Nancy Pelosi mocked HARD for ‘Marie Antoinette’ moment

Nancy Pelosi is making huge mistakes that she and Democrats would be livid about if it came from McConnell and Republicans. First, she’s actually congratulating Senate Democrats on blocking money that small businesses need to get through this pandemic:

Small businesses need the money to keep operations going and to pay employees so they don’t have to fire them. And this is what Pelosi is celebrating?

On top of that, she actually showed off her two luxury refrigerators last night on late night TV, refrigerators that some are saying cost in excess of what some people don’t make in a year:

I remember when George W. Bush flew over New Orleans to survey the damage from Katrina and his photographer took a photo of him looking out the window. As I recall, Bush was put through the ringer for this photo.

How is what Nancy Pelosi is doing here much different when we have mass unemployment after the government shut down the economy, and she’s celebrating how Democrats blocked much needed money to small businesses? In fact it’s much worse!

I’m sure the media won’t give a crap because she’s their favorite Democrat, but people on Twitter sure did…

(h/t: RedState)

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