NBA star who has natural COVID immunity not allowed to eat in same room with team or go to team functions

The derangement over the vaccine is apparently on steroids in the NBA, with star Jonathan Isaac telling The Blaze that he’s not allowed to even eat in the same room with the team or go to team functions. But they damn sure want him out on the court during the game because, you know, that makes total sense:

“I’m not allowed to go to team functions, or if the team is eating at a restaurant, I can’t eat in the same room as them. To me it just doesn’t logically follow for us then to get on the court together.”

Seems like Isaac is taking the absurdity of all this in stride, which is quite laudable. But he’s absolutely right about it not making sense. Players get closer to each other on the basketball court than they do in real life, sweating and breathing hard, and that’s the last place you’d think the NBA would want a scary unvaccinated player.

But what makes even less sense is that Isaac has natural COVID immunity because he’s already had it, which means his immunity to the disease is superior than that of the vaccinated players. Yet he is forced to eat in a separate room and can’t go to team functions, and has to sit in a different section of the bus?

I wonder if they make him use a separate water fountain too.

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