NBC’s Chuck Todd admits Biden has a “big credibility crisis” and has to prove to the world that US is still COMPETENT

NBC’s Chuck Todd gave a rather frank assessment of Joe Biden yesterday ahead of his big UN speech coming Tuesday, saying he’s got a big credibility crisis and has to prove to the world that the US is still a competent leader of the free world.


Here’s what Biden said via The Blaze:

“I think he’s got a pretty big credibility crisis on his hands. Because all of these problems, in some ways, showed up after he said something basically the exact opposite,” Todd said.

“Afghanistan withdrawal wasn’t going to be messy. This wasn’t going to look like Saigon,” Todd continued. “The booster shots, he came out and essentially said eight months, and even indicated maybe we should start it as soon as five months. Now, we’re not sure if anybody under 65 is going to get a booster shot.”

“And of course the border— we can talk about the border problems and say they’re years in the making, but it’s pretty clear we have a bigger problem now than we’ve had in years,” Todd said. “These policies have turned into becoming a magnet.”

The problems are so bad for Biden, according to Todd, that he has to regain the trust of international allies and convince them the U.S. is a “competent leader” during an upcoming speech to the United Nations.

“He’s got a lot of work to do,” Todd said. “The U.N. speech: look, he’s got some credibility issues on the world stage. [He needs to] make sure that people still view America as a — not just a stable democracy — but a competent leader of the free world right now.”

You know it’s bad for Biden when even his staunchest media allies are saying things like this about him. Sure, they’ll never treat him like they did Trump – that goes without saying. But it just goes to show that even some in the media can’t completely deny just how much of a disaster Biden has been as president.

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