MUST SEE: Netanyahu’s brilliant explanation on strength & capital ensuring freedom; Plus how he was SHOT fighting TERROR

Benjamin Netanyahu’s book comes out this week, and Mark Levin had him on for one of the most compelling interviews I think I’ve ever seen on cable. I have two clips below, you’ll want to watch both.

In this first clip he talks about the necessity of power and strength in securing freedom. You have to fight to the demons of human nature to make way for our better angels. And you need to have a powerful nation that is respected and whose wealth, technology, and military and civilian power are assets in order to make peace with other nations.

This is a fact that America is forgetting, that the modern kind of Democrats never understood in the first place, that Mark Levin certainly understands, and which is explained so perfectly by Netanyahu in this clip. I wish everyone in the world would watch it. It is such a perfect example of making sense in a undeniable way and speaking truth that no one can fail to recognize as truth.

In this second clip, Netanyahu tells about the successful mission, during which he was shot, that ended with the rescue of hostages and the capture of terrorists who had hijacked a plane in Israel. He also talks about his brother, who died a hero while commanding the famous Operation Entebbe rescue mission in Africa.

It is almost depressing listening to such a capable, courageous, and obviously intelligent leader. Because we have so few at home. As Levin said, he’s like a Churchill. He’s like a Lincoln or a Reagan.

And we have a Biden.

Anyway, you should watch the whole thing if you get a chance. I did. Truly remarkable hour of television.


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