NBC reporter calls Secret Service over gun dealers using “Let’s Go Brandon” to sell gun parts and ammo

NBC reporter Ken Dilanian was doing what he thought was award winning journalism yesterday when he broke an ‘exclusive’ story on how gun dealers are using the popular ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ meme to sell gun parts and ammo. He even called the Secret Service!

Here’s more from this award winning report:

Gun dealers are marketing weapon parts and ammunition using a right-wing slogan widely understood as code for profanity directed at President Joe Biden.

Palmetto State Armory, which operates a 12,000-square-foot gun store in Columbia, S.C., the state capital, is marketing a “LETSGO-15 Stripped Lower Receiver,” which is a part meant for an AR-15-style assault rifle.

The product description on the company’s website says the fire selector on the weapon part features three modes: “’[email protected]!’” (Safe), “’JOE!’” (Fire), “’BIDEN!’” (Full-Auto).”

“Love how PSA is in touch with the current Let’s Go Brandon situation,” says one of the comments below the product description. “More than half of America and other parts of the world are chanting. The current administration is destroying our country.”

The company did not respond to NBC News requests for comment. A spokesman for the U.S. Secret Service, which investigates threats against the president, declined to comment.

At least two other firms in other states, Culper Precision and My Southern Tactical, are advertising an AR-15 magazine for sale with a “Let’s Go Brandon” sticker.

The companies did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

When people began to point out that Dilanian called the Secret Service because of a ‘meme’, Dilanian responded that he thought it was a ‘reasonable question’:

I bet Dilanian thought he’d be a hero for calling the Secret Service and exposing how some gun dealers are using a meme to help sell gun parts. He probably expects to win the Pulitzer or something.

The media has completely lost it over ‘Let’s Go Brandon’.

Here’s a few responses to Dilanian’s justification:

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