Obama’s Favorite Oracle Nate Silver Predicts Republicans Win BIG; Keith Ellison Disagrees Because Nuh-uh!

Lauded prognosticator and sometime darling of the political left Nate Silver this morning unveiled a prediction sure to wad the undergarments of many a stressed out Dem looking to the midterms.

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In the words of the immortal Plato, “nyah nah nuh boo boo!” Yes, Silver not only predicts a 60% chance of Republicans taking the Senate, but a 30% chance of a huge win. He offers a compelling state by state case covering some of the key races: Arkansas, Louisiana, North Carolina, Alaska, Michigan, Colorado, Iowa, yeaargh!! Silver’s analysis is hard to argue with.

But that, of course, doesn’t stop the arguing, as frequent MSNBC guest and master of the art of self-delusion Rep. Keith Ellison is quick to follow-up in the next segment with a strong “no because shut up!”.

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It’s a snapshot in time. Well yes, Keith, that is how such things work. As soon as we get the real time voter intent matrix up and running we’ll be sure to get back to you. In the case of democrat voters, sir, it will be tied in to the pre-crime unit.

Cokie Roberts bends over backward to try and accommodate Ellison’s fantasy, and also helpfully adds that it all depends on how many “yahoos” survive the primaries. Meanwhile, Republican Dan Senor gets animated praising the defeat of “crazy right-wingers” as a good sign for Republicans going forward.

Oh Washington insiders. Where would we get our condescension without you? Oh that’s right … Hollywood.

Well, Democrats. That’s the news. You should probably just not even bother to vote. Just sayin’. I’d consider it a personal favor.

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