Must Watch Saturday Cinema – Islam: What the West Needs to Know (98 minutes)

WOW! I am only halfway through this 2007 documentary as I write this, but already I have learned an immense amount about Islam. It is quite simply revelatory for those of us who did not grow up in Islamic culture.

Even though it is 98 minutes long, I put this in the category of MUST WATCH. Please take the time to watch it.

I’ve tested this movie and there are no errors in it. If you have problems, please reset your browser and try again.

UPDATE: I did finish it and it’s awesome the whole way through. Seriously, watch it.

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77 thoughts on “Must Watch Saturday Cinema – Islam: What the West Needs to Know (98 minutes)

  1. If you want to know about Islam, please read the Quran. Abdullah Yusuf Ali’s translation is widely regarded as the best . You can correct the misquotes in this film, and put other quotes into their proper context.
    I, and every other Muslim I know, totally respect the law of our country. Many of us are involved in charity work. We honour and look after our parents. If I see a worm on the pavement I even stop to pick it up and move it onto some soil !
    Do any of you personally know any Muslims? Please get to know a couple and ask them about their religion.
    Thank you for reading, and may Bin Laden rot in hell.

  2.  Why the video is not working? Please we need to see it and maybe even not only once.

  3. True Islam is Evil,….they use our laws and love of god against us,..Its time people start talking truthfully about this evil

  4. One now understands why the seeking knowledge of the physical world became the
    preoccupation of many Jews who had read Mein Kampf ( struggle ) and Jihad
    ( struggle ). This knowledge of the physical world is the origin of the atomic and hydrogen bombs. If now required, and it seems so, an outside consultant may now be employed by the west. His name is Duke Nuke’m.

  5. In reality I don’t need to see this crap. I’m telling you the truth – I’m virtually Jesus Christ & I’m a Muslim Man. You’d better get over it, as soon as you can.

    The REASON I tell you this is because in your book the end of the world comes soon after I’ve returned. In reality something similar is written in GOD’s book.

    That book is the HOLY Qur’an. I am a Father, & I am a Son, but I am no ghost. HOLY or otherwise. GHOSTS are in your head, they are just make believe. If you believe that Jesus is GOD you’ll be frying in HELL.

    GOD was no man & men cannot be godz. I’ve got 2 doGz and they aren’t godz either. In my mind GOD is REASON, but ALLAH is on my mind for all of Eternity.

    I HOPE you understand that you will burn in hell for all eternity, if you don’t CHANGE before you die. THAT is HOPE&CHANGE from your friend,
    virtually JESUS CHRIST!

    Asalam Alakum, which means peace be with you. Before you can have peace on earth you must have peace of mind. Before you can have peace of mind, you’ll need some CHANGE to by some food & shelter, & you’ll want to get a PIECE just to perpetuate the species.
    In reality I’ve just told you the truth. Do you get it yet?

  6. If you really want to know the ins and outs of Islam, go to UTube and listen to “Idiots Guide To Islam.” It is many Hours of Study proving what the Isloamic Government Culture Cult really is. I have Download 17 DVDs so far and have only made it to 198 of maybe 300 Studies. ,, God Bless

  7. Former PM Blair is getting RICH working on giving Israel’s God Given Lands away. Bush who I once fully supported, proved himself to be both a Lair and Ignorant. What can you say about the Draft-Dodging Coward Bill Clinton. Well I believe Clinton’s Drug Dealing brother said it best when he said “Bill has a nose like a vacuum sweeper,” referring to his snorting DOPE.

  8. I don’t believe in miracles, but…..

    I hope Sarah Palin runs for President and conservatives are smart enough to vote for her.

    I have no idea why that popped into my head as I watched the end of the movie. But when he said that about miracles being possible, that was the first thing I thought of. I really feel that she is our best, and last, hope.

  9. I actually wept some as I watched this documentary. The revelations quite simply left me stunned. I actually had a web page copy of the Koran open in another tab while watching, and I just could not believe what I saw. Indeed, this is a must must must see…

  10. Very good, but why couldn’t they find a narrator who could pronounce Arabic correctly? And why couldn’t they use a better translation of the Qur’an, such as Arberry or even Rodwell? And why read out the parts between parentheses, which are not part of the text? This needs to be made more professional, a little more academic, if only to show that the material is genuine. I would also like to have seen a few European interviewees such as Douglas Murray. They talk a lot about Europe, but the whole thing (except Bat Ye’or) felt very American and would make no impact on European politicians and media. For all that, a commendable effort with an essential message.

  11. Thanks so much for posting this, hopefully this will make it’s way around so that many will see. I prayed all the way through and will keep praying for our country.

  12. Like all ancient religions Islam and Christianity are both left up to interpretation by man. Christianity had the crusades and Islam has terrorism. No one person or belief is perfect. It takes faith and an ability to follow the rules. What most of these documentaries on both sides fail to express is the historical and sociological reasons behind extremism. There is a direct link between extreme poverty and extreme ideology. The reason why the mideast is a hot bed for extremism is the lack of resources and political infrastructure in these countries. How would most people feel if they lived in a country where there was no hope? No hope for an education, freedom, steady food, clean water, a job, or a life without worrying about suicide bombers etc.? This is what the average person in the mid east deals with every day. It is easy to divide but, hard to look for a solution

    1. No resources? The only reason anyone in the West bothers with these folks is because of their oil, which makes the upper classes extremely rich and decadent. Unfortunately, most of the people are not. There are other places in the world where people are dirt poor and you don’t see them spreading the kind of terrorism these folks do. And furthermore, it is those rich folks who incite the poor to perpetrate these heinous acts, while they themselves hide behind their wives and children. You never see the rich strapping on a bomb. They are even setting up women now by raping them and telling them the only way to restore their own and their family’s good name (as if the rape was their fault, even if they were covered head to toe in a burka) is to “martyr” themselves.

  13. I’m sorry, but you just didn’t get it. The “peaceful” Muslims you speak of are either deceiving you or are remiss in their acceptance of “allah and his prophet”. In such a time as Islam has enough power in any place, be it a city (Detroit), county, state, whatever, they will establish Islam. The Muslims in that area understand far better than you what that will mean for them, and they will immediately become “good Muslims”.
    You and so many (Americans especially) need to use better discernment of what Islam is and what it intends.

    1. I explain it this way:
      America is a nation of laws. It’s citizens can be divided into TWO groups; the majority are civilians, living ordinary lives; and, the minority are our police and military forces, who enforce and defend our laws and citizens. BOTH groups believe in our laws; and, will obey and defend them. It’s civilians support and approve of the duties and actions of it’s police and military force members.

      Islam is a nation of laws; it’s members can be separated into TWO groups also. It’s majority; like our civilians seem to live ordinary lives; and, it’s minority (the terrorists) who enforce their ‘religion’s’ laws. BOTH groups believe in the laws of Islam; and, will obey and defend them. It’s ‘civilians’ support and approve of the duties and actions of it’s terrorist members.

      If you fail to seek the wisdom of TRUTH, you will fail to develop the keen gift of discernment necessary to spot a lie.
      Doubt is a springboard which should serve to get you on your way to seeking that TRUTH.

      Why choose to live as a fool, navigating this life naked and unarmed?

        1. …The answer is simple…

          Those with inside knowledge pose the greatest threat to it’s stealth strategy in pursuing it’s objective.

  14. we are indeed in the fight of our lives… our economy is weakening, China is emerging as the new world superpower, the middle class is disappearing… so the elite make us lemmings turn towards Islam as our enemy. Sure, it’s Islam’s fault.

  15. FROM SURA 9:5 Ultimatum (Bara’ah) *NOTES ADDED*

    “Once the Sacred Months are past, (and they *anyone NOT in full agreement with you* refuse to make peace) you may kill the idol *ANYTHING/ONE other than this allah, or mohamed* worshipers when you encounter them, punish them, and resist every move they make. If they repent *UTTERLY CAPITULATE* and observe the Contact Prayers (Salat) and give the obligatory charity (Zakat *TAX THAT, IN PART IS EXPRESSLY SET ASIDE TO… FUND MORE WAR AGAINST YOU… and the current occupant has declared that U.S. tax laws are to be changed to make this tax… TAX DEDUCTIBLE!*), you shall let them go. GOD is Forgiver, Most Merciful.”

    “This is the part that the West needs to understand… what part of ‘KILL’ don’t they understand?”

    …aye, indeed.

    CM Sackett


  16. There’s a lot of speculation about the 9/11 date!

    The “9/11(200)1 verse” is another one:
    Qur’an 9/111 (Muhsin Khan)
    Verily, Allah has purchased of the believers their lives and their properties; for the price that theirs shall be the Paradise. They fight in Allah’s Cause, so they kill (others) and are killed. It is a promise in truth which is binding on Him in the Taurat (Torah) and the Injeel (Gospel) and the Quran. And who is truer to his covenant than Allah? Then rejoice in the bargain which you have concluded. That is the supreme success.

  17. Then why the Hell were they dancing in the streets and burning flags after it happened doh peacfull my ass!!

  18. After watching the video, I believe I now understand the true significance of the Sept 11, 2011 date for the Ground Zero Mosque groundbreaking (or opening depending on which source you read). It is the end of the “hoodna” – the 10 year period of following a treaty until Islam can build up it’s strength. Not to mention the date of Sept 11 has such a storied history in Islam. Now thanks to those that claim Islam is a religion of peace and the absolute trashing of anyone who tells the truth about Islam, they have successfully built up their PR strength enough to make it the politically “correct” thing to support the mosque. Thus the mosque near the site where Americans died at that hand of Islamists.

    Just my two cents worth…

  19. Political Correctness will be the death of us all. If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

  20. Thank you for this very eye-opening video. This is a must see for every freedom loving person throughout the world. Islam is lying in wait to undermine and destroy the unalienable rights of every individual who believes that individual rights and choice are sacred.

  21. Required viewing is right Scoop. Is there ANY question as to what America has sitting in OUR White House! It is here, it is now. My logical mind brings a few things that we can do today to stop this. 1) Close our borders. 2) Get BHO’s shoes off the Oval Office desk. 3) Bring our troops home, all of them. 4) No more Mosques! 5) Expel those in govt that do not believe in our Constitution. 6) Self contain our America. We become stronger as one.

    1. we tried that before and it led to pearl harbor it was called isolationisim and it dosent work

  22. Well worth watching. If anyone should have any doubt what their purpose is, then they that do doubt are the ones who will convert to Islam or be a dhimmi. Both are dangerous to our way of life.

  23. I don’t disagree with you, but I believe that the material point is that Christianity no longer forces people to convert, and only shares the knowledge of Christ with others. What they do with it is their business. Christ did preach true peace and acceptance of individuals. That’s how we got this beautiful country of ours. The Right Scoop is correct to instruct us about islam because if we’re not aware and stick our heads in the sand, then these creeps are going to take over the world.

  24. Some, like Bush and many Ismalists and panderers speak of the religion of peace. And, such is true from their “inside” position. Peace is the goal, and the way to get to that peace is to convert or kill until all have b…owed to Allah.
    I do understand there are many Muslims who peacefully seek peace in there life now and they also will tolerate nonbelievers. But these modern moderate Muslims are not following the edicts of their own religion.
    In fact, many converts convert because they have been approached by a believer and have been filled with hope and swayed in a manner in which does not allow them to look at their religion intellectually. They aren’t given a chance to study the basics and build a fundamental foundation in the basics- sucked in by friendliness and loneliness and a desire to be a part of something different.
    Notice that Akt Al Said had to refer me to an Imam to get the most basic of answers answered. Does a Christian know what within christianity assures his/her place in Heaven? Of course- all do, but not a moderate Muslim- most have not taken the time to invesigate their own belief- they just get caught up in the unique and interesting lifestyle. They become overwhelmed with trying to figure out all the new things that come with the daily living as a new Muslim, and effectively forget to look at the religion in the macro view.
    If the new convert makes it past the early stages, stages that become insatiable and all-consuming, then and only then are they directed to the more hazardous details, and this is when they start up into autopilot and become very dangerous.
    After their life has been turned upside down they then are faced with a pivot point in which heavy decisions have to be made: with a very convincing “handler” by their side, they are instructed in jihad and all its precepts. Eventually the question comes up, “How do I ensure my place in Paradise?” The answer is only one thing can assure their passage; that one thing is to be killed doing the ultimate work of Allah- to kill the enemy- the non-believer.
    Many don’t make it to this stage because they have been deemed unfit, unfit for several reasons, to include mainly that their handler determines they are too independent, to spiritually open, too respectful of life itself, and probably too much fear for self-injury. The handler will simply move on to another recruit and that one left behind is likely to just go on about their life stuck at that one level as a simple drone, which is okay too because there is power in numbers.
    In my view their are no real, honest “moderate” Muslims because even the most modest life-loving non-violent Muslim will harbor a radical and report nothing. I came across many of them while clearing buildings in Iraq and I’ve had many conversations with reformed (former) Muslims.
    Again, is there a Christian anywhere that would only be able to refer you to their preacher if they were asked what gets them to Heaven? And, if a Muslim has to answer in that fashion, do you still think they are Muslim because of spiritual desire and religious devotion? Or does it sound more like physical indoctrination?
    70 virgins? Where did they come from? Is sex a part of Heaven?, hah, only on earth, in this physical world. Islam, like Liberation Theology, is based not on spirituality but on physical position in this imperfect physical world.
    One of my perceived faults is that I speak what some are thinking- makes me pretty annoying, troublesome, anti-social and just hard to tolerate. But I speak the truth and no one is left wondering what I’m thinking. I learned a long time ago that the partial truth is still a lie. The majority of people live a lie; such is the human condition.

  25. pretty good video- a lot of stuff I’ve heard before, but I like the style of the video and the historical information given about halfway through. One of my favorite things (came from Walid) is the description of the terrorist’s mindset- the statement was that in the end it all comes down to how they weigh out the value of their lives. God placed enough value on life to give it to you and even to give you free will as to what to do with it- looking forward to death is to throw it back in God’s face. Islam fundamentally believes the opposite of what I believe. I took a few notes for myself since I always try to understand a little more about my own faith.

  26. About 12 years ago, I decided to read an English copy of the Koran (translated by a professor in the 1950s, I think). I was surprised that the order of the chapters, as was mentioned in the video, is not chronological. The concept of newer verses cancelling out older ones was NOT mentioned in the preface of the book! I didn’t know this at first, and so when I read the part about how Jews, Christians, Sabians and other monotheists were to be left alone, I thought that this was encouraging.

    There are very few times when it is acceptable to tell a lie. For example, if you are hiding a black or Jewish person in your home and you don’t want a slave owner or Nazi to find and murder that person, then it is okay to tell a lie.

    I am a Christian. God does not like deception. No more taqiya!

  27. Again and again I have to wonder. What about all the peaceful muslims? There are hundreds of millions of them, why are they ignored in what resembles the “no true scotsman” fallacy?
    Islam is not a monolith. Just because the Qur’an demands outrageous deeds, doesn’t mean every muslim is necessarly faithful to those teachings. Why should those who practice modern, peaceful Islam be castigated based on what we think they ought to believe if they were serious about their scriptures?

    1. There are millions and millions of peace-loving and freedom-loving Muslims but they don’t dare admit it. Also many APPEAR to be peace-loving but secretly they support the terrorists emotionally and financially. Many of them celebrated the fall of the towers and the killings of 9/11 in secret in their homes. Most of them enjoy the freedom they found in the west but they dare not say so. I have tried to point out the evilness of Muhammad and Islam to Muslims and you can literally see the fear they are under. They are forbidden to listen to such talk and usually scurry away. The Qur’an orders them to kill people who speak against Islam or Muhammad. They don’t do it in the west YET but if I said some of the things I say about Islam in the Middle East, I would be killed. Remember, too, that Muslims not only kill the unbelievers but they also kill other Muslims if they don’t follow rules set out in the Qur’an and Hadiths…especially in Muslim countries.

  28. I agree with most of you have said. It has been on my heart as well, that, on personal note I spend a lot of time reading and watching things like this and not enough time digging in an learning my scripture. It reminds me of an example I heard a long time ago. A banker does not study fake money to recognize counterfit money. He does study the real thing so that when something else comes by, he will know it is fake. I do believe the priority should be to reading my bible. If you have limited time, that should be were you spend that time. But I don’t think it is bad to be familier with other faiths. I don’t know about you, I catch myself watching something on tv just to relax now and again. Is it a bad thing to watch something informative, that may help me in a discussion down the road, as apposed to watching a rerun of This Old House (which I really do enjoy 🙂 ) I agree with your thoughts, but it is not bad to stay informed.

  29. Ya know what, all this educating on Allah and muhammed is disgusting, why not post the gospel of Christ instead? If christians would get off their butts and do what the Islam do, spread their beliefs this would be a moot movie. Christ commanded us as christians to go out and preach the gospel to all living creatures, not to fret about losing our freedoms and cower behind our government hoping it will protect us. The government will not protect us unless their is money involved, get it.

    1. Most people are ignorant to Islamic ways and goals…that is why this has to get out to as many as possible so that Christianity can be better supported…and Turn people away fm this false prophet and religion. Turning the islamic zombies into Christians isn’t going to happen unless we understand their true beliefs and show them THE TRUTH of their religion, and how they have been fooled and made fools of. You are a fool if you just think that looking to Christ is the answer… will hear Christ tell you to get educated and make better choices in the future to help honor Him and his people.

  30. This is one more confirmation of everything I have learned about Islam and the abomination that it is. Sadly, there are those still in denial about the truth of Islam and its so-called prophet, for them the end will come quickly,but for me, I will not go quietly not now not ever and my life will be most expensive for them in the taking.

  31. A suggestion…

    The “Prophet of Doom” by Craig Winn is a free download of his book from his site. He offers it online in PDF format without strings… as in, no strings, period.

    This is the first paragraph from the Overview page…

    “Prophet of Doom presents the Qur’an in chronological order and in the context of Muhammad’s life as it is known through Ishaq’s Sira (Biography) and Tabari’s Ta’rikh (History).

    “There is no better way to understand Islam’s lone prophet, his god, their message, or their purpose–especially since the Qur’an itself is a jumbled and incoherent mess.”

    STOP! Islamization Of America

  32. What is dhimmitude…

    When I first saw this video “What The West Needs To Know About Islam” and then heard GWBush and Tony Blair say what they say about the “religion of peace,” my first thought was, THAT is dhimmi talk from people who should know better.

    Then I heard Robert Spencer and Walid Shoebat and the others… THEY definitely know better.

    However, the U.S. State Department and the BHObama administration do not care.

    However, to extrapolate an application to Obama from that famous sermon about the Friday death and resurrection of Jesus, “Sunday’s Coming”… 2012 is COMING!!!

    PS. Yes, I know about the coherent arguments for Wednesday instead of Friday, and the analogy works with Wednesday or Friday.

    STOP! Islamization Of America

  33. They can take their jihad-noble-doing-the-work-of-Allah-and-everybody-but-them-are-infidels horseshit and bite me. Of course their version would be “the version” and ‘directly from God himself’, the intention of which is to try and place it above all other religions. Again, bite me arrogant bastards.

    I can’t watch all of this. As an American, I don’t have to. Bite me for that, too. If it’s God’s will that I die at the hands of an Islamist because I’m uninformed about Islam and the Allah horseshit, so be it. One more religion that may or may not be real. At least I’ll be free until my last breath.

    1. If you want to see what happens after your last breath check out UToob and Search for “To Hell and Back, Rawlings” (no quotes) where five men died and came back to life to tell about it. Mesmerizing!!

    2.  You obviously don’t know anything about Islam. Those so-called jihadists who blow themselves up and kill others aren’t  jihadists. Murdering innocent people is considered as a huge sin in Islam.Moreover, please do not address “Allah” in that  derogatory   manner as the wrod “Allah” means God, and unless you are an atheist, that is offensive to many.

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