NBC’s Today show tries to DISCREDIT the bombshell NY Post story to protect Joe Biden

NBC’s Today Show literally tried to the put the kibosh on the New York Post story this morning by bringing on MSNBC host Hallie Jackson to discredit it.


In order to discredit the story, Jackson first suggested the story showed up in a ‘tabloid’. That’s the first lie. It first appeared in the New York Post, a legitimate news organization.

Jackson then claims that the story is ‘so dubious’ that both Facebook and Twitter censored the story. But this is ridiculous, because neither company had any proof that the story was ‘dubious’ before they censored it. But as you can see, both the MSM and Big Tech are working hand in hand to discredit the story. Big tech censors it and gives the MSM an excuse to claim the story is bogus.

Lastly, Jackson cites the Washington Post as claiming ‘some intelligence experts’ say this NY Post story bears the ‘hallmarks of a disinformation campaign’. These are probably the same ‘intelligence experts’ that accused Trump of colluding with Russia to beat Hillary Clinton.

This is yet another example of just how far the dishonest garbage media will go to protect their candidate. Donald Trump never gets the benefit of the doubt on anything – everything is a controversy when it comes to him. But when a legitimate news story comes out demonstrating incredible corruption by Joe Biden and his crime family, the media races to discredit the story in order to protect him.

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