MUST WATCH: NBC News reporter GRILLS Fetterman on why he won’t release his medical records

In somewhat of a shocking interview segment, NBC reporter Dasha Burns actually grilled Fetterman on why he won’t release his medical records so that the voters know his status.


Fetterman claims that his doctor let the public know that he’ll be able to do his duties as Senator.

But Burns pushes back, saying that was six months ago and that we haven’t heard from his doctor since then. She also points out that by his own account, recovering from his stroke is up and down and asks why he won’t be more transparent.

Fetterman says that giving a speech in front of a crowd without a teleprompter is proof enough of his abilities.

Burns again pushes back, saying that voters aren’t doctors and that he’s billed himself as the ‘no bullshit’ candidate, asking again why he won’t be more transparent.

She really does a good job of expressing why the voters deserve to know more about his medical condition, so much so that it really makes him look like he’s hiding something. Which I guess exposes him as the ‘bullshit’ candidate now. Heh.

I must say his is somewhat shocking because you never see a garbage media reporter go after a Democrat like this. If a reporter ever asks about something controversial, they normally just accept the first answer and move on. But Burns really presses him on the issue and that’s the way it should be. She did a superb job.

Watch the video above for more. Or watch the full interview below:

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