‘My personality kept us OUT of war’: Trump says MSM and Hillary claimed he’d cause war, but he could solve Ukraine in 24 hours

When Trump was running for president the first time against Hillary Clinton, he reminded the crowd today in New Hampshire, the media and the Democrats in unison (as always) said that he was dangerous to foreign policy and would “cause a war in his first week in office.”

“Because they think that’s my personality type,” said Trump on Saturday. “It’s actually the opposite. My personality kept us out of war.”

As he has said before, Trump reiterated his belief that Putin would never have dared to invade Ukraine if he were still in office. And said he could still resolve the situation right now.

“Even now I could solve that in 24 hours,” said Trump.

The press that said in 2016 that Trump would cause a war will scoff at him saying today he could have prevented this one.

They will have no basis for saying so, nor anything to back it up. They said he would cause a nuclear with North Korea and that didn’t happen. They said he would be in a quagmire against ISIS and that didn’t happen.

And now they’ll mock this as if they were right all along. All the times they were wrong won’t matter to them.

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