NBC Nightly News goes after Rush Limbaugh

NBC Nightly News went after Rush Limbaugh over his comments where he said that if we were going to pay for these co-eds to have sex, as they declare that we should, that he wanted them to post videos online so we could watch:

And they didn’t even play his ‘slut’ remarks. That was the best part.

This whole debate is absurd which is why he made such absurd comments. But the propaganda arm of the Obama administration isn’t going to shoot straight about the facts. Notice that they defined the “all-male-panel” hearing as though it were about contraception. But it wasn’t. It was about the attack on religious freedom by the Obama administration, something they seem to care so little about. And they certainly aren’t going to delegitimize the issue of taxpayer funded contraception by pointing out it’s absurdity, as Limbaugh was trying to do. No, if it helps get Obama reelected they’ll support it, no questions asked.

(h/t: Newsbusters)

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