MUST LISTEN – Rush: Don’t be fooled by the media trying to dispirit you because nothing has changed since 2010

Rush’s opening segment today is just what the doctor ordered. He opened his radio show very animated over what he sees as the media working overtime to try and dispirit Americans and crown Obama the victor in this election, and he’s never seen them work so hard at it. But Rush says don’t be fooled because nothing has changed from 2010 and more people are fed up with Obama than the media would have you believe.

Listen below:

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91 thoughts on “MUST LISTEN – Rush: Don’t be fooled by the media trying to dispirit you because nothing has changed since 2010

  1. If anything has changed from ’10, it’s that we’re more upset with this administration. Also, Romney may not be a conservative, but he’d better start acting like one because we’re gonna hold his feet to the fire of liberty the second he sets foot in the White House!

  2. I believe Rush was correct today when he said polls will only be correct about 1 week before Nov vote. Polls will tell the truth to save face. Just Remember Reagan. He was behind as well until a week before election.

  3. I just love it to see it when any conservative gets All-Fired-Up and Shows the Passion for conservatism that Rush often displays.

    Rush, Sununu and Newt are 3 of the best at understanding the MSM’s attack angle before they finish the second syllable and have the skill to turn it right back on em.

  4. You know what gets me down? It’s not the polls because I don’t believe or give a rat about them. Remember the peanut farmer was ahead in the polls by 4 pts just weeks before the election and Reagan won by a landslide! (he only lost one state)

    No, what gets me down, is when I read comments here on Scoop that are so darn negative. We watch a Romney ad, and some immediately criticize (he should have said this or that, the music should have been different, the lighting was bad, etc). People criticize the campaign (he needs to do this or that, come out swinging, etc).

    Stop being so negative! Geez, we may not like EVERYTHING about Romney, but there is NOTHING we like about O.

    I’ll leave you with a few American Indian wise proverbs for you to contemplate:

    “Don’t judge any man until you have walked two moons in his moccasins.”

    “It is easy to be brave from a distance.”

    1. More wise words, Maxine, thank you. It amazes me that it takes so little to get people down, when all they have to do is look at the source and realize it’s just lsm propaganda.

  5. This is my only issue with Romney:

    “The GOP candidate’s Monday rally was only one in a handful of public events for Romney over the past week, as he prepares for a trio of debates against Obama this October. Speaking with reporters, a Romney adviser dismissed the notion Romney had not been keeping a vigorous campaign schedule.”

    If it doesn’t appear he is working hard, then how does he expect his supporters to work hard.


    Watching CBS’s “(de)Face The Nation” yesterday was like watching a one hour Democratic commercial, with LEFTY HACK Nora O’Donnell (previously shilling for Obama on Democrat network, MSNBC) as Moderator, and an “impartial” panel of a political reps….a NY Times rep., a Washington Post rep., a CBS rep., and Dee Dee Myers!
    I guess “impartial” means no conservatives, Republicans or Independents – just various degradations of LIBERALS!

    They were GUSHING about Obama’s bump after the (Godless) Hate Fest in NC!
    Free Democratic TV Ads by the (3) networks, NBC, CBS & ABC for Obama’s re-election are why the polls are still close! – EXPOSE THEM over & over again for the Democratic Propagandists they’ve become.

  7. I live in reality. This race is over. The Romney Party has ignored the Tea Party and Gov. Palin. Romney had a choice embrace the Tea Party and Gov Palin and win or ignore them and give Obama 4 more years.If he embraced the Tea Party and Had Gov.Palin speak at the convention it would have given them credibility and life. The Romney Party chose Obama.

    1. I happen to think is Palin had been at the Republican Convention, Romney would be behind by double digits. You think you live “in reality”? Ha. I am no Palin hater, but for every one person who loves her there are two who do not. That’s reality. She would have run herself otherwise. Romney had plenty of Tea Party at the Convention.

  8. It has always amazed me how quickly those of us on the right simply believe these liberal media polls, get disheartened and ready to throw in the towel, without ever really looking into these polls.

    For example: Yahoo News, which is a left-wing news source, ran a Reuters/Ipsos poll, which is another left-wing news source, this past weekend that said a majority of 1,457 likely voters surveyed online, would vote for Obama. (Note the poll was conducted, ONLINE.)

    And my response to them was: How can you survey “likely voters” online and claim they are a random national sample? First of all, the participants would all have to have Internet access. Secondly, those with Internet access would have had to self-select themselves by making their e-mail addresses available to the pollsters. And thirdly, even the people who were e-mailed by the pollster, would have had to self-select themselves further by choosing to answer in order to participate. And more importantly, what are the poll’s internals, particularly the breakdown of Democrat/Republican/Independent? To push their propaganda, it’s common for the liberal media to over-sample Democrats, so that’s why they don’t give the internals and the internals were not revealed in this poll. In short, their poll is garbage, since the pool of respondents are far from a random sample of the “likely voter” electorate.

    By the way, last week I subscribed to Rush’s website, as I have in the past, because this man is a MUST HEAR, during this election!

  9. Rush uses us conservatives as saps. He should have educated people about Romney before the nomination. Now we have this mess. Conservatives to Rush are a marketing tool.The way the conservatives have been ignored by the Romney Party don’t expect their vote.Remember the convention no Tea Party or Gov.Palin. and this

    1. More of the “it’s Rush’s fault, Levins fault” for supporting or not educating us about Romney meme.

      1. I said nothing about Levin. But you could add Hannity, Beck, FOX they were in the tank for Romney from the start.nothing but a bunch of summer soldiers and sunshine patriots all of them.

  10. Rush is the best there is at political analysis. I don’t always agree with him but he knows the Democrat party and the media like the back of his hand. If you want serious talk of what the Dems are up to, go to Rush.

  11. I used to listen to Limbaugh until I heard the following conversation:
    Caller: I am a degreed engineer who lost my 15 year job in engineering. I pulled myself back up by my boot straps and started a window cleaning business. I don’t make a lot but you don’t see me crying that I cannot find a job.
    You see, my husband also lost his engineering job because it was shipped to India and now he was doing painting and carpentry work. My analysis was so enlightening that I could never listen again. What I suddently realized was what a “service based economy” was all about. It was about turning the American worker into slaves for the 1% and I will have no part of it.

    1. Ya know, you aren’t a believable concern troll when the link on your username is connected to your leftist crap-spewing Twitter account. Nice try, but stick to crapping on empty police cars. That’s about as crafty an adversary as you can handle…

  12. Don’t care! No more SAFE campaigning no more “rope a dope”. Time to go mercilessly on the attack and stay there till election day. Go bold or get ready to lose. That simple

  13. I already knew this, but it helps to have a broadcaster say it! The democrat convention was a disaster! I guess every pregnant woman must have eerily wanted to go out and get an abortion after watching!! (or perhaps get pregnant so they could get one)!

    1. I found it pretty disgusting that there were women in the crowd crying while Obama spoke….and his speech wasn’t very good. I can’t grasp how people worship a human being and pretty much view him as a god (not G-d). Makes me want to puke. I love Palin, West and others, but I don’t worship them.

  14. Poll Tracker:
    Independents 50.1 Romney, 42.2 Obama

    National Popular Vote Romney 46.9, Obama 46.5

    Electoral College Obama 256, Romney 206 (270 to win)
    This shows Romney advancing since last week

    1. There’s also the factor of enthusiasm. People may say they support Obama, but a large share of them won’t show up to vote. We will.

  15. Thank you Rush for talking me down from the ledge. In my heart I know these polls are complete garbage but man, I needed this!

    1. Yeah, all the polls are weighted heavily on the Democrat side. Supposedly because nearly 2/3 of the country identify themselves as Democrat so they reflect that balance in the polls. I don’t believe that high of a percentage is Democrat.

  16. Rush is dead on right!!! I see absolutely nothing that is different today than it was in 2010. Not one thing. And 2010 was a landslide for the Republicans. If anything, things are worse now than they were in 2010, so why would MORE people vote for Obama? It just doesn’t make sense. Obamacare is still VERY unpopular, the only thing the stimulus stimulated was more debt, and we now have a $16 trillion debt with no change in unemployment for almost four years! And this is a record a guy wins on? I don’t think so. I still get this feeling Obama is going to lose in a landslide, just like Carter did in 1980. And there is one, BIG, difference between 2010 and 2012: Republicans are even MORE motivated than ever to throw Obama out of office. Do NOT ignore that. The base is ready to move, and we all saw what that ment in 2010. It spelled disaster for the Democrats, and it will again in 2012.

  17. Wow it’s so refreshing to come here and be uplifted. Thanks all. I’m at work and can only sneak but from what I’ve seen on some other sites is disgusting. Trashing Romney because of the weekend crap.

    1. I agree that is because as I have said before “if all these people are such perfect candidates then why don’t they run” Armchair quaterbacks are Masters of Nothing but their Mouths. Romney is not perfect but who would want to run for the GOP Candidate? I would not….we tear our candidates apart and then wonder why they lose. They never do that on the left. It is not because we are better it is because we like to lose and then complain about it!! These same whiners will be the first that will come on here and Say I told you so but then SHUT UP AND LIVE WITH THE MISERY OF YOUR SMUGNESS….because that moron will live under all the Regulations and Nightmares that Obama will bring over the next 4 years. And it will be much worse than what we have now!! And those idiots will be paying through the nose just like you and me!! We need to rally around our guy and then force him to the right!! But when I see the crap elsewhere I see why we lose and liberals win!

      1. I couldn’t agree more. It is somehow wrong to be tearing our own apart like I have seen. I wonder if these people are secretly Obama supporters even if they have been on the sites for a long time. It just doesn’t make sense.

        1. I know what you mean … it’s like they are actively routing for Obama to win. Very strange to call yourself conservative and want him to win.

  18. I love Rush, he is a patriot and a gentlemen.

    I was sent this email and thought it was funny.

    BO, MO, & O
    Flying on Obama’s private plane.
    Obama looked at Oprah, chuckled and said, ‘You know, I could throw a $1,000 bill out of the window right now and make somebody very happy.
    Oprah shrugged her shoulders and replied, ‘I could throw ten $100 bills out of the window and make ten people very happy.
    Michelle added, ‘That being the case, I could throw one hundred $10 bills out of the window and make a hundred people very happy..
    Hearing their exchange, the pilot rolled his eyes and said to his co-pilot, “Such big-shots back there. I could throw all three of them out of the window and make 256 million people very happy.’

  19. I have never let them dispirit me! The media motivates me. And, I did not let that elephants scare me into believing this was so risky that I had to vote for ABO.

    It is ABO that is got me damn worried at this point.

  20. Why difference in Ras National vs Ras Swing State:


    I live in Florida in the Orlando area and just yesterday Americans for Prosperity came out with a TERRIFIC AD slamming Obamacare with a Canadian Woman who is only alive beause her husband bought her to America for a surgery that in Canada (UNDER BIG GOVERNMENT) she would have had to wait months for, and if she would have she would be dead. It is powerful and very effective…right at Obamacare.

    Now in the Swing States you are getting alot of ads and more are finally attacking Obama….much better than Mitt’s Ads but his are not too bad…Dick Morris loves Mitt’s new ads….

    Hence in the swing states Obama is NOT DOING AS WELL because of the Ads….that is why Ras has swing state poll 46/45 Obama with the DNC CONVENTION…it helped him little at all and with these new ads coming out I suspect Romney will be back up in Swing States by Friday or Monday (even Dick Morris thinks by next Monday polls will move back to Romney).

    But the MSM talks about thes National Polls….well ladies and gentlemen it is the SWING STATES that will decide the election….those are the polls that matter!! And Obama is getting no help from the DNC or bounce…maybe a point….but now the Super Pacs and Mitt are launching ads…and if this one from Americans for Prosperity are any indication then I am very happy indeed…I am sorry that in non swing states you cannot see them but Americans for Prosperity has webpage!!

  21. Hundred percent right.
    Any reasonable person should know, what’s right.
    Do not let the media influence with brainwashing and certainly not to trust the polls.
    Go vote !

  22. We are all well aware of the antics that the media and this administration will do to ‘ensure’ another term for this failure. The photos from this weekend are exactly how far they will go to spin themselves as part of the ‘average’ American. It’s all BS.

    Just look at the topics the media will concentrate on. Ryan’s marathon time? Romney’s taxes. Romney’s dog. All are subjects that the ‘average’ American could give a hoot in hell about. But they cannot go near the economy. But this whole teacher strike will be interesting to watch. As I watch the MSM hardly anyone is wall to wall on the strike? Now why is that? Because the issue hasn’t reached its momentum yet. Rush is right about that. Obama will swoop in like he always has and appear to save the day. The numbers from the convention DO NOT look good for Obama. Clinton was the bump.

    It is terminal for this president and his re-election. They just don’t accept the diagnoses.

    The American people have a gut instinct that something is desperately wrong. And those who don’t see it, never will.

  23. Btw, the msm and dems are pushing this narrative that the economic recovery is about to take off no matter who the president is. Romney needs to push back against this narrative.

  24. LOL! Rush is so animated. Love it!!

    I agree with him. I suspect the same. The last indicator is when they moved from a 75,000 seat stadium to a 20,000 seat building. And now suddenly he’s up in the poll????
    Uh huh!

    I do hope that people who know about how deceptive and manipulative the media is would know better and wise up though and not falling for it again and again.

    Rush is right! I also noticed the conservative media falling for it again and again, even the people at who really should know better than that are falling for it.

    1. I didn’t see any stories about the riots caused by the thousands of people who meant to see him in the stadium but were turned away at the last minute.

    2. Oh! Let’s not forget that they’re 15 million dollars in the hole after the convention and now it’s reported that they surpassed Romney for August fundraising??!? Uh huh!! Please guys, don’t fall for that.

  25. Wow! Haven’t listened to Rush in a while, but he really nailed it with this one! Made excellent points across the board.

  26. Funny not one mention of the ARG poll of 1200 Likely Voters that came out on the 7th that showed Mitt with 49/46 over Obama…NOT ONE WORD….and that had sample had PLUS 4 Dem Sample!! Best poll out there and THE ONLY ONE THAT BROKE DOWN THEIR SAMPLE…unlike Ras, Reuters and Gallup! It polled the 4th, 5th and 6th…plenty of days of DNC as well and NOT WEEKEND!!

  27. In some ways, we need to take our cues from the Left. When all hope was lost for Obamacare after the Scott Brown election, what happened? They doubled down and fought even harder to “pass” their socialized medicine. The take home lesson for us: its never over until we say so.

    Per Romney campaign memo: Don’t Get Too worked up by the polls.

    Interesting point here: Obama is quietly pulling out of NC.

    1. Yes Philly but they never should have had to put out that MEMO…why? Because it tells the MSM for all conservatives and Repub BLUSTER over the BS of the MSM…many still fall for whatever narrative they put out there…They must be laughing at how so many on the right are panicing and acting like IDIOTS!! If you claim to never believe the MSM WHY LISTEN TO THEM ABOUT POLLS! Think about it!

  28. Amen!!! Rush is spot on…Allahpundit and Ace started this crap on Friday and Saturday and then it spread like a plague!! They fall for a bunch of WEEKEND polls and right after the DNC and then start this Bill Clinton crap and EEYORE garbage….Allahpundit should be CANNED he belongs on HuffPost or over at MSNBLOONEYC. We know we have the numbers and we have the people. Rush took many to task for forgetting the 2010 elections and Chick-Fil-A, Scott Walker and other indicators to show we are in the MILLIONS!! Yet we fall for Weekend Polls that skew Dem…same with Ras and right after the DNC!! Shame on those conservatives…heck you have the same MORONS on the right that wanted Romney on TV falling for the BS from the MSM and left. It is maddening!! Again the Conservatives ALWAYS HAVE TO SAVE THE DAY!! Moderates fall apart like a dried cookie!

    Already Gallup has Obama down 2 in his Approval Rate…which is done among ADULTS and their head to head is Registered Voters.

    Ras always gives Dems a 1 or 2 point on weekends and then add the DNC…and by the way
    RASMUSSEN SWING STATE POLLING TODAY: 46/45 Obama…ONE POINT after all that DNC and weekend hype!! He is up 1 point which includes Penn and Mi…SO MUCH FOR THAT BOUNCE!! 50/45 in General means nothing..check on Thursday when Ras has no more weekend polling and after DNC!!

    Reuters is a left leaning piece of junk….and even they have 47/43 on Saturday…big deal 2 point bounce for Obama with Obama slanted poll!

    PPP OHIO….Ed Morrissey destroys that poll today with its slanted poll with Plus 4 Dems and even more Dems in the Independent Sample…PPP is crap!

    Notice PPP polled Florida after RNC and Romney received no bounce…when they slanted Dems and Indies….then after DNC PPP does not poll North Carolina they poll Ohio???

    Newhouse from Mitt had to put out a letter to not panic to Repubs…THAT IS A DISGRACE….we should not need that and because so many fell for the BS doom and gloom from the MSM and their henchman! Many of us put Mitt in bad place because so many fell for this Obama Unbeatable now!!

    Like Rush says “If Obama wins how much longer does American have?” Think about that and GET OUT AND VOTE!!! Cripe this pansies that think I am unhappy with Mitt and stay home…well Einstein when the financial disaster hits with all these Entitlements we cannot afford it will EFFECT you and your loved ones.

    1. Thanks Michael – I deleted Hot Air from my bookmarks because their panicky analysis over What! A four point flawed bounce (for Godsakes)!

      Our side really need to take a page out of the Dems playbook and double-down on our commitment to support our candidates and win this damn fight!

      Come On People – Our Country is at a serious crossroad……..

      1. That’s what I like to hear!!! passion! and a clear head. We’ve seen this kind of lies and deceit to know better.

      2. I check out Hot Air every day but it’s starting to feel like I’m reading lefty talking points over there. One thing that is encouraging is the huge backlash going on today against them.

        If I see the word “gulp” again…

    2. Good point about Hot Air and Ace … sometimes their “sky is falling approach” irritates.

      HA linked to depressing posts by Stanley Kurtz and Powerline basically declaring the election almost over b/c of our growing welfare state.

  29. Good for Rush to point out the full-throttle efforts of the Obama campaign to sway pollsters (and, I might add, so-called fact checkers). The turn in the polls is irrationale. far too much, and unsupportable by what has taken place. If everyone keeps a cool head and stays focused on voting him out, it’ll happen. Keep the faith because the alternative is something we cannot accept.

  30. The liberal media and Team Obama must be in panic mode as their internal polls probably indicate that Obama is in gigantic trouble. The fact that they are pushing the panic button with the election two months away indicates they’re not just worried about November 6, but are very, very worried about early voting which I believe starts in October in some states.

  31. Rush is absolutely right! Don’t buy into this media narrative, or the so-call beltway Conservatives doom and gloom analysis! I’m getting sick of them as well…… We need new Beltway Conservative Analysts, these guys been in or part of the Washington establishment way to long!

  32. Last week the Fraudster was 4 points down. Clinton showed up and showed everyone how incompetant the Fraudster was. God and Jerusalem got the boot. The attack Poodle/Chihauahu DWS got caught lying to everyone. Fraudster gave an uninspiring lame speech reheated from 2008 even the MM critisized. Worse job numbers again the day after! And somehow the MM says the Fraudster got a bounce in support and funding?

    I say Bullshit. I smell desperation and distortion. This grand lie will only galvanize those who really love America! If you believe the MM you probably believe that whole Hope and Change and Shovel ready nonsense

  33. Listening to Rush as I type this. He is absolutely correct. Dont be fooled again by the lamestream media. Nothing has happened since we cleaned house in 2010, except that that Obama has been exposed as a bigger fraud and a worse economic record than in 2010. We are winning the hearts and minds of right minded common sense Americans and will prevail at the most important polls…….. election night.

  34. I live in a very Democratic city, in 2008 there were Obama signs in just about every yard. I have yet to see an Obama sign anywhere but am seeing a lot of Romney Ryan signs the only Obama sign I have seen in the past month was the one I took out of my parents garage and used it at the local shooting range, even had a few folks ask if they could take a few shots at it.

    1. I went to the Leftist Capital of the World, San Francisco, last week over Memorial Day weekend and it was absolutely PACKED with people.

      I literally scoured EVERYWHERE and could not find a SINGLE Obama bumper sticker, or T-Shirt or sign… NOTHING!

      I was SHOCKED. Not one SINGLE person was wearing or saying or displaying ANYTHING about their boy-king.

      This guy is already yesterday’s news. I’m past pointing out how terrible Obama is, and I’m on to talking about how much better off we’re going to be with Romney in charge.

        1. Candace, I’m truly sorry you lost your job and I hope this economy turns around so you can find something to match your skill level very soon.

          I just don’t believe that the man that’s going to make that happen is Barack Obama.

          Maybe if the US were a place where companies weren’t attacked by their government, they wouldn’t be so inclined to pack up and go somewhere else.

          I hope that one day I can start a successful business and hire engineers like you here in America, but not because I want to take people’s savings from them, but because I want the freedom that owning a business can offer in life. Spending time with my family, enjoying the things I like to do, and not worrying about my bills.

          Again, I hope you can find something soon!

    2. Where is that because I love places where the people are sane and support politicians who understand that exxon does not need a tax break if their profit was 16 billion? Intelligent people are hard to find, especially around here.

      1. “During the fourth quarter of 2011, ExxonMobil earned about one-third of a cent for every gallon of gasoline and other products we refined and sold in the United States. Compare that to the 30 to 60 cents per gallon collected by the federal and state governments in gasoline taxes.”

        The cost of red-tape, regulations, exploration, and equipment capital here in the US nearly wipe out all profit for ExxonMobile in the US market.

        “Less than 6 percent of ExxonMobil’s earnings in 2011 were from refining and selling gasoline and other products in the United States.”

        I’m surprised the CEO of ExxonMobile doesn’t bail out of the US market completely… which would lower our supply, without changing our demand, and cause an upward shift on the price curve.

        In reality, they are doing us a favor just by staying in the market.

        And the 16 billion dollars in profit, 94% of which did not come from the US, is what is funding public union pension funds, retirement savings, and IRA’s all over our country.

        Would you rather them shut the doors and leave the rest of us to figure it out on our own?

  35. He is right.

    Lets be honest this is a base election. Who can rev up the base. Obama and the DNC did a hard left turn at the Convention. This is about rallying their base while depressing all of us.

    Obama is going to lose, and will lose as long as we all stay vigilant. The Democrats only had 2 strategies from the get go. Play Romney as the new Devil incarnate so we all “Stick with the Devil we know” or Depress the hell out of Romney voters.

    We are fired up. If this was slam dunk for Obama why in ever OTHER question in those polls, Obama is losing? No my friends, we are on the cusp of victory.

    Do you want Freedom?
    Do you want your children to live in Freedom?
    Do you want your grandchildren to ask you about this time and be proud of you?

    We must fight, we must rally. Romney may not have been your first choice yesterday but he’s my first choice now. We may hate the GOP, but damn it I hate the DNC NOW.

    I am on the side with the Party and the Candidate that Embraces God, not the party who Denounces God and the Candidate who thinks he IS God.

    We will win this November and save this country from the brink of darkness so we can soar above the clouds and into a new era of Light and Prosperity.

    God Willing! I’m ready!

    1. RIGHT ON! We also need to get the first picture of a BEATEN Obama after his concession speech (if he does one) and sell T-shirts so his pain can be appreciated and celebrated.


      1. Concession speech? Yeah, maybe not.

        If he says anything it will be along these lines.

        “I’m the best you’ve ever had, and you’re going to wake up every morning wishing I was still there.”

        1. Forget the speech, we’ll be lucky if he concedes…period. How about a global economic meltdown or some other crisis to “justify” him staying in office?

    2. I look at every election since Obama.
      McDonnel takes VA. Christy takes NJ. Scott Brown takes Kennedy’s seat saying he stop Obamacare, while Sen Dems are openly talking about renaming bill for Kennedy. The 2010 landslide. Repubs take Wiener’s seat for first time in 70 years in that district.

      So, what has changed? Obama has made things even worse?

    3. I’ve been looking at the poll numbers and I’ve been depressed all day. I thought that’s it they’ve won. They’ll never lose now. I want to thank you and Rush for the pep talk.

      1. The poll numbers are as meaningless as the network news, Martha. They oversample Democrats, they phrase questions in a way that determines the desired outcome.

        Gallup is the last one I would look at; I’m sure they are scared of the administration enough to skew the numbers every which way.

        I ignore them all.

    1. The difference, Rush – is that we now have a candidate. And he sucks. He doesn’t want to repeal ObamaCare – he wants to replace it. He wants to keep forcing insurance companies to enroll customers with pre-existing conditions. That just doesn’t work. Obviously no one will pay for insurance until they absolutely need it under those conditions.

      And he won’t just give sound economic reasons why the rich who pay way more taxes than anyone else need a tax break. Instead he goes into this mealy mouthed crap about closing loopholes so the rich “won’t really get a tax break at all. No one is buying it

      Most posters on this blog knew how bad Romney was. He was our last choice. Now we see again – why.

      1. Absolutely wrong!
        Mitt has never said he won’t repeal Obummer Care. He has said he will repeal it and has never said otherwise. Splice and dice your vegetables. He said that it has components in it that he will include in HIS health plan vision. Do you understand the difference or is that irrelevant?

        1. Apparently, you didn’t watch the Meet The Press interview where he said he wanted to keep the pre-existing conditions feature. That’s everything. You can’t accomplish that unless you have Government controlled healthcare.

          No private insurance company can stay in business if they have to cover the guy who gets cancer, then goes to the the insurance company and demands they accept him and start paying for his $300,000 cancer treatments.

          1. You can’t? Maybe you can’t. How about treating people with pre-existing conditions as part of a funded pool of sick people? Take care of those that really need it. Isn’t that what we should do as a people?

            And no it’s not EVERYTHING. It’s amazing you fit a 2700 page bill == “EVERYTHING” into 1 sentence. Get it? You make ZERO sense with that remark.

      2. Do you really believe that’s why people are against Obamacare? They do not want insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions? That’s ridiculous. You also want Romney to give a reason why the rich need a tax break? Do you ever want a Republican to win the White House again? That’s just idiotic.

        1. Insurance companies can’t accept someone who walks in off the street and says you must enroll me now and pay for my $90,000 hip replacement – and survive. It’s not possible.

          You wanna talk idiotic?

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