….which is exactly what you did.

                  Go vote to cut off your nose so we can all ridicule you.

                3. actually coming in the middle of an argument

                  LOL. You’re not in your living room, you’re on a public talkback. Hello.

                  And your “old tired stupid crap” didn’t impress me either.

                4. Public talk back? English your second language per chance? Do you mean a public forum per chance? Yeah I am on a public forum but that doesn’t excuse from not reading the thread and coming in the middle.

                  If you want to catch up read the thread then add anything new you might have go then ahead. So far you have added nothing of any value. Nothing is a reflection of your idea as well…nothing will come of it except electing Commie Democrats and judging by your avatar, if you really do support Israel, I would suggest you do not vote Democrat. Democrats love Islam and Palestinians.

                  Now unless you have something to add that is of merit stop bothering me with your ignorance.

                5. For the record, a talkback is exactly what we are using here.

                  And is synonymous to ‘discussion board’ or ‘forum’.

                  So now you’re a little less ignorant 🙂

      1. I disagree. If we always bow to what the GOPe allows us, then we will always have a progressive government and our Republic is lost.
        We must show them we are not sheep.

        We need to beat the bastards anyway we can, even if it makes it harder in our short time, for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

          1. What does ‘circular firing squad’ have to do with it? Nothing. It is called cleaning house rather than engaging in wishful and delusional thinking.

            1. Since when does cleaning house involve dragging the trash back in???!!!

              And apparently you don’t understand ‘circular firing squad’ either…

              You go right ahead and be stupid by doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. Be my guest. Vote that Democrat communist in and soon you won’t be allowed the freedom to be foolish.

              1. You are wrong. We disagree. I see hopeful signs that conservatives in sufficient numbers are now seeing that the only solution is to rid the party and more importantly Congress of these losers. You have your strategy, fortunately we have ours.

                1. Yeah and your strategy has never worked and I guarantee you that people like me are numerous and will pound those like you.

                  You are also a hypocrite.

                  No wonder this country is a mess. Stupid politicians are a direct reflection.

                2. This strategy has never been applied. We always vote for the ‘lesser evil’ the GOPe allows us. And most of us swear we’ll never do that again and in 4 years we’ll vote for someone good. And then the GOPe hands us another ‘lesser evil’ . . . repeat, repeat, repeat . . .
                  We have to break the pattern, or the Republic is lost.

                3. Yes it has. Plenty have done it. I know you like to think it is new and you are unique but I hate to tell ya it’s been done. the only message they will get is “You voted for me therefore YOU approve of ME and MY AGENDA!”

                  There are only so many plausible strategies and yours is nothing new. Neither is mine. 3 million stayed home last election…the number will increase. I’m actually considering starting a votecott website.

                4. Laurel – Stop with the insults. We disagree on how to save our Republic, but all here want to save it. You may be right; I may be wrong, but insulting each other is not how we beat our common enemy, but how we lose. United we stand.

                  Scripture says to pray for wisdom if we want it. I pray that God corrects us as needed, me and/or you, and we unite to restore our Republic.

                5. I didn’t insult. Calling things like I see them and disagreeing with someone is not an insult unless you are two.

                  I will not unite with circular logic. Not now or ever. I have been there, done that, got the t-shirt. I used to also disagree with NOT voting…but no longer so perhaps God did give me some wisdom after all.

                6. Yes you did insult me. Called me names and even called me the enemy. My logic is sound. You disagree? – argue with me about the facts.
                  I’m not the enemy. One who divides patriots would be the enemy.

                7. No I didn’t. As per usual someone gets their clock cleaned and they whine and cry and invent crap about name calling etc.

                  It’s called deflection and distraction. You think it discredits the point or argument put forth because you have nothing else on your own that is of any value to add. You are scraping bottom. You ran out of ammo but are too proud to admit you are wrong so you deflect and distract. I have seen it a million times on a million different blogs on both sides of the aisle.

                  Take note that Cruz never used deflection or distraction in all of the arguments he made. Not once did I ever hear him cry about what was being said to him or about him. Really most don’t. Take a look at the most successful on either side of the aisle.

                  And as to insulting…I find your ignorance the most insulting of all. You got snippy right off of the bat then when that got tossed back in your lap you started whining.

                  But of course you are insulted. You have nothing else. And yes, if you vote Democrat you are a Democrat…you can add any other label you like from that since you like to put words in people’s mouths. That also is a deflection btw. Voting Democrat means you agree with Democrats. I didn’t divide anyone. I disagreed with you and a few others. Because I don’t walk in lockstep doesn’t make me divisive…it’s makes me a thinker! I won’t be bullied with stupid accusations into changing my mind either. You are using the same tactics and thinking the left uses. “You name call…you are divisive…” blah, blah, blah. Next up I will hear the tagline “Hater!” Or some stupid word with a prefix of ‘neo’ or ‘paleo’ and have ‘phobic’ attached to some sort of descriptor.

                  And GOP voting Democrat is as divisive as it gets so go ahead and be foolish. Make sure you proclaim that foolishness from the highest mountaintop. Just don’t be surprised when you get knocked off of said mountain but the bulk of us that are less than grateful.

                8. You keep pounding that drum but it is childish at best.

                  If you want to vote Democrat go ahead. See how it works out for you.

          2. It’s beating the traitors in our midst and giving us a chance of building a brand new party rapidly, without going third party.

            A third party will lose anyway (in the short term).

            1. No it’s ceding seats to Democrats that will never get voted out of office.

              Especially once they have a political office replete with voting power to amass fortunes and bribe voters with goodies.

      2. No, if the choice is between a McConnell and a Democrat, better to vote Democrat and get rid of McConnell. Just one example.

        1. Sorry but no it isn’t. I heartily disagree. McConnell can be made to conform at party level provided conservatives take over the party itself.

          Voting Democrat is cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s own face and is patently stupid at best.

              1. The only time that this takes place is election year for the Senator. The best example is one John McCain and of course Lindsey Graham. McCain did not get “Maverick” nickname because he fell into line with the conservative Senators.

                1. Yep and people continue to fall for it, however voting Democrat won’t fix what ails Republicans by any stretch either.

              2. See. I call those insults that add nothing to the conversation. We all want to restore our Republic.
                I aim now to disagree with you, without dividing us, because I believe you truly are a patriot. I maintain that the only thing worse than a progressive Dem that votes progressive, is a progressive Republican that votes progressive.
                The progressive Republican adds ‘bipartisanship’ and legitimacy to the progressive bills, besides other reasons why a prog GOP is worse.

                1. I don’t care what you call them. Take note who used the word ‘delusional’ first…or are you incapable of reading???!!!

                  Gimmicks won’t restore the Republic. Quite honestly short of Levin’s Constitutional Amendment process I think the Republic cannot be restored. We have more in unfunded liabilities than there is money in the world.

                  I think both are equally bad for the same reason and neither should be voted for because the end result is EXACTLY THE SAME. There is no difference between them so I choose neither.

                2. You insulted me first? Yes. And then I did not insult you at all. That would be non-productive.
                  We have the same goal with different ideas of how to best get there. Disagree with me if you want. But name calling should be left to the progressives. It adds nothing good.

                3. Please quit wasting my time. You have one foot nailed to the floor. In the real world you would gain nothing. First you don’t know what an insult is, you then like to make inferences because someone disagreed, then last you zero in on your nonexistent insults because you have nothing else.

                  Sorry but if you are so thinned skinned that disagreeing with you is insulting then I don’t know how you manage to get up and put one foot in front of the other. As I said you go ahead and sweep in the Democrats to power and see if your fellow conservatives thank you for the logic of it…or even call it logic. Make sure when you do to proclaim it from the highest mountain, post it on every conservative blog, put sign in front of your house.

                4. I think it better to vote Dem or third party over RINO. You think it better to vote RINO over third party or Dem. We both have our reasons, and a lot of time to discuss it.

                  I just don’t like the vague ‘circular firing squad’ type insults. I’m not executing anyone’s political career except for progressives in our corrupt government. I’m I the side of the Constitutional patriots.

                  I see the battle as DC vs The People, much more than any R vs D battle, which often seems like merely a show in order for it to look like we have divided government.

                  May the Lord guide both of us to the truth of what is best.

                5. No Bill! As I said you are not reading what I said to begin with. I will not vote either! As in NOT VOTE RINO, and never VOTE DEMOCRAT. Got it yet?!

                  What I am attacking is the circular logic of voting Democrat to get a conservative. That is absurd.

                  I suggest you go all the way back to the start and read what I wrote. Then learn what a real insult is because you are so stuck on that you are not comprehending what is written. Calling something absurd or ridiculous is not an insult…if you think so then don’t debate or blog. You are not cut out for it then.

                  I see your battle and agree but in reality it boils down to good vs. evil. the battle is much larger than you portray. The culture is in the sewer and deviancy keeps getting defined down further and further. Even as little as 20 years ago partial birth abortion and homosexual marriage would not have been considered. We wouldn’t have ‘reality’ tv shows celebrating polygamy, etc. Politics is a direct reflection of the culture. the serious lack of morality is manifesting itself in politics among other places.

          1. You are correct. They are only interested in getting reelected.
            They will bend every which way to get your vote and keep it.
            If they bend the opposite way (rino progressive, etc.) after being elected we need to storm their gates with phone calls,
            emails, etc. Then vote them out. It IS up to us.
            The people need to get strong and fight harder. It is nice to have leaders such as Cruz, etc., however, the bottom line is that it is up to the voters to force change.
            And from what I see many don’t care because of the govt. freebies or they are so involved in their own lives, they aren’t paying attention. There is no reason to ever vote for a democrat. Do you know ANY that can be trusted?

            1. No Amjean I don’t know any that can be trusted and I work with them. It’s sad but true. I wish I did for that matter because then I would have an alternative and one that isn’t a choice between bad and worse.

              Instead if need be I will choose ‘None of the Above’.

      3. I would rather crawl through 10 football fields of broken glass, swim through an ocean of muriatic acid & scale a mountain of shit then vore for a democrat!

        1. the democrats are terrorists and their nwo republican allies look at all these false flags to shape the herd

        1. I’m serious and I know there are quite a few that think voting Democrat gets them a conservative the next time around. I just don’t see any logic in that. We will be lucky to get a next time around since the Democrats have gone into communist overdrive.

          I will stay home first. At least that says ‘none of the above’.

  22. It’s really up to us the American people to take the Republic back from the politicians, and I might add….Corrupt Politicians at that !

  23. This was a very good program last night. If only all Americans could wrap their heads around the concept of what is taking place within our country.

    1. “If only all Americans could wrap their heads around the concept of what is taking place within our country.”

      I do agree and I wish they could, but…. I think this is much more than just a ‘crisis’ and something that will go away, or that we will work through in the next few months or years.

      In my view, God is trying to get the attention of HIS people because the Second Coming of Christ is at hand, and the Father wants HIS people to be ready… HE doesn’t want them sleeping!

      HE wants them to get into the Bible and study. To be open to the leading and teaching of the Holy Spirit and to be willing to share ‘Biblical truth’ with those who are in ‘spiritual darkness’.

      HE is longing for communication…and wants HIS people to pray. HE wants HIS people (which are those who love Him and obey Him…. “these are the ones who follow the Lamb wherever He goes.” Revelation 14:4) to have complete trust and faith in Him to do what is best.

      HE is STILL in control, afterall, HE is GOD!

      To many Christians forget…. this world is not our home. God will someday come and take HIS children home, and WE COULD BE THE GENERATION whom is living on this earth when it happens!

      Think about it.

      1. God just told me that he wants you to call your State senators and Reps and tell them to throw the bum out of our White House.

      2. You are absolutely right. God is in control. However, God helps those who help themselves. He expects us to pray and then get to work to save this country! We need a leader to show us the way. God can and will help us to recognize that leader, if we are faithful and prayerful.

          1. I think that is not a quote from the Bible, but it is implied many times. For instance, I recently read that God will ‘cooperate’ with us in one of Paul’s letters, but now I forget where.

            I just copied this the other day and apply it to us and our patriot leaders like Cruz, Lee, Paul, and Palin:

            The Lord makes firm the steps
            of the one who delights in him;
            though he may stumble, he will not fall,
            for the Lord upholds him with his hand. Ps 37:23,24

            1. God wants us to start moving forward and if we are moving in the right direction, he will illuminate the way for us. I know this to be true from personal experience. Ted Cruz will be lauded, eventually, for the ‘steps’ he has taken thus far.

              1. The question remains, what way is “forward”? The only illumination that is promised us is better understanding of His Word.

                1. Whatever direction you ”feel” is right is forward. We are given ‘personal’ inspiration, through the Holy Ghost, so we can navigate this treacherous world according to God’s will. A loving God would not leave us to our own devices if we truly desire to serve him.

            2. Yes, it does not come from the Bible nor is it implied for if that was the case, then a bank robber should be blessed by holding up a bank (helping themselves to the cash).

              According to the Scriptures the Lord graciously allows rain to be poured on both the righteous and evil. What has evil done to deserve such things?

                1. No where did you mention that God has to inspire someone. You seem to want to change your quote. Now you want to add some “clarification” to the statement which seems to me evidential that your quote is at best erroneous.

                2. My friend, I’m perplexed. It seems that you want to pick apart every word instead of looking to try to understand the broader intent of my heart.

                  God would not ”approve” of a man robbing a bank nor ”inspire” him to do so.
                  What is so erroneous about that? I truly don’t understand. I’d really like to, though.

                3. I have no desire to “pick apart” every word. I though do desire to defend the Scriptures and what they do actually say. As we understand, words are very important and we ought not state that something comes from the Bible when it does not.

                  The idea that God helps those who help themselves is given credit to Ben Franklin, not Scripture. I was trying to demonstrate the irrationality of such statement when actually put into practice, by selecting an outrageous example (hyperbole). It seemed to work since your response was one of “clarification”.

                  I agree that God would not approve of a person stealing, but then that would mean either a change in the quote, “God helps those who help themselves” or rejection of the quote. The hope is for the later to happen due to the unScriptural basis for it.

                  Ephesians 2:10 may be helpful in understanding this better. My most humble apologies for any confusion.

                4. Ah…there’s the misunderstanding…You stated, ”As we understand, words are very important and we *ought not state that something comes from the Bible when it does not.”*

                  **I happen to very much agree with that.**

                  Please read my post again. I never claimed that the statement ‘God helps those who help themselves’ came from the scriptures.

                  I simply made a statement predicated upon my general beliefs.

                  This was my original statement to sno-warrior to which you are referring:

                  ‘You are absolutely right. God is in control. However, God helps those
                  who help themselves. He expects us to pray and then get to work to save
                  this country! We need a leader to show us the way. God can and will
                  help us to recognize that leader, if we are faithful and prayerful.’

                  As you can see, I made no reference to scripture whatsoever in that statement. I am not one to argue religion, but facts are facts, and, the fact is that I did not claim that statement came from the scriptures. I hope that puts this to rest. We are on the same side.

                5. One exception, you actually believe that this is what God does. I asked where this is found in Scripture. I was given James 2 as the “groundwork”.

                  We would be in agreement if 1) the statement is patently false since there is no Scriptural support (which you seem to agree). 2) that the statement comes from Ben Franklin.

              1. Yes it is. “Faith” is an action word. You act, God cooperates. Of course for good, not for evil, like robbery.

                1. Really, Faith is so active that James stated that it is to be shown by doing good works? If faith was so active, why would James condemn the person who claimed that they just had faith?

                  It would seem that from Scripture, ” For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them”. (Eph 2:10 ESV) That we actually cooperate with what God already has prepared.

                2. I disagree. Faith is an action word. ‘By your faith you are saved.’ – always shown in an action.
                  I don’t want to argue with you about scripture here. May the Lord correct us as needed.

          2. What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have not WORKS? James 2:14

            In other words, Faith without works is dead or God helps those who help themselves.

            1. No, that is not what the text is speaking towards. The broader subject matter is regarding the relationship between faith and works not, God helps those who help themselves.

              1. You could be right….I could be right. Pray about that scripture and find out for yourself.
                I wouldn’t try to convince you of anything, my friend.

                1. I am sorry to be this bold but you are in error my friend. You will never find a passage that speaks to the very idea that God helps those who help themselves. The quote is credited to Benjamin Franklin, who is no true lover of Scripture.

        1. I don’t remember anywhere in Scripture where it says that
          “God helps those who help themselves”. Could you please show me the verse?

          My Bible tells me that God helps those “who trust in Him” and not in themselves.

          1. Hi, sno-warrior. God helps those who help themselves is not in the scriptures, I wasn’t quoting scripture, I was simply making a statement.

            Like Bill589 said, it is ‘implied’ in many places in the scriptures.

            For example, James 2:14 ‘What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have not WORKS?’

            It makes sense to me that if we have faith in God, but walk over an injured man in the street, will faith really be enough for approval from God? I think not.

            The story of the Good Samaritan is a perfect illustration of this point. He not only took the man to a place where he would be cared for, but he PAID for his care.

            That is what I believe God expects of us….to say our prayers, regularly, and then have the FAITH to get up and DO something that we feel we have been inspired to do.

            Also, David killed Goliath with a sling because he had faith that God would help him if he DID SOMETHING. And, as we all know, he did, with the only weapon he had…. a sling, a rock….. and his reliance on the Lord.

      3. Meh, pray all you want, but if God really was rewarding good behavior or strong religious belief then the Christian politicians would dominate and we wouldn’t see people in power like Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Reid, or even Boehner.

        Let’s face it: We’re on our own to fix this mess and you should be picking up the phone to call your congressperson rather than proselytizing.

        1. While prayer certainly changes things, action is what faith is more about. We do have to fix this, but God will cooperate with us as we act in faith to do his righteousness.
          I still believe our country is blessed, and if we act in faith, God will cooperate with restoring our Republic.

  24. Agree. This McConnell Reid deal today effectively will be followed by Boehner, Cantor, and Ryan caving in the House, and will mark the end of our Republic with fraudulent postponements and the imposition of the chokehold on us until we can’t breathe. Actually, we are there now.

  25. The White House Spite House palace guards aka. the Democrat Media Complex will NEVER EVER seriously allow discussion of the serious implications of Obama’s coup of the Constitution.

    Everything is going according to plan… the transformation is in full kit.


  27. Thank you Mr Levin. The US Congress have let themselves be shamelessly effectively neutered.
    I see the RINOS are now lining up on FOX News, Rove ETC, what a great deal.

      1. We! whose that we? you must have a mouse in your back pocket! lol ((-;

        We never give up, we’re still breathing and the sun still rises in the east.

      2. Ed, I understand. If King, Boehner, etc. ARE Republicans, than we must not be, and only are Republican In Name Only. But some of us are still fighting to take the name ‘Republican’ back. So we’re still calling the corrupt politicians RINOs, and fellow patriots like Cruz, Lee, and Paul are the true Republicans.

    1. RINO’s is starting to sound like too mild a name for these.

      Traitors seems much more appropriate.

      The Democrats and these unsurprising traitors, have literally teamed up to crush (they think) that which challenges and scares them most. The grass roots, also known as Tea Party Conservatives.

      It’s literally Us versus Them. Patriots versus Traitors. People versus Power.
      They don’t yet fully comprehend the inherent power in the people. Neither do some of US.

      P.S. May that power wash over them like a citizen tsunami.

  28. for the sake of America’s future, I hope the HOR continues to listen to their Constituents and not the BULLSCHMIDT spin about default coming from the Ruling Class and their LSM allies

    I think The HOR Republicans should take the SpiteHouse Phoney right up to the wire on Oct 17th, if he refuses to give a reprieve/waiver on the BULLSCHMIDT Obamacare trainwreck to *We The People* like he is giving to his Big Biz Cronies

    the HOR can have legislation written to explicitly release the funds which are required to service the National Debt for the next 30 days (51 billion $ out of monthly revenue of > 200 billion $)

    then force OBama to have that bill paid, or arrest him for DELIBERATELY attempting to send the country into default (go armed with the warrant from the Judicial branch – the debt-servicing bill must be paid FIRST, by law)

    btw, then bring in Biden – if he refuses, he too gets arrested, and Mr Speaker takes over, and pays that bill

    It can be done – the HOR controls the funds

    Oct 17 is the final deadline

    back the Phoney into a corner, if he will not negotiate

    get Cruz to look him in the face and tell him ——>>>> ‘it will happen, you FRAUD’ <<<<———-

    (I wish we could get Madame Steel Spine in there, 2 inches from his face, to quietly say those 5 words, in a menacing fashion)

    1. It seems the Senate is backstabbing the House deliberately. The House NEEDS to stand firm. The American people are crying out for this madness to end. Only the House has the power to end this madness, but the Lord must harden their hearts and make them stand firm and not cave to the Senate.

      Here I am praying for a miracle.

      1. I think it’s more of an arranged set up by RINOs and both House and Senate with the Obama point man Reid and crew. What do they have to risk, they still have their jobs and complete benefit ??
        sickens me 🙁

        1. If it wasn’t for Ted Cruz, we would be over the cliff… I am weeping for my family in Louisiana who may get stuck with this Obamacare shit… 🙁

  29. My first thought upon hearing this clip was to immediately think of Boehner. Everything Levin said is EXACTLY what a functioning, coherent, vigilant… indeed sentient Speaker of the House SHOULD be saying. Will he? …can pigs fly?

    In more sane times… it would be off with his head!


    The pieces are in place…an “EVENT(s)” is going to take place which Obama will use to exert supreme power….

    Today’s cave by the House shows we are LOSING BADLY and Obama is WINNING…

    1. Conservatives are winning but the RINO/GOP leadership is losing and until the RINO/GOP is elimated or a 3rd party is made they will continue to lose.

    2. Yep its what they have been planning for years, martial law & fema camps (if your lucky) and check points at the end of every street. Papers please?

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