MUST WATCH Afterburner with Bill Whittle on Fast and Furious

This one is awesome. Bill Whittle nails Fast and Furious in this short Afterburner:

President Obama personally inserted himself into the Fast & Furious gun walking scandal after he extended executive privilege over certain DOJ documentation. Was the Fast & Furious a botched scandal, or a deliberate effort to undermine the Second Amendment? Find out as Bill Whittle explores the ideological motives behind the Fast & Furious scandal.

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172 thoughts on “MUST WATCH Afterburner with Bill Whittle on Fast and Furious

  1. It’s a full assault, from outside and within. Combine this with the Trayvon Martin incident, as they attempt to knock down “Stand Your Ground” law, which will soon be followed by “The Castle Doctrine”, and other similar legislation. While we remain the dutiful servants to the politicians and provide our taxes to enable special interests, we are becoming the slaves to these administrations.

  2. No, Bill. They have no shame. I keep asking when sinking too low actually becomes too low, only to realize that there’s no bottom there – it just keeps going down.

    MSM have become willing propagandists. The Left has been overthrown by radicals and Marxists. And we have people on our side screaming that they won’t vote these lunatics out of office because our candidate is not all they’d like him to be.

  3. As disgusted as I am with the media for their silent complicity with F&F, I am even more disgusted that every single Democrat member of the House Oversight Committee apparently cares more about party unity than the deaths of 300+ people. They should be roundly criticized and held to task for their overt support of murder.

  4. An excellent monolog by Mr Whittle as usual, especially insightful. But it gripes my ass every time I hear that F&F provided US assault weapons to “people South of the Border”. I want to see exactly what was made available to the cartels…real assault weapons, OR ordinary, off the shelf legal firearms…for sale by any gun dealer in the US, which the DOJ may be trying to pass off as illegal assault weapons to gin up excitement about stronger anti-gun laws?

    The Assault Weapons Ban banned the sale of wannabe assault weapons…emasculated AK47’s and AR 15’s and uncounted other similarly treated real assault weapon. How’s that you ask? An authentic assault weapon is capable of AUTOMATIC fire…PULL THE TRIGGER & it shoots as long as you hold the trigger. A shoulder fired machine gun, if you will. Absolutely NO automatic weapon has been for sale to the general public since the ban in 1934, unless you jump through innumerable paper hoops with the Treasury Department to get a permit to have one. Get the picture…is this what we (the US gun dealers) were supposed to be providing the cartels? You telling me they were getting all wet over getting our legal “assault weapons”, the semi-automatic wannabe’s… the pull the trigger & shoot once, pull the trigger again & and shoot one more..etc. What were we really selling the cartels? And if they were the real assault weapons, the machine guns, where were the US dealers getting them? I would double-damn guarantee that NO licensed US gun dealer had any automatic weapons squirreled away in a back room, just waiting for someone to drop in, wanting to buy one. UNLESS he was told to take delivery of what was being sent to him by Uncle Sam. If that’s the case, Holder should have his bag slit and his leg run through it, along with everyone else in on that great idea.

      1. “this issue” being the actual type of weapons being discussed. The CBS news report didn’t clear anything up, and was one of the earliest reports, wasn’t it? The redacted report names the actual weapons confiscated in a raid and where purchased, which I used to get a better description of the weapons from a Google search.
        My opinion on F&F isn’t formed on these preliminary reports. All they did was pique my interest in the followup to follow. Those weapons described were but two of ? many more, but are probably indicative of what was actually “moved”…knock-offs of the real things.

        I had enough faith in the “old” ATF that any fully automatic weapon loose in the public was soon to be run to ground by them from reports received from the public about either their existence, or stories of the same or possibility of such. Those people were relentless, where automatic firearms were concerned. Which seemed to have carried over to this new generation of agents, or at least partly so.
        As to the these weapons, it may be as I suspected… remanufactured by legitimate (ostensibly) companies of ‘used’ parts from the real weapons, MINUS the part that makes these weapons “desirable”, that which makes them fully automatic, machine gun-like, assault weapons, not just ‘wanna-be look-alikes’…pull the trigger and it fires until you let off on the trigger or run out of ammunition. Whether or not these emasculated weapons can be restored to full function by remodification and replacement of the missing parts, or not, remains unanswered. If not, I can only imagine the “chagrin” of the new owners when they discover the impotency of their macho AK when it can’t perform up to full “expectations” of full automatic, rather than just semi-automatic fire.
        It is a consensus among most American males and lots of females, that the other part of the population, who have no congenial regard for firearms, also have a lack of knowledge in that department. In the previous American youth lexicon, the word automatic used with a rifle conjured visions of a .22 rifle that shot at cans, or leaves floating down a river or whatever, as fast as they could pull the trigger. The accurate definition of “semi-automatic rifle” probably didn’t sell .22’s as well, and was thus relegated to the fine print. But until we were told why our rifle didn’t work like the machine guns in the movies, we labored under that delusion. Since that time, we have been increasingly more put off by people who should know better, but continue to foster that delusion for their own unstated reasons. Maybe, as long as the public can be kept thinking we were selling real ‘machine guns’ to the cartels, there will be more ambivalence towards the stupidity with which that program was conceived and managed, and less so to the Second Amendment.

        If we were to discover a neighbor, like Mexico or Canada, were running a similar program within our borders, without bothering to either ask our permission, or even tell us they planned to do so, there would be several levels of consequences and ‘other stuff’ suggested to come down onto the perpetrators. Or so I would hope.

        1. I appreciate your reply, as such, I was only attempting to perhaps add a few links where upon you could go further. Sorry that I am not up to many distinctions regarding weapon types, yet I am learning. Further, I can see no other reason for the existence of this program if it was not intended to purposefully lead the purchaser to breaking the law and committing more crimes. Otherwise, why indeed was not Mexico notified and the guns not tracked until picked up at the scene of a crime where many hundreds of people have been murdered. Noting they were only “traced” and not tracked as in the past program by another name which was ended prior to this FF program.

          1. Thank you for the attempt to help. Expanding my sphere of knowledge on this matter is greatly appreciated…(and needed but not undertaken. Witness Mr Issa’s difficulty in garnering much “info” would seem to justify my own personal deficit in that regard). I had not, in fact, seen either of your links before, and was glad to have something ‘authentic’, identifying a couple weapons as belonging to the F&F cache. But yet today, a newscaster referring to Officer Terry’s killing referred again to ‘an AK 47’, not quite what was listed in that redacted report. Those two weapons were readily available to US gun dealers for sale to the public wishing to have ‘replicas’ for personal collections.
            Further, my apologies for sounding a little overbearing, but it was not directed at you, rather just ‘into the ether’ for consumption by whomever may partake. You simply happened to be a vehicle for my venting to hitch on to.
            As to the rational for this display of law enforcement ineptitude, it has been bantered about that the basis is/was to gin up more distaste for the expression of Second Amendment rights by the gun-owning American public. Sounds ‘good’, in some circles, but may be yet another example of ‘a poor excuse is better than none’. We likely will never see the actual rationale in writing.

  5. You are right I think to wonder what was botched about this program. What went wrong given its nature?
    Shady looking people went to gun dealers who immediately reported that to authorities who told them to sell them all the guns they wanted. Agents tracked some of these people until receiving explicit instructions from their superiors to leave them alone and stop following them. They did so. No attempt was made to stop the guns at the border or to track them in any way.
    The actual attack by bad guys that killed our agent was perhaps botched; it was actually led by another agent of our government without coordination with others.
    But Fast and Furious went exactly, it seems, according to the instructions of higher ups in the government in the face of anger and consternation by the agents on the scene and the gun dealers.
    Agents who complained were treated shabbily and those who ordered them to look away from these activities were promoted.
    The only botching I can think of has been in the suppression of information about the program reaching the public. While the criminally abetting networks and major print media have mainly kept quiet about it, Representative Issa and other Congressmen whose responsibility it is to oversee the Department of Justice and related agencies have fortunately kept the subject from oblivion.
    I think certain news media may be found guilty as accessories after the fact if they continue to stone wall it, and protect what may well be accessories to murder in Mexico and of I think two US agents.
    Can anyone point out a positive purpose to this program? And what exactly was botched?

  6. No they have no shame and they’ll do it all over again if they can get away with it. Oh, they DO get away with it, so expect it to happen all over again, only this time they’ll try to make sure they don’t get caught. Now lets see where is that radar?

  7. Boy oh boy. Oi! That was quite a contrast he Whittled there. Between what the Bush admin. did versus what the demonic duo did. Batman would kick both their asses, and Robin would crotch kick’em with unforgettable accuracy. That’s whatchacall, the audacity of ouch. We’ve got Standard law enforcement versus unchecked arming to hasten subjugation. Sounds a lot like act of war to me. Sounds like communism in the early half of the 20th century too.

    Justice would be for people of my brothers color, all the various hues, to realize who the real racists have always been. You know, see the caricature for what it is. A deeply tawdry type thing, with a heaping helping of heinous, heartless, horror propped on top. It’d be nice hearing them singing something like ‘true colors’. A few million epiphany’s would work right?

    Will people willingly follow a lie? How about a lie-er? Why do so many minorities as groups choose to be the lie-ee. They deserve better.

  8. Did you also know that 10 million was spent on Fast and Furious guns from Stimulus slush fund. Think I saw that on IBD article. And in 2008 they ran an article about a representative of “candidate” for president to show support for the FARC terrorists in Nicaragua next to columbia. The computer taken by columbia troops when they killed top FARC guy, showed correspondence with “gringo”. think it was the same American congressman’s contact that brought “free” Venezuelan oil from the beneficent Hugo Chavez to Chicago’s poor. Obama is knee deep in this scandal.

  9. To answer Bill Whittle’s question: No they (MSM) have no shame.
    No they have no shred of decency.
    They are too busy celebrating Watergate’s 40th anniversary to notice
    300 dead Mexicans and one dead American Agent. Doesn’t fit their
    hellish ‘meme’.

  10. This was an excellent presentation. Clear, concise, and brutally honest, this should be shown on all three networks and save them the bother of putting on their own tired old views of Fast and Furious. I hope Obama and Holder see this. Because they just didn’t want to admit a mistake, 300 people are dead, including one American border patrol agent. Shame on Holder and Obama and shame on the mainstream media. This is far, far, worse than Watergate and it may come to a head any day now. And it’s about time.

    1. We can only know what occurred because of a young Border Patrolman’s death. Border Patrolman Brian Terry died from one of the very guns that the Obama Regime’s underlings had sold to the gun buyers of the Narcotic Cartels of Mexico, its because of his death that we found out what are own Government was pulling, an overt act of subversion upon our own 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. If he hadn’t of been protecting our borders and us, we would never have known of the assault upon our Rights; he died a hero but can’t even get retribution in our courts of law. There were over 300 Police Officers murdered in Mexico and the United State and none of them can get justice. Come on Mr. President, if your not complicit tell Holder to release any and all documents requested.

      1. ICE Agent Jamie Zapata was murdered in Mexico with F&F guns as well. And F&F was merely the operation run out of the Phoenix Field Division of BATFE. Operation Castaway was run by the Tampa Field Division of BATFE, and shipped weapons to former president Zelaya’s supporters in Honduras. HOW MANY OTHER treasonous operations are STILL underway by this Administration and its toadies?

  11. Prez Clinton had granted executive privilege to Holder =>> In 1999, Holder worked in the Clinton DOJ when the president commuted the sentences of 16 convicted Puerto Rico independence terrorists. During his 2009 confirmation hearing, Holder cited Clinton’s claim of executive privilege when he refused to explain why the department switched its position on freeing the 16 FALN terrorists. Yet, Clinton also issued a waiver to this executive privilege upon leaving the Oval so Holder could/should have spoken truthfully to those questions during his confirmation (I know – LOL)!


    1. Thank you for the info. I did not recall this……probably trying to keep my head from exploding. How I loathe these people!

  12. Incredible analysis, conclusion and call to action: Bill Whittle – the non-Hollywood version of Andrew Breitbart.

  13. I’m afraid this is only going to get worse and no matter what happens after the election and he is out of office he will pardon all the criminals in his administration; we’ll all have a fit, but like our history with our government, there won’t be a thing we can do about it.

    1. I don’t think that you can pardon conspiracy to murder if you are an accomplice to the crime and it hasn’t been adjudicated yet. Eric Holder did that for Marc Rich, gave him a pardon before he was brought to trial but that won’t ever happen again, it was criminal then but wasn’t pushed. If the Republican’s don’t know how to get nasty on the murder of 300 police officers then they have to be replaced with those that do. Everyone involved in this crime is a Democrat, the people in Congress who cut the $40 million out of “Stimulus” to pay for the guns, all Democrats and proud Socialists. This was an attempted usurpation of the Constitution, if the Democrats don’t help on this they are worthless and all have to be out of elective office. The Constitution is worth fighting for just like it was at its inception.

  14. Dont let the media define the issue. all the names that have been thrown out there have been mudied by the Left, purposely. Gun walking, Gun Running and Fast and Furious. They all have to be explained so you get to see where it went wrong.

    Gun running is the act of planting tracers on guns with the purpose of tracing them to buyers and ultimately the dealers you are looking to trap. This method is what Obama has perfected when it comes to catching terrorists. The FBI is getting good at coying home based terrorists into thinking they are terrorists too or dealers willing to sell them explosive materials. In the end, they catch them trying to detonate fake explosives.

    This is what Bush was doing with Gun walking. And like Bill says, ATF got permission to do this. Mexico was informed and involved, The guns were traced, and it was ensured that no lives were lost.

    F&F was the contrary. The guns were not traced, Mexico was not informed, the purpose was not to catch the criminal but to make someone else the criminal.

    Apply this to terrorism, it would be like selling 10 pounds of C4 explosives to alqaeda, allowing them to blow up 10 blocks of southside chicago, and then blaming it on the manufacturers of C4 because they get it from the evil oil companies.

  15. Marisela Morales should demand the extradition of Holder AND Obama to Mexico to face charges of murder and conspiracy to commit murder

    1. Obama not only lied he was a participant in a crime that caused homicides on purpose. Its called a “False Flag” operation and was used most famously by the Nazi and Communist operation against Poland with a casus belli in 1940 which precipitated WW2. Obama and Holder was setting up the 2nd Amendment by using the murders in Mexico as a reason for gun confiscation. The Feinstein Law called “The King Pin Act” was all set up to arrest the gun dealers in the Western States for their participation which was asked for by the Justice Department and the ATF, there was nothing in writing so they would have been convicted and sent to prison for life. We have some real bad hombre’s in Government right now.

  16. I have concerns about the gunrunning operations of both the Bush and Obama Administrations that go beyond the Congressional investigation, which I have addressed to the media and congress.

    The gun running operations of the Bush Administration were significantly different from those of the Obama Administration. One major difference between the two is that under Bush’s Operation Wide Receiver the Mexican government was working with the US Government; thus the sovereignty of Mexico was respected. It was recently confirmed by the Obama DoJ that President Bush’s AG, Michael Mukasey, did not know about Operation Wide Receiver. That, to me, opens up a few questions. At what level in the DoJ and other government departments do lower level officials in any administration have the power to skirt laws, and as in Fast and Furious (F&F) and other Obama Administration gunrunning operations, permit the violation of the sovereignty of other nations? That alone causes me serious concerns about the distribution of power in our ever growing government.

    While Operation Wide Receiver had the cooperation of the Mexican Government, at a minimum the FBI had to be involved to allow the background checks for the weapon’s purchasers to be bypassed. In Fast and Furious both US laws and Mexico’s sovereignty were violated. These violations were performed with the knowledge and cooperation of the FBI, DHS, State Department and even the IRS. If I am to believe AG Holder, he and his deputies were not in the approval loop for F&F. If that is true, we have a government that has renegade elements that can violate our laws and other nations sovereignty with impunity. That is very dangerous and I can envision scenarios where some lower level official’s actions could provoke a war.

    While the Congressional investigation has centered on the AZ F&F operation there were others by the Obama Administration that have had little public scrutiny. Additionally beyond the questions of who authorized F&F and why, Congress needs to determine at what level can officials authorize such operations and the process. We must not sweep these questions under the carpet.

    1. Williams has seen it as has the rest of the MSM and by ignoring it have become complicit in the operation and are working agains the People, Country and Constitution. They are apparacheki of the Regime, they are more like the so called reporters of Pravda and Izvestia than real newsmen; they are propagandists for the fledging dictator.

      1. The MSM is and has been enabling and abetting this administrations malfeasance.
        They are part of the problem, a major part of the problem and one of the main reasons we are on a steady march towards Marxism.

  17. I shared this link on Facebook for all my liberal friends to see. I believe many of them have no idea what F&F is. We need to get this story out.

    1. I forwarded it to all in my address book. I am amazed at the number of “informed” people who have never heard of this.

  18. That was one of Bill Whittle’s more powerful and dramatic presentation…it was excellent. And no, Bill, the left has no shame and no credibility. And they probably don’t care about 300 dead Mexicans and one American law enforcement officer killed by guns furnished by the DOJ under the direction of Eric Holder…what an outrage!!!!

  19. Did you notice Carney could not recall the names of the agent’s family?? That is because there is no name they would rather forget.

  20. It’s all a game to the Obama gang.

    The Obamabots think they are the smartest people in the world and will manipulate us to see things their way. It’s all for our own good because we are too stupid to think right.

    If a few people get killed along the way, so what? These people died for the Obamabots cause (unknowingly.)

    Arrogance. Period.

    I can’t wait for November to see the looks on the faces of political and media liberals when Barry crashes worse than what Jimma Carter did.

  21. I shared this on FB with the following comment (please feel free to copy and paste):

    This week, the President utilized the cloak of executive privilege to protect Eric Holder and himself from having to provide documents to Congress related to the Fast and Furious program. If you only pay attention to network news, you have never heard of Fast and Furious and you may only have heard about the President’s use of Executive Privilege if you caught a five second blurb on NBC Nightly News one night this week. This video explains how Fast and Furious resulted in the deaths of hundreds including one of our own Border Patrol Agents. I urge my friends to educate themselves about this matter and draw your own conclusions. It is the biggest government scandal since Watergate and it gets NO air time in the mainstream media.

    1. There is another individual who was also killed Jamie Zapata, US Customs and Enforcement Agent
      (snip…Five months after the slaying of Jaime Zapata, a report from the White House noted that Zapata’s family demanded to know the source of the weapons used in the attack. The gun that killed Zapata and wounded Víctor Ávila—a semi-automatic WASR-10[19]—was purchased by Otilio Osorio in the Dallas, Texas,[20][21][22] the serial number obliterated, and smuggled into Mexico along with nine additional rifles. Congressional investigators have stated that Osorio was known by the ATF to be a straw purchaser months before he purchased the gun used to kill Zapata, leading them to question the Bureau’s Operation Fast and Furious leading to the illegal purchase and export of the murder weapon.[23] …snip

      Does this make TWO?

  22. Excellent presentation of the OUTRAGE of Fast and Furious. Obama and Holder don’t mind murdering human being to advance their ideology.

    Socialist-Marxists have sacrificed over 100,000,000 human beings for the sake of socialism-Marxism-Communism. Obama and Holder call themselves “Progressives”; there is nothing progressive about murder in the name of ideology.

  23. I can answer Bill’s question. No Bill, most of them have absolutely no shame whatsoever… which is precisely why they also have no credibility and why they have a decreasing number of viewers, listeners and readers and are rapidly losing the power to influence the populous. I look forward to more opportunities to point out this lack of shame.

  24. Whittle asks the MSM: “Have you no shame?”

    I ask Whittle: Can animals have shame?

  25. At the risk of repeating something I recently posted;

    Sales 101, create a need then fill it. This is how they are attacking the second amendment. Create the uproar and illusion that the USA is an irresponsible supplier of arms and counter it by repealing the second amendment.

    In the minds of the criminal occupiers of our White House the end justifies the means.

  26. This administration is a disgrace. I only fear that nothing will be done to force the documents under “executive privilege” out and once November rolls around it will all be forgotten once BO loses.

    1. Every thing that I’ve read this weekend on Exec. Priv. leads me to believe that it’s a stall tactic. Exec. Priv. went to the Courts during Nixon’s reign, and the Court’s decided that only what Nixon was directly involved in could be considered for Exec. Priv. It is not a blanket cover for the entire Executive Branch. Which could either mean O”Blowhard is neck-deep, or since he doesn’t obey the law anyway it’s a stall tactic. We must keep pressure on Congress, and must keep this topic alive !!!!

  27. You won’t hear anything like this with the “Main Stream Media”! Thus it’s up to us and folks like Bill to inform the public.

    This one is one to be shared by all to all. let’s get to work!

  28. Fast & Furious was designed to require Mexican casualties

    Exactly. We ought to object to any and all references to Fast & Furious as having been “botched”. The only mistake they made was getting caught.

    Given the condition of Mexico, it could be argued that Obama has aided Mexican rebels in the overthrow of the Mexican government.

    1. … getting caught creating death and disaster. I am so glad I am not a Dimocrat. What normal human being could ever defend this activity from their government? Elijah Cummings & Nancy Pelosi types are not human.

      I think they also wanted to paint gun shops as “unscrupulous, evil” to help them garner support from the idiots who think gun owners are extreme and disgusting.

  29. Brilliant! Their shame has been turned into ideology, therefore it doesn’t exist any more.

  30. Nope. They have no shame because in their eyes its always “party before country” while maintaining a double standard: Repubiks bad, Dhimiratz good. Truth is… that if Dhimratz didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards at all.

  31. When did Wide Receiver start and stop? When did Fast & Furious start and stop?
    How many guns were involved in wr v. ff?
    How many guns were tracked in the two ops?
    Did the Mex. Gov. know?
    How many people were (provably) killed by the guns in the two?
    Who started and stopped the two?
    Publish a chart with these questions side-by-side. Put it out as a Super Pac Ad.
    It’s a killer issue…and the defunct will be Barr-boy and his side-kick, Eric…

  32. Living and dying proof that Liberals will do or say anything to advance their ideology. They truly are deciples of Lucifer.

  33. Bill is PHENOMENAL and I listen to the every video he produces.

    One of the most memorable was his defence of Sarah Palin in time when she was fighting for her survival in Alaska against never ending stream of frivolous lawsuits.

    What I disagree with him thoug is the terminology he uses when describing our common (whether it is America, Europe or my own Australia) enemy – the LEFTOID PARASITES.

    He constantly uses (as do the entire conservative, old and new mass media) the words “liberals” and “progressives” when refering to America’s PARASITES (comunists, socialists, eco-fascists and other allied with them groups).

    Those words: Liberalism, progressivism, democracy, “peoples’ republic” are not the property of the LEFTOID PARASITES as they have been stolen from us.

    The fact that they use them doesn’t mean that they belong to them.

    In the same way the stolen car doesn’t belong to the thief.

    PARASITES steal words as they steal EVERYTHING.

    The fact that we allow them to use the words that belong to us and actully have acquisced the theirhabit of using our language and words is in itself a great victory for PARASITES.

    By using the word “liberal” , “democratic” or “progressive” when refering to our enemies who are nothing else but PARASITES who are dreaming about subjecting us to their version of SLAVERY we put a respectable mask on their revolting snouts

    It is exactly George Orwell has warned us against in his famous book “1984”.

    We have to fight the never ending fight to keep the ownership.

    Sarah Palin, for example, never uses the word “liberals” when talking about our enemies.

    She always calls them LEFTISTS.

    Greetings from Aussie.

  34. I have been wondering for a while now why Bill Whittle is never on any of the shows like Hannity or Bill O or Greta, he would make a much better commentator than many of the people that they use.

    1. He should have a clue by now that the establishment is not going to elect him again. If he decides to force the issue, we could see a false flag event that would be cause for calling a “national emergency”. The timing is such that I would not put it past them to set off a dirty bomb in the US, then use it for that purpose, and possibly to go to war with Iran. Their problem right now is that the public is growing weary of the wars and the failing economy. We are ripe for a political revolution. RP supporters are well on their way. They know that they cannot continue to snowball the Amercan people much longer. They will resort to “problem, reaction, solution” eventually.

      If Obama actually goes against the establishment, he may not be with us much longer. I think that the pipeline shutdown was much the same. He ticked off the wrong people.

      1. Yeah, I agree. Wall Street included. I sure hope we knock him off in November because he is showing more and more how willing he is to ignore the Constitution and the laws made by Congress. Who needs Congress? He said he will work around Supreme Court decisions, too.

        When he has no one he has to answer to in his second term, I don’t want to see what he will do. I’m sure it will make the first term look mild.

        1. The harder that he and the federal government pushes the American people, the more people start becoming aware of government corruption in general. His “open” political corruption is exposing the rest as well. The establishment likes many of the things that he has done, but when they become public knowledge through such things as whistleblowers and untintentional leaks, someone has to get thrown under the bus to maintain the illusion of a constitutional government based on the rule of law. The president will only remain president as long as he can continue the overall agenda. If he fails, then the next savior is set up and forced on us through election fraud.

          I personally believe that they are behind the times a bit. Romney is not a good sell as an anti-establishment candidate. The republican party is no longer viewed as an effective answer to the socialist democrats. Due to Obama’s blatent and open disregard for the rule of law, much of the public that still believes in our political process is williing to put faith in Romney out of despriation. The problem is that he who acts in despiration has very little control, and is vulnerable to believing anything that sounds good.

          Romnney’s reign will likely be short lived. We may very well see few two term elected presidents in the future. As our economic situation worsens, and their tyranny becomes more evident, they will have to switch out the fall guy more often. This scenario will be irrelevant if a martial law situation presents itself. Martial law is simply government’s “go to” tactic to maintain their corruption through the use of force, and in the name of the continuity of government. It is government failure that necessitates the need for martial law, so by the time it is needed, we have a failed government that needs to be changed out. If martial law succeeds, then the people have lost everything, and government and their controllers have won everything.

          The severity of the martial law will depend on the opposition to it. If the people simply lay down and obey, there wouldn’t be the need for international intervention. The people’s willingness to lay down will depend on government’s ability to provide for them. Our currency and distribution system will collapse before they have full control of it, which will cause rebellion and mass chaos. Domestic law enforcement will not be enough, hence the need for citizens to be able to protect and feed themselves for at least a short time. Our military will be overseas, and foriegn militaries will flood in, as planned.

          Everyone needs at least one year’s supply of food, and a personal protection plan. Preppers will be the only ones who are insulated from much of this chaos. It takes time and money to prepare. I have spent the last year or more doing just that. When I hear that Homeland Security considers anyone who has more than seven days of food in their house to be a possible threat, I realize the severity of the situation.

          There are a few things that we all need to realize:

          1: Our current political system is designed to usurp the citizens and is no longer a viable means for positive change.

          2: Government is inherently criminal, and will not relent.

          3: Only those who prepare for this inevitable future wil be able to affect change in the end.

          4: The loss of US sovereignty is one of their goals, and we will be put under international law.

          5: International law will be eugenics based.

          6: The republican establishment will no more reject this agenda than the democrats will.

          It seems as though I had some things to get out this morning.

          1. “Due to Obama’s blatent and open disregard for the rule of law, much of the public that still believes in our political process is williing to put faith in Romney out of despriation. The problem is that he who acts in despiration has very little control, and is vulnerable to believing anything that sounds good”.

            I’m not sure what you mean by that. I don’t know of many people that are disillusioned by Romney. I personally believe the choice in Romney was a tactical one not made in desparation… trying to maximize the opportunity to remove the Marxist. I’m not saying it was the right choice, but it is what it is.

            I can’t follow you on the rest of the statements because it’s a big leap to say Republicans won’t oppose your outlined events. They seem to be opposing pretty heavily now but can’t do anything about the senate. Will Obama try to fulfill your list? I wouldn’t put it past him at all.

            1. After following the primary, it is quite apparent that Romney was not nominated by the voters, but rather by the party establishment through massive fraud. People’s willingness to support him against Obama is based on their loathing for Obama, and their lack of control in the electoral system. They don’t like Romney, but will stil support him. That is an act of despiration based on a lack of control and the fear that comes from it. If we don’t believe Romney, then he is no better than Obama. We decide to put our trust in him, which is inherently illogical, and will ultimately result in severe disappointment.

              The question is, how many times will we accept this circle of perpetual dissapointment to take place? Will we ever reject the Romneys based on conviction rather than despiration? We will continue this pattern so long as we buy into party politics. If we say that we have to work within this system, then we condemn ourselves to the forementioned scenario.

              It doesn’t matter if Romney or Obama is in the white house when it all happens, because neither one of them will keep it from happening, and both of them will give the order. Hence the need to prepare. I base my assessment of the urgency to prepare based on what the system is doing as a whole. The republicans have been an innert force, if I may use such a contradictory statement. They are only a force so far as their rhetoric is concerned, while their actions are completely innert.

              1. I know it’s the popular theme to say Romney won by fraud committed by the establishment. Where’s the proof? Not speculation, but proof. That would be the largest successful fraud campaign ever successfully pulled off because that’s a lot of votes.

                Romney was consistent through the entire race. The “more solid conservative” vote was split among multiple candidates. Cain was a great refreshment until he started using 999 for every freaking answer and he dropped. When Perry got in the race there was a huge jump into his corner. He wound up being a major disappointment with his debating ability and he quickly dropped. Then it went to Santorum and Gingrich, both of which had serious problems of their own. But…Romney never exhibited major flaws even though many of us knew better. I don’t think it was fraud at all. I think the opposition to Romney was weak as can be because of major flaws.

                We need better candidates. Even candidates I like I see people trashing here. I like West, Ryan, Christie, Rubio, and (probably permanently out) Palin. Problem is, there is no perfect candidate and the man (or woman) who suffers the least damage wins. More than likely it’s going to be the more moderate Republicans because they are more acceptable to Independants. If you want that to change, don’t allow Independents (and even Democrats in some states) to vote in Republican primaries. I don’t want their vote in the primaries because they are not Republican, so why let them choose our candidate? I think it’s complete B.S.

                Republicans need to be stronger on fighting creeping liberalism. It is no longer a gradual movement. However, we have to remove the McCains and Boehners of the party and wait until the Tea Party candidates have the power to install a more conservative leader.

                1. The fraud exists in different forms and tactics. Where electronic voting or counting is used, there is no check on the electronic voter fraud. Where the caucus’ take place, the establishment GOP takes the district votes and tallies them in secret where they cannot be verified as a whole. Many have proven this, and the information is readily available. A hard study of the electronic fraud is available via youtube through documentaries and personal experiences from individuals who caught the inconsistencies and fraud. The electronic fraud has also been mathematically proven through the use of algorithms.

                  There was a guy who actually received reports from every district in Iowa back in the eighties, if I remember it correctly. He difinatively proved the fraud, which has not been changed as far as the system is concerned. The system is set up so that the two parties have a monopoly on district and state elections, and the media is complicit it that it hides the fraud rather than reporting on it. There are some who do, but they are not main stream. (such as “Reality Check”) Rachal Maddow has inadvertantly been exposing the fraud, but spins it as a “republican” issue. It is not. Both parties do the same things.

                  The fraud will never allow better candidates. Though some have succeeded in winning congressional seats, they are by far the few. McCain should have lost in his own district. He did not. Reed’s reelection was one of the most obvious and blatent frauds ever devised in American politics. I watched the current Oregon governor turn the tide of loss in his favor literally overnight, and at the last minute. It was not a reasonable conclusion to the race. Oregon votes by mail, and is counted via electronic means.

                  Romney has been practicing for this for several years. I believe that he knew the fraud was being levied in his favor, and therefor moved forward with confindence. I don’t believe that Gingrich and Santorum were in it to win. They were simply serving a purpose for the system. Them dropping out was innevitable, and staying in until they did, then dropping out when they did was entirely successful in setting Romney up, and nullifying the RP momentum. This was all in conjunction with the fraud.






                  The district and state conventions have been plagued with extreme actions by the GOP establishment in order to quell discent within the party. This includes having people arrested who were following party rules, but were changing the direction of the conventions and caucus’. Several states were not successful and ended up with a change in the leadership of the state party. They are now being bypassed by the GOP, such as Romney setting up an alternative GOP in the state of Nevada.

                  This is all RP related, but simply serves to show us how the establishment GOP controls the process, and will defend their fraud at any cost. It also serves to show us that dissent will not be tolerated, and real change is very unlikely within the party constructs. If you allow your possible disdain for RP to keep you from researching the fraud, you will miss it, as many have.

                  It is false to think that the direction of the country can be changed using the system that is in place. Neither party will be an agent of change. This is why a political revolution is imminent, and unavoidable. The people will eventually push back in a way that has an effect, and government will ultimately shut it down using force.

                  This isn’t 1776, and we won’t be afforded enough time to organize. Therefor we must prepare to weather the storm. I am not an advocate for violent protest or revolution, because I know where it will end up, and who will win. I will only protect myself and my family and be prepared for it. Although I do seek to help others to see these realities, so that they can prepare.

                  I believed that the system could work up until I realized these things. Now, I cannot deny them, and they lead to only one conclusion. That is not to say that we shouldn’t do what we can, and with what we have.

                  I will continue to advocate for political change, but it will likely tend to be more radical than most people tend to accept as reasonable, at least for the moment. A day will come soon when many will make the jump to a more radical position, and the revolution will be birthed. It may not last long, and it will likely cause a serious wave of destruction within the fabric of our society as government moves to stomp it out.

                2. Just like the elite politicians and the media try so hard to stomp out the Tea Party. It hasn’t worked. There is some hope.

                3. If the tea party politicians turn from compromise with the establishment, there is some chance that they will have an effect. If they tow the line to get along, then they have simply been co-opted and will not do much in the short term. I don’t believe that we have a long term to work with.

                4. Unless we are able to get a more conservative leader to the party, much of what the Tea Party candidates brought with them will be ignored. Boehner and McCain have shown disdain for the Tea Party. They have no regard for what we told them the last election. When they badmouth the Tea Party members they are badmouthing the majority of voters that put them there with a message. A message the establishment ignored.

                5. The establishment is losing the information battle. They are having a hard time at keeping people on their side.

                6. Every fax I send Sen. McCain, I sign my name and then the words “The Hobbit”
                  Eventually he might read that trilogy and realize the Hobbit wins!

                7. I agree with you here too. I have never run any statistics, but there seems to be some”point” where ever politician turns once they’ve been in DC for some period of time. Maybe it’s human nature, what with the money, power, etc flowing.

                  Holding office was not designed to be a career. Even now some of the establishment politicians, started out differently.

                  Orin Hatch’s campaign slogan originally was something to the effect of “What do you call a Senator who’s been in DC for 18 years? You call him HOME!” What a laugh that is 36 years later. Look at Charlie Rangle’s original campaign. He rooted out a careerist who couldn’t hold a candle to Charlie’s corruption.

                  We the People, like it or not are going to have to maintain the scrutiny of those we elect from now on.

                8. They think the Tea Party is dying. Lol, I don’t think so. We’re just waiting for the next election so we can kick the communists out.

                9. Gingrich and Santorum were in it to make sure Ron Paul wasn’t? I don’t believe that for a second. Ron Paul has some great qualities but his foreign policy killed his chances with the majority of conservatives. Ron Paul never had a chance to get my vote. Ask anyone else here and most of them will tell you the same. Ron Paul did have a bigger showing than normal, but his crowd was limited. I would vote Ron Paul to be Treasury Secretary any day of the week, but not the Presidency. If Ron Paul won the primary I would have a very, very tough time voting for him.

                  Ron Paul is a good man with good intentions and seriously wants to obey the Constitution. That’s very respectable. However, he is extremely naive on international affairs. I don’t care if the race was just between Romney and Ron Paul from the beginning…Ron Paul wouldn’t win. If he had a strong national defense approach he would have won by a landslide.

                  I don’t know how the public is going to respond to a spiraling (down) and more powerful government. I’d like to think the public will wake up and put a stop to it at the ballot box. There are many liberals waking up and saying “I didn’t vote for this”.

                10. I agree. Paul never had a chance at winning the conservative base. I am just learning from the liberty movement about how the system works. Nobody else has exposed this within the party. I am not selling Paul. That is a lost cause. Paul isn’t even the center of the issue. The liberty movement is a threat to government, just as HS documents have stated. The liberty movement consists of people who have taken a hardline view of what a constitutional government should be, and government knows that it is not a constitutional one, at least at the higher levels.

                  We will be presented with a decision to make as time goes by. We will either trust our government to protect us from this type of political movement and support their efforts to stomp it out, or we will somehow be involved in the movement. We won’t have as many options as we do now. The fence does not go on forever. Those current conservatives who believe in constitutional government will be faced with accepting a total loss of liberty, or going against it in a radical mannor.

                  That is all I am saying.

                11. I don’t know. You got me on that one. I don’t have a clue what movement you are talking about. That’s not on you, that’s on me. I assume you’re talking about a Libertarian movement?

                12. Not really. The libertarians are a political group with a specific set of policy interests. Though the liberty movement has many of the same ideas, it is being directed by truly grass roots people who have come out of the other two parties. They don’t bother with the democrats, but are now focused on changing the republican party. Ron Paul is leading it, but it will continue regardless of his involvement. They have been successful in gaining party power in some districts and states.

                  The liberty movement came out of the tea party movement. They both got started during the 08 RP campaign. They could be called a political sect, if you will. The tea party movement was eventually promoted by the media, even if it was in oposition, but primarily by Fox News. When the media picked it up, that was a sign that it was being co-opted. They largely succeeded in this. The liberty movement is still being ignored by the media, and is only really spread through the internet and local campaigns.

                  I went to the Tea Party events, and was active in promoting it. After a year or two, I determined that it was not in real opposition to the establishment in D.C. I was a member of the AFP at the time and helped to organize local events.

                  Most tea party people are just for a little less government and taxation. It will never be enough. The liberty movement is about constitutional government on a literal level, rather than just a pandering to it.

                  Edit: I don’t agree with the liberty movement trying to co-opt the republican party either. You can’t fix it from within. It must become irrelevant, along with the dems.

                13. Thanks, and that explains why I’m unfamiliar with it. It hasn’t caught the attention of the media as of yet. At first I was thinking that what you were describing sounded like the Tea Party, but I see that it is a spin off from it. I’ll keep an eye out for it.

                  I am still Tea Party and I want more than tweaking. I want serious change. However, if it involves removing our involvement in international affairs I will not be a part of it. In any case, I’ll keep an open mind when I see what the movement offers (if it takes off).

                14. I think the early thinking was to take over the “R” shell. In a lot of states only two parties are currently recognized. (Mine has a closed primary also, so only R&D get to vote in the primary.) I am now coming to realize that it is going to take years to co-opt/clean out the R party, just as it would to start a new national party.

                15. I agree, but the two party dictatorship also has the media on their side. Other parties would have emerged from obscurity by now if it was a fair system, and the goons did not have all the power.

                16. Dr. Paul is a good man. I am beginning to think that his greatest gift to America might just me Sen. RAND PAUL !!!

                17. Huh? You said….

                  “I am beginning to think that his greatest gift to America might just me Sen. RAND PAUL !!!

                  Did you mean to say my Senator or are you the Rand Paul?

                  Lol, I read it again. It makes more sense that me was supposed to be be. Sorry, I gotcha.

                18. Typo alert BE Sen Rand Paul. Thanks for the correction kong. Sometimes brain works faster than fingers .

                19. Lol, it happens to me all the time. Sometimes my mouth works faster than my brain and I really step in it.

                20. Maybe “fraud” is not the correct word (time will tell) But I am tired of voting for
                  the lesser of two evils. Both parties are corrupt.

            2. Republicans pushed international treaties such as NAFTA and GATT, and have continually saught UN approval for foreign policy. Republicans continue UN global initiatives via the use of unconstitutional regulatory agencies. Republicans do nothing to expose or appose agenda 21 in the congress. Republicans use a foreign private bank to fund all of these things and usurp permission from the people while putting them on the hook for the debt.

              I could go on, but you get the point. I am a conservative, but no longer will I be loyal to a party of traitors. I have to call it as I see it.

              1. I also want to see the U.N. abandoned. I never even heard of “agenda 21” until you mentioned it. Again, I think the key is to keep voting in more Tea Party candidates that believe in our sovereignty and rule of law and don’t want the international community overriding our Constitution.

                The only alternative I see is an outright violent revolution, but I definitely don’t want that. The results would be completely unpredictable upon victory (which is unlikely) and we may wind up with the Constitution being trashed completely. We have the Constitution now, so I propose taking our numbers to the voting booth and slowly getting the government back within it’s acceptable boundaries. Romney is what we are stuck with, so we have to kick him in the crotch every time he acts like a liberal.

                1. Everyone needs to know about Agenda 21. It has infiltrated our society down to the local level, and is designed to shut down all forms of independent living.

                  I had the USDA come to my property the other day wanting me to provide them with all information pertaining to food production on my property. They want to know what I am growing, and raising. They wanted to know how many animals I had, and what kind of animals. They wanted to know what kind of food I am growing.

                  I politely explained to the individual that she was working for a criminal organization who is going around the country swat teaming small farmers and food co-ops. She explained to me that the information was only going to be used for statistical purposes and for studies in the universities. I explained to her how the government uses its universities to put out false studies that end up getting legislation passed that kills this country. I told her how our USDA and FDA, who are run by people who ran companies like Monsanto, have been allowing a corporate shutdown of small farms using government threat of force, and which is based on the premises set forth in Agenda 21.

                  I told her that I will not cooperate with a criminal government agency. She asked me if I would at least give her my first name. I said “no”.

                  We have to draw the line somewhere.

                2. Lol, now that’s funny. The poor woman probably didn’t give a crap about any government agenda and was thinking “Buddy, I just want to pay my rent”.. You probably made her go home and cry her eyes out, lol.

                  You’re a bad boy (shaking head). Just kidding. Yeah, gotta make a stand but don’t be surprised if you get fined.

                3. Oh….crap….you just opened a whole new can of worms, lol.

                  I am completely against government using drones to spy for political reasons…such as how many cows you have so they can tax you more because cows fart….or to see if you’re using a barbecue grill so they can tax you for the same reason (global warming). However, I’m ok with law enforcement using cheap versions of drones to catch criminals.

                  The police had every right to come collect the cattle, although not stolen directly but not returned. Meeting the police with shotguns is the wrong answer. The so-called anti-government separatists pretty much deserved to be arrested. But what happened to helicopters? That’s a much cheaper method than using a $154 million drone! WTF!! Save the drone for critical national defense !!

                4. In war, you use what you have. In a free society, you limit your options. All but eleven republican congressmen voted for this. What is their limit on trashing our society. They need to learn about what a “reasonable expectation of privacy” is. This will be used for unconstitutional purposes.

                5. Well, if it does get abused we will have to fight it. Not like the idiots in that article, though. Meeting police with shotguns when they just came to remove cattle that didn’t belong to them is not fighting the good fight. That’s stupidity. They were protecting something that wasn’t theirs to begin with.

                6. The police had the right to prosecute them, and they were stupid for coming out with weapons. They were simply criminals, from what I can tell.

                  I was just pointing out the use of drones domestically.

                7. Yeah, I know. Like I said, though, I don’t have a problem using helicopters and whatnot to catch criminals. As long as politicians aren’t using them to control our legal activity. Using a $154 million dollar drone for catching cattle thieves is over the top. Actually, it’s downright stupid. If it crashes or gets shot down we lose $154 million dollars retrieving three cattle. Doesn’t get much dumber than that.

                8. If they use them to scan properties of people that they don’t already have probably cause on, then it is simply wrong. If local governments are using them, they could be used to see if a new pond was built on your property without a permit.

                9. Yeah, that’s a political abuse. No.

                  Back to that article, I’m not so sure they used the $154 million drone to do the research. I can’t see the Pentagon allowing the use of an expensive piece of equipment to check on three missing cattle. I’ve seen other reports of really small drones that are being used that are more like little model planes with cameras attached and I’d be willing to bet that’s what was used. However, I can’t say I know.

                10. My freshman congressman told us in a town meeting that “they” were told the drones were only to be used on the border. I said “That is why you MUST READ THE BILLS before you vote.”

                11. I agree. I’m kinda wondering if the claim that a $154 million drone was used for this is a bogus claim. I have seen smaller versions of drones for police and they were more like toy planes with a camera attached. I cannot see the Pentagon allowing equipment that expensive to be used to recover 3 cows. If it was used, the investigation had to be a lot larger than the return of those cows.

                12. Can’t wait for the next satelite pictures of my property to come out. I planted a “berry maze” with the intention of it showing up as a giant F-U on the next photos.

                13. “If you’re not pissed off about this, you’ve got s*** for brains” (from the article). That’s funny.

                  They’re going to be worse than commercial airliner accidents from flocks of birds. I can see the first tragedy (headline)….

                  “Airliner Crashed When Spy Drone Clipped It’s Wing”.

                  Yeah, I have a real bad problem with terrorism in my community. If this is true it’s a joke.

                14. She actually said that she was very conservative, and understood. I wasn’t being a raving lunatic. She left on good terms, at least personally.

                15. That is the scariest thing about it. “I am very conservative, but am willing to trash your rights to privacy and support a criminal government.

                  I am sure that the 1930s Germans felt the same way.

                16. Eh, that’s not really fair. Probably roughly half of government employees are conservative. If they remove themselves then liberals will be in complete control and we will get no whistle blowers or insiders trying to help reform the system. Let them feed their families. The real problem is with the people making the rules, not the ones enforcing them.

                17. The people are just taking advantage of the only form of income they can acquire, government tasks for pay. You are right. there might be some who would expose the worst of their activities. It certainly happened in Fast and Furious.

  35. I was wondering when someone would bring up Odumbos comment months ago that he was working “under the radar” to get gun control “fixed”. Leave it to Bill Whittle to get this brought out into the light of day and connect him to this fiasco. Is there ANYONE HERE that believes he had nothing to do with this? I didn’t think so…

  36. Of course liberal “journalists” have no shame. They are indoctrinated to undermine and dispose of the Constitution by any means necessary. However they realize most Americans value the Constitution, so they pay deference to it when a republican is in the White House, if only to point out how truly “un-American” and “unpatriotic” defending it truly is.

  37. I don’t understand why people aren’t afraid of a government who tells them it’s in their best interest to not have the ability to defend themselves.

    1. In the same train of thought, I’ll never understand why anyone would want just the government to be armed.
      America was founded by brilliant men, too bad it’s now led by a motley crew of criminals.

  38. Perfect!

    Thank you Mr. Whittle!

    I know it was a rhetorical question, but, the answer is, no, they have no shame. The legacy media in this country is pure unmitigated evil. They are a vile contemptible viper’s nest of unprincipled propagandists undeserving of our continued patronage. The sooner more people wake up to this fact the better.

  39. Anyone else notice how Biden is a nonentity in this administration. I said months ago that Holder has defacto assumed the position of vice president. And, he has. Everything ongoing with the Obama administration is Obama/Holder. Biden is rarely even mentioned much less involved in anything. So, if we want to tally up the crimes of Obama, certainly illegally installing an unelected friend to usurp the office of the vice president could certainly be counted as one of them. I think we all see clearly now why Biden was chosen in the first place. We were all confused. Why would Obama choose this idiot to be his VP? Obama want a fool who would not interfere with or challenge anything he does. He chose wisely.

    1. Biden is the in house diversion. Whenever he speaks he makes a fool of himself and the media jumps on it for a while and diverts us from what we should be talking about. Watch the other hand.

      1. Exactly…along with the WH Press Sec’s. Put those Gibb “dumb” types in these positions and we are so off-put by their “duh” comments that we get frustrated and move on.

        Like you said, Always “watch the other hand”.

    1. You’re right on, ABC! Each time I see a Bill Whittle segment I think to myself “This has got to be best he’s done yet”. :p

      I so admire the words he uses to distill an issue to it’s true essence.

  40. A person who has no conscience can’t feel shame.. and that’s the kind of people we’re dealing with.

  41. It will be difficult to get a Dem. Prez removed from office… hello, clinton anyone. Where are the living past Rep. Prez?
    Bush 1…..
    Bush 2…..
    Where are the last 2 Dem. Prez?
    Clinton ….. He is on the front cover of People Magazine
    Carter ….. He is on the front cover of Current TV, if you know what that is.
    Obama 2ill not leave, even if this Watergate x 100milion.
    And as soon as he retires, he will become an elder statesman, celebrated and deified like Clinton.
    As painfull as that may be.
    By the way, well said Bill

    1. Yes, I happen to know what Current TV is, or should I say, about to be “was”.
      That’s ole gore’s new TV channel that’s going belly up! So, carter, a failed president, is on the cover of a failing business…makes perfect sense.
      BTW, your post was a joy to read!

  42. *Logic*

    In cases of corruption, follow the money. Obama and Holder used Fast & Furious to attempt the erosion of the 2nd amendment.‘ – Whittle

    The Republicans are using Contempt of Congress to undermine the man who’s assigned to stop voter suppression.‘ – Pelosi

    Which one of these statements can be logically deduced with rational thinking?

    Logic is a wonderful thing. Whittle brilliantly, but simply, goes from A to B to C logically to show why what he says is plausible and why they would resort to a dramatic recourse such as ‘Executive Privilege’ to cover up their tracks.

    Watergate was not nearly as bad as the White House coverup following it and Nixon knew that (at least 18 minutes of erased tape worth of knowing it). Obama knows this too and will erase whatever and whoever he can to ensure the coverup remains hidden.

    Don’t expect the final fingerprints, but as with the Watergate scandal we found that the highest officeholder in the land can bow to “We, the People” if we only persevere.

    That is the logic that Pelosi knows and fears the most. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

    1. It is sad that we find ourselves referring to the presidency as “the highest office in the land”. I personally don’t believe that it was ever intended to be a “high” office, just part of a check and balance system that would, ultimately, struggle to accomplish anything, and therefor keeping it to a minimum in size and power.

      As time has gone by, we seem to have forgotten all of the things that our forefathers understood well, and passed down to us as a warning.

      1. “If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” – Samuel Adams

    2. Believe it or not, “Progressives” have argued that reason (logic) is a tyrannical tool of ‘the oppressor’. Of course, making that argument, or any other, requires the use of reason, which necessarily undermines the argument, making it illogical. But Progressive must take this position. Otherwise, they would have to make sense.

    3. Ron Ziegler, Nixon’s press secretary famously called the Watergate break in “a third rate burglary” and in some ways it was. Nixon didn’t authorize it but it can be argued that he was responsible for it by his paranoia. Aides, following the speed of the leader, acted on this paranoia and things progressed from there. The ironic part is they didn’t need to break into the DNC headquarters because he was sure to be re-elected anyway.

      The burglary investigation opened a door that led to two more doors that led to four more doors and on and on till at some point the cover-up became unmanageable which led to Nixon’s resignation and, among others, Attorney General John Mitchell’s imprisonment. This is where the famous line, “What did Nixon know and when did he know it” originated, a line that has become a staple in investigations.

      Obama’s and Holder’s involvement, it appears, started right from the beginning and we will probably find that the crimes they committed go beyond a cover-up conspiracy but involve direct criminality in Fast and Furious.

      It’s as if Obama and Holder actually did break in to O’Briens office themselves.

  43. 1000’s of Semi Auto’s cost millions of dollars. I will claim that ARRA money funded this operation. Shame, yes there is no shame when the Presstitues can’t remember the name of the dead officer but will fly to Fla. to cover Travon. Yes good old Travon, another Axlerod drummed up story.
    The real shame is that our presstitues never vetted LIAR Obama, and in case you don’t know, Axelrod and Holder were classmates.

        1. Yeah, I hear you. I didn’t say that we don’t have a certain amount of freedom of speech, just referring to our mass media. You know, the ones that were supposed to act as the fourth branch and keep government honest by exposing government corruption. The internet will never have that kind of effect, because they will control it before it is an effective means of exposing government to the masses.

          Not to mention the fact that the general public still trusts government. When that tide turns, we will see a clamp down on free speech. If this great depression comes to full fruition, there will be a need.

          1. I understand but thought that I would state the obvious. They fall down on the job and we have to pick up the yoke and show them how to do the job right. They then have to ask for our trust again. We then deny the trust until they get it right.

            1. Our founders espoused that an inherent and perpetual mistrust would be needed to keep them honest. When we trust them, we lose.

  44. “Unrelenting evil”. Yes, Mr. Whittle, that describes those two men (I use the term lightly) perfectly.

    1. IF you watched the Oversight hearings, it is not the media that we would be asking if they had no shame. What about members of congress who twisted and turned like pretzels. Elijah Cummings, and the lot of them who voted Ay and Nay on part line. Lying through their teeth even when the truth smacked them right in the eye.

  45. Instigating an international crisis in order to curtail our second amendment rights and trigger possible cross border terrorism is one Hell of a way to advance an agenda, yet here we are.

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