Nancy Pelosi: I’m not encouraging anyone to go to the convention

She can explain away to Politico all day long why she isn’t “encouraging anyone to go to the convention”, but we all know exactly why. If she wants to retake the house and become Speaker again, Democrats have to ignore/avoid/not be seen with the biggest toxic donkey in the room: Obama.

Watch below:

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48 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi: I’m not encouraging anyone to go to the convention

  1. Thanks a lot, guys. Now I have to listen again to see if she really said, “enaminated.” Ugh!

  2. they still don’t fix the neck that well. the plastic surgery still needs work. what a disgusting old bag.

  3. I still don’t get why Obama and the DNC are changing the name of the stadium. Do you really think that “Bank of America Stadium” is worse than “Black Panther Stadium”?

  4. I think the only people who will show up at the Democratic convention will be the Congressional Black Caucus, who are nothing but a bunch of socialists anyway (which is why Allen West stays away from them). That will tell you all you need to know regarding the only people left who still support Obama.

  5. Nance, who’s very proud of the current president? The folks I know don’t think too highly of the socialist in the White House. Matter of fact they dislike him so much that the word “hate” might work instead of “dislike.” But my momma told me decades back that it isn’t right to hate anyone….’cept she isn’t around to know who is occupying our White House; she might have changed her mind about that word hate if she was still here.

  6. what a loon, and her constituents must be also to continue to vote this evil dumb bunny back in. The dem convention is a failure,because no one wants to be seen with barry who is she kidding.

  7. I won’t listen to the twisted chatterings of this loon.

    I hope the DNC is a tremendous flop. With Obama revealing his true colors (is that racist?) with his latest and best gaff (“… you didn’t build that”), it would be political suicide to rub elbows with that chump. They started doing this in 2010 when he was relatively “safe”… now in 2012 it would be foolish to be seen supporting this fool. Love it.

  8. I love it. That was hilarious. Nancy tries to float the idea that they were not in fact boycotting. When the person interviewing corrected her and said they actually announced it as a boycott because they did not support the president, Nancy just calmly says they are valued and ignores the fact that she just lied.

    This clip is a great example of why you simply can’t believe politicians when their mouths are moving.

  9. Even this witch’s strong arm tactics can’t make anyone attend the DNC Convention. Remember when she had ALL the power? She does, too 🙂

    1. I remember she got to choose who voted against democrat legislation because they needed to get reelected.

  10. Granted Obama is a ‘toxic donkey’ (I like the term), but there is another reason why Pelosi is setting the stage for a poor performance at the Convention. It’s already going to be a low turnout, it’s in hostile territory, and Pelosi wants to be able to say afterwards, “Well, we told people they didn’t have to go. That’s why there were only 37 people there.

    I will agree with Pelosi on one issue. She said she’s encouraging people to ‘stay home’. That’s a good idea. Come November, all liberals should stay home, including voters, political candidates, and dead people.

    For anyone who actually listened to the video (I know, it’s tough), help me out here. Did she actually say, “We illaminated a President last time”, or is my hearing going bad?

    1. Define irony:when the Chosen One was anointed,they used Broncos Stadium,complete with doves and fake Greek columns.Four years later they’ll be picking up homeless off the street to fill the seats and instead of clapping,they’ll cup their hand under their armpit and make farting noises.

    2. Nukeman, yes she did say “We enaminated the President …”

      Enaminated: Comes from the latin root word ‘enema’ in this context what she meant was they used an enema to bring forth the person who best represents the morals and values and character of the Liberal/Democrat party.

      1. Exellent analysis. That makes it perfectly clear. At first, I thought she tried to combine ‘elected’ with ‘nominated’, but your explanation makes so much more sense.

  11. Obama is toxic to Democtrats who are trying to get elected, or re-elected. They need to keep their distance from him and save their money for their own campaigns.

    Democrats are relying on their base of supporters that they helped get on welfare. They won’t be getting any money from these poor people.

    How can the Democrat base be happy about living in a state of poverty for the rest of their lives under Democrat leadership?

  12. “Watch below.” LOL. Sorry, TRS, I’ll have to take your word on this one. Watching Pelosi spin herself dizzy is more than my stomach can bear.

    1. I watch her just to see if she can still move her lips.One more facelift and her ears will meet behind her head.

  13. “Watch below”…ha ha ha! That was a joke, right??? 😉
    Seriously, I’ll just take your word for whatever it is you say she said…I can’t stomach the wretched woman, she is in the center of the take down of America as was founded and true patriots still love.

  14. Obama a toxic donkey? I like it Scoop! Finally I find something I agree with Pelosi on. I’m not encouraging anyone to go the the Democrack convention either,

      1. I would bet a hard union dollar that a lot of dems call this Nubian Nightmare far,far worse.

  15. I hate to be the bearer of bad news,stretch,but most of them wouldn’t be seen anywhere near this clown.They don’t all have 13% republican registration in their districts the way you do.PS-you look better since you switched from Botox to Silly Putty

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