Must Watch: Trey Gowdy slams Democrat opposition at contempt hearing for Eric Holder

This is what I’ve been waiting for. After hours of feigned outrage and different maneuvers from Democrats to try and stop the contempt hearing, Rep. Trey Gowdy finally took his turn and passionately laid out the case for why there is no more time for AG Eric Holder, noting the proof that high level officials in the DOJ knew about gunwalking well before Brian Terry was murdered.

But then a few minutes later he spoke up again to address the calls to blame the Bush administration, saying that he’s for bringing anyone before the committee who knows about gunwalking because it’s wrong under any administration. But, he adds, none of that mitigates Holder’s responsibility to comply with a subpoena from Congress and to comply with the law.

This is a must watch:

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145 thoughts on “Must Watch: Trey Gowdy slams Democrat opposition at contempt hearing for Eric Holder

  1. Who would have thought? We do still have a representative that wants to follow the rule of law. But we should have reached this point after 6 months not 1 year. This delaying tactic is so that democrats can shred, burn erase or reinvent all of the documents.

  2. My GOD please STEP IN AND DESTROY these MURDER’S!!!! Since, it seems we CAN’T or WON’T!!!! People, this Country of our’s is SCREAMING for JUSTICE while we sit back and DO NOTHING!

  3. My hat is off to Mr. Gowdy. Awesome speech!! Now if we only had a Congress full of people with such common sense and courage to do the right thing for the American people for whom they work.

    This is yet more proof that the White House and Obama are up to no good everywhere you turn and we are just told one big lie after another with smiles on their faces. I take great joy in knowing that their day of justice will eventually come unless they change their ways. Unfortunately I fear many will suffer needlessly at their hands for the sake of their self-centered utopia.

  4. Chaffetz, Gowdy, and Issa were all excellent — made us proud. I knew about Issa, but the other two were new and now join my list of heroes.

  5. Oh, for a houseful of this kind of righteous passion! We could clean house from seller to attic with even a handful of this brand of American. Bring it, yes!!! Give us the proof and lower the boom on the entire kit and Kaboodle. I am so glad that I watched that video. Now for Mr. Chaffetz!

  6. Frankly I don’t care which partisan group wins or loses. The primary concern is the rule of law. The rule of law depends on justice. Justice cannot be found until truth is known and considered.
    If the DOJ attempts in any manner to frustrate the rule of law, justice or truth, then the whole purpose of government is frustrated.

    “The only people who don’t wanna disclose the truth, are people with something to hide.” Uploaded by whitehouse on Aug 19, 2010

  7. Thank you Congressman Gowdy…Darrell Issa, Joe Wilson, Jim DeMint, Chuck Grassley…and all members that are honest and truthful and seeking to follow the law as well as do the peoples business,…Thank you!

  8. The record had to be made clear for both sides before a vote could be taken. Now history will be clear and show once again the Democrat Party is a disgrace to the Republic Of The United States Of America.

    Thank you Congressman Trey Gowdy,(R), From South Carolina.
    Your in good company with Senators, Joe Wilson and Senator Jim DeMint.

    Tea Party Patriot

  9. A very powerful speech; but will it make any difference? Obama is running a rogue government and ignoring the law at every turn. Will this be his undoing?

  10. I am impressed. Your state should be very impressed with you. Your comments wow.
    I would vote for you. I believe you have a great future if we have a country for very long. This country needs those like you. Those who care about America. You inspire others. The House should be very grateful for you, few can speak as well as do you.

  11. And for those of you who aren’t Southern….this is the way MOST Southerners feel about what’s going on in Washington. We aren’t asking, we are demanding the truth. OBUNGHOLE thinks that he can start a race war or a class war or any other kind of war among the American people. And he may well succeed. But mind you this OBUNGHOLE, when the smoke clears and the bullets stop WE THE PEOPLE will triumph over you, your “boy” eric holdup and any of your other cronies. If you think for one second you can take America from us……….BY GOD LET’S GET IT ON RIGHT NOW ! We have never been more ready. One day in the not so distant future YOU, OBUNGHOLE, will pay the price for what you have attempted to do to America. Remember who ordained this nation. You, OBUNGHOLE, are engaged in battle with the Creator. And may He have mercy on your soul because we won’t !

  12. WOW, What passion. Why can’t they all be like that. I’d like to see him play a greater role.

  13. I thought that the tactic (gunwalking) was illegal. Saying that they should drag in everybody, even the past administration, causes me to consider that this guy might not be acting. Maybe.

  14. Thank you Mr. Gowdy, there may be hope for congress yet if we can just get a few more like you.

  15. It’s not a Republican or Democrat matter. It’s a right or wrong matter. We know what happened & who did it. Sh*t flows downstream so follow it to the top!

  16. Me too. Remember that looser Bob “lost by 70%” Inglis and his belief in the Global Warming Hoax? What a great change.

  17. This is why he’ll get my vote again. He does a fantastic job and represents our views in the Upstate of SC. He’s so much better than that useless Bob Inglis we had to chase out of office.

  18. He may be presidential material one of these days. Mr. Gowdy is a straight shooting politician. It’s nice to see one like him amongst the frauds and phonies.

  19. Awesome beat down. Speaking of subpoenas, I just gor a summons from my local Sheriff for Jury Duty. Now what do suppose would be his reaction if I pulled a Holder? I’m quite positive he’d blow a fuze. Holder and Obama are not above the law, anymore than I am.

  20. That was quiet impressive. Mr. Gowdy definitely earned my respect with that…

    We need many more like him..

  21. Since there is plenty of evidence this was going on in the years 2006,2007, and 2008, Mr Gowdy may wish he hadn’t been so quick to slam democrats when in fact his own party may need some cleaning. Of all the guns confiscated during those years, (I believe they said some 29,000) only a small number were even e-traced to the DOJ, while most were not traced at all. Unforunately this isn’t as new as some of those in Congress would like to make it. While it needs to be brought to a screeching halt, it may well come back to bite them where it hurts. This info is available on

    1. Previous comments on this thread:

      “They were during “Gunrunner”, however the Mexican government was fully informed beforehand, and working in concert with the operation.”


      “Also, I have read (don’t remember where) that when Bush’s administration found out that it was too difficult to track the guns, they dropped the operation. This administration didn’t care if they couldn’t track the guns, probably because they couldn’t admit they made a mistake.”

      or because their intent was to discredit private gun ownership in the US.

      i had been reading things to this effect all along. Anyone can research how the Bush and Obama operations were different. They were different.

      1. In the past, they didn’t let the guns actually walk. They were arrested in the parking lot..and yes, this was about taking away our 2nd amendment rights.

  22. The Contempt citation is out of committee and onto the floor, 23 to 14.

    Now it’s up to poor little RINO John Beohner. Boy, I feel so good right now.

    Congratulations Issa, Chavetz, Gowdy and the rest of you who stuck with this without regard to the liberal nonsense vomited in your presence by low life, ignorant slurring slobs and withered, impotent liberals and the accusation of racism from the criminal Holder.

    I love this country!

    1. Very discriptive comments. If you read much, you will find, as they will that this started quite a number of years before Pres Obama even came into office, so your your gloating to turn out not to be so prominent. Mr Gowdy slams the Dems, as you do, but you may not be smiling quite as much when they all come to the table as he has reluctantly ask. Evidence in the DOJ showed this to be happening at least back to 2006, if not before, so we shall see.

        1. That’s unbelievable! And we thought the Bin Laden Death Day was cause for celbration!

      1. Gloating? Does dancing in their blood count as “gloating?”

        Put down your jar of paste and click on:

        Obama appointed the criminal Holder and Holder lied under oath to Congress. What on God’s precious earth does lying under oath have to do with Fast and Furious? The crimnal Holder has a along history of covering up murders. Those matters will be decided “later,” that means “after your nap.”

      2. We shall see? You must be a prophet.

        Holder take a second bite of Obama’s s*** sandwich today! Try to help me understand this one, can you please?

        “The Justice Department has retracted a second statement made to the Senate Judiciary Committee. During a hearing last week, Attorney General Eric Holder claimed that his predecessor, then-Attorney General Michael Mukasey, had been briefed about gunwalking in Operation Wide Receiver. Now, the Department is retracting that statement and claiming Holder “inadvertently” made that claim to the Committee. The Department’s letter failed to apologize to former Attorney General Mukasey for the false accusation. This is the second major retraction the Justice Department has made in the last seven months.”

          1. ’68, right after Tet. I Corps,Camp Evans. then south to An Loc near Parrots Beak–Arty. Good Day my friend

      3. As a conservative, I don’t identify with Republicans as a party, and I bet most people here feel the same way. Sure, all conservatives are Republican, but not all Republicans are consercatives. The comment seems to put blame on Bush, the man who gave us TARP and assured us “islam is a religion of peace.” On the other hand, he was culturally American, not Third World, and that is where his devotion lay.

  23. They just voted to hold Holder in contempt! On strictly partisan lines. It’s about freakin’ time!

  24. In the meantime, Obama gets caught on camera bowing to yet another foreign head of state who happens to be the president of Mexico! Wonder what that was all about. Who got whose back?

  25. Now you know why we elected Trey to the House. You really don’t want to be up against a former Prosecuter. Facts, m’am, JUST THE FACTS!

    1. That and next to Bob Inglis… yeash… I remember when good ol’ Bob told us our opinions didn’t matter. Now we have a Rep. that really understands what we sent him there for.

  26. Democrats on that committee are complicit in the crimes of perjury, contempt, and gross negligence, in the murders of many, including our own American Border Agent. This is the party that gives standing ovations to criminals right on the house Floor for scums sake!
    Now, in this committee, and on international TV, they seek to obfuscate high crimes and felonies, not just misdemeanors, at the tops of their voices. The rule of law means nothing to them. Honesty means nothing to them. Voracity is a foreign concept.

    If your blood isn’t boiling over this, check your pulse and seek life support measures. if it is, you might consider doing the same. Did the exercise of executive privilege work for Nixon? Nope, and he was actually asserting that privilege for executive reasons. An attorney general is NOT part of the executive branch. It is a senate approved position which is part of the judicial branch. Right?

    Sorry a$$holes, just because you have the filthiest dirt on one another that even bleach can’t remove, doesn’t mean you can mingle two co-equal branches in this illegal, immoral manner.

    When an errant Republican is caught violating the laws of our land, other Republicans do not rally to his/her defense, they chop off his/her head! They do it swiftly and blindly, just as Gowdy described lady justice, that blindfolded scale wielder. They let justice, however tilted at times, have it’s piece of the perpetrator. See the difference here folks? See the difference here democrats? Go and do likewise. Enjoy the private sector you congealed chunks of gelatinous pus. I’d like to slap each democrat on this committee across the face with a rancid carp, O’ and Holder included, and then wonder why they weren’t all mathematically cancelled out by it.

    Thanks Gowdy.

  27. It baffles me how members of the Obama administration can ignore repeated requests from a Congressional committee for specific documents related to Fast and Furious. Of course Holder is part of the same bunch that hasn’t bothered to submit a required budget for a long time as well. If an average citizen thumbed his/her nose at Congress, they would be placed in contempt and would have all kinds of legal problems on their hands. But politicians like Holder hide behind their boss, who with his actions looks complicit in a program (Fast and Furious) that resulted in a U.S. federal and who knows how many innocent Mexican civilians being murdered. Something is terribly wrong with the system.

  28. Eric Holder has a very bad reputation. Congress should have never confirmed him in the first place. He was involved in the pardon of Mark Rich when he was with Clinton. And we all remember about the Black Panthers deal.

    I just don’t have a good feeling about any of this.

  29. Trey Gowdy rocks… love this guy!

    This is the Justice Department and the pResident pulling a 9/11 on America. Sickening!!!

  30. Wow, big applause for Congressman Gowdy!! Bet those democrats didn’t understand some of those adjectives he used. lol

  31. After thirty-five years of wearing a badge, I have learned one hard fact of life, when you deal with mutts catching fleas is a distinct possibility. This administration is the most criminally corrupt since the days of Richard Milhouse Nixon, in fact I see some of Nixon’s shortcomings displayed in the behavior of Mr. Obama.

    1. Nixon was a corrupt tyrant, but his foreign policy was golden. Obama is the worst Preezee we’ve ever had. Worse than Nixon, Carter, Wilson, FDR, etc. The entire administration is acting beyond the law and is crumbling at the same time. Watch for some very desparate moves. Wouldn’t be surprised if he tries to declare martial law just before the elections in November.

  32. Listening to Gowdy at these hearings gives me orgasms every single time! I just had the biggest one yet.

    On another note, here’s what one dunderhead had to say about the issue of O’s executive order on a Daily Caller thread:

    “Bush did it six times. Hypocrisy is the backbone of the GOP. It’s the only form of a spine they have.”

    I want to respond but I’m so stunned by what is such a high level of stupidity I don’t know where to start. I think I might just leave it. Now I know why Bill Whittle said in one of his Stratosphere lounge episodes that he doesn’t go on liberal blogs, news sites or threads. Can you imagine a place where such comments are commonplace? AND YET hell is worst!! Boy, do I thank God I’m saved.

    Captain Maynard

    1. Can you imagine,,how ridiculously immature. Tell me,,what does a parent say to a child that says,,well, their friend Joe Blow did it. Me. Well, I don’t give a dang what Joe Blow did, I am not Joe Blows parents and two wrongs don’t make a right. If Joe Blow jumps off a cliff are you going to follow??
      Seriously,,what kind of bull is that.

      1. The Dems only defense for their entire tenure is “Bush did it.” Why? if they defended their record, they would be sanctioning all sorts of things illegal and immoral.

        Maybe if they tried a long lost thing called personal responsibility, or not acting like sheep playing follow Dear Leader, people may have a modicum of respect for them. Can’t see that happening any time soon.

  33. Gowdy is so correct, this operation has resulted in multiple deaths and must go forward to it’s right conclusion under the laws of the USA, even if it leads to the POTUS himself or any of his staff. Where’s the White House leaker now?

  34. Awesome. Thank you for this. I was watching live on FNC when they cut away halfway into it to get details from the talking heads and I was shouting at my screen over it. Everyone in America should see this twice.

  35. The kind of character of this man is the kind of character we need in those that LEAD this country.

      1. haha.. are you being sarcastic about the avatar? I get tired of looking at the same one over and over.. and I like to stay up to date. 🙂
        What link?

        1. Ooops not a link…..the Gowdy video….was great. Found it only because I follow u.

          As far as the Avatar goes……my icons are so small, all I see is blonde.:-) Except when you wear glasses then it looks like Cousin Itt from the Adams Family. 😉

          1. HEY!
            Same here!
            I think it was ChatrickPester (I could be misremembering) whose avi looked, on my tablet, just like a banana with glasses.

          2. Besides.. I don’t use avatars of me wearing glasses.. so I’m not sure what it is you’re seeing.. lol

            1. No no Ms Brenda……there was at least one… else do I know u wear them? If it helps, you can think of me as Uncle Fester of the same show. For now, if I squint, your puny avatar looks like some smart blonde to me…..with maybe a hint of Cousin Itt. 🙂

  36. He is right! It is a sad day and bring everybody on. The Democrats want to point fingers at the Republicans and so help me god if I hear Valerie Plame’s name mentioned one more time I will scream. This goes so above and beyond that witch hunt. Our President and his Attorney General have treated their positions like they are a King and his court. We are a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC and intend to stay that way. We cannot get these crooked jacka$$es out fast enough!

    1. At this point, an election isn’t enough. As a law-based Republic, this investigation needs to continue until it is completed, regardless of who is in office.

    2. And whomever the Republican nominee is – right now it seems to be Romney. He has had enough damning material handed to him on a silver platter to last for 2 election cycles. USE IT, Mr. Romney, hammer it home, shout it from the rooftops!!!!!!

  37. It’s getting hotter. Now that Obama has inserted himself with executive privelege, he has admitted to being involved. Otherwise the executive order will not stand. Obama has a choice to make. Continue to deny involvement and risk losing executive privelege, or admit involvement and force the investigation to go after him.

    1. I’m sure he’s covering his own behind but it’s also very likely that Janet Napolitano and Hillary Clinton (who was negotiating that U.N. small arms treaty) are up to their necks in this as well. And why hasn’t congress seen the results of that internal DOJ investigation that Holder and Napolitano both used as excuses for months to stonewall congress with???

  38. Well it sure sounded like Rep Gowdy had his Wheaties this morning.

    He’s 100% correct.

    1. Considering our district voted him in with 70%, count on it. We’re very happy him. I would like to see him take Sen. Graham’s spot, though.

    2. We certainly aren’t seeing many VP candidates (Portman, Thune, Bush, Pawlenty, Rice) with them .

    1. Bring more conservatives with you!

      I’m not from the South but I wish I had gotten here sooner!

    1. You are exactly right about an impeachable offense, unfortunately, that would be like a repeat of clinton’s ‘affair’ moment to the general public after the media spins it, guaranteeing re-election.

      I know this is WAY M”ORE serious than clinton’s perjury, but the general uneducated who don’t follow details in the news will vote for the “victim who is hated by the republicans”, and the media will wrap this up tying it to immigration and how obama is trying to do the right thing. Sick as it is, it is the media’s method.

      1. The internet really didn’t exist when Clinton was in office like it really exists today. The facts are available online, as opposed to biased pro Democrat commentary from CNN-MSNBC-CBS-ABC-NBC-NYTIMES, Etc. Impeaching Obama would embolden the conservative movement and weaken Obama. Evidence showing how he and his administration broke the law and lied, demonstrating how hundreds if not thousands of people died from their orders… is a stark comparison to semen on a dress.

        1. However, we are going to win without having to impeach. And impeaching carries the risk of a pro-Obama backlash. So let’s keep our powder dry and win first.

      2. Yep – they are quadrupling down on the “race” accusations. It’s everywhere and that’s exactly what they are trying to do. Garner sympathy for the poor black president. Sickening.

        1. like Palin would say………”you betcha, that is exactly what they will do”

          But I differ with RapidFire, who is stating plain facts of internet availability with info to counterdict the MSM….but the quick fix population WOULD vote for the portrayed “black victim president”–WE CAN NOT BITE THE BAIT but stay on track with facts and the Constitution.

        2. What a couple of vile race-baiters we have in obama and his despot in chief holder. I’m so glad this day has come. Obama is up to his eyes in this crap which is why we have this startling executive privilege nonsense.

          If it smells like crap and looks like crap then its crap. holder and obama are full of it.

  39. WOW, Amen and Right On, Representative Gowdy! The CBC, i.e Sheila Jackson Lee, needs to look at this so she and others like her will know why we have the rule of law, why they are there, and who they represent!

  40. I wonder how this affects Congressional approval ratings? I know I’m feeling pretty good about the GOP members of this committee right now.

    1. They were during “Gunrunner”, however the Mexican government was fully informed beforehand, and working in concert with the operation.

      1. Also, I have read (don’t remember where) that when Bush’s administration found out that it was too difficult to track the guns, they dropped the operation. This administration didn’t care if they couldn’t track the guns, probably because they couldn’t admit they made a mistake.

        1. More likely because they wanted untraceable American guns to show up at crime scenes. What they really didn’t care about was who was killed, They would be collateral damage for gun control in the USA.

  41. Obama almost on a regular basis compares Romney to Bush YET everytime Obama is caught in a scandal the Democrats compare Obama to Bush.. WELL BUSH DID IT TOO

  42. I watched the entire thing, the Dems used every fallacy in the book. Gowdy and Chaffertz were kicking arse and chewing bubble gum. They was all out of bubble gum.

    1. I loved the part where Speier refused to yeild time to Chaffetz. He got under her skin.

      1. She stammered her way through a response without actually answering the simple question Chaffetz posed. She didn’t want anymore of that. I loved seeing dumbarses like Davis read their statement (I wonder which think tank provided their talking points). I also loved the other idiot talking about how nicely they want to play with the AG office- Sorry, it’s not like that. If you are subpeonaed, you provide the documents, you don’t wait a year and try to buy time.

    2. one of my fav’s…Holder was short staffed and couldn’t give them all the doc’s…lol

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