NC Republican Senator: Don’t bother me about HB2


Senator Thom Tillis, the Republican elected to the US Senate in 2014 with great help from Mitch McConnell, apparently doesn’t believe defending HB2 is his fight:

via A.P. Dillon

HB2 is critical to protecting the safety and privacy of North Carolina citizens, especially children.

Nearly all North Carolina officials have locked arms and are fighting the Obama administration over it. I said nearly all . While many of our representatives have joined 72 others in opposing Obama’s edict, our Senators are M.I.A.

A concerned citizen wanted to know why our Senators are not stepping up and standing with their state on HB 2, so they asked one of them.

Here’s the response this concerned citizen got from Sen. Thom Tillis:

I understand your concerns about HB 2. Reasonable people can disagree about these sensitive issues. Recently, the Obama administration, through the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), filed a complaint against the state of North Carolina. This federal intrusion into what was essentially a state concern, using a novel interpretation of the language of Title IX of the Civil Rights Act of 1972 and the Education Amendments of 1972, was an unnecessary escalation of a conflict that I am confident the good people of North Carolina can resolve amicably.

Beyond this recent DOJ action on the matter, HB 2 is a state law, and I am no longer serving in the state legislature. I would recommend that you contact your State Senator and State Representatives and share your concerns with them.

Does Thommy boy realize what’s going on here? Does he not understand that North Carolina is ground zero in the transgender wars being pushed on us from outside groups and the federal government? It’s all hands on deck in this fight!

Forget about novel interpretations. It’s time to rhetorically turn over dumpsters and set cars on fire! This is a fight, not just for privacy, but for the SAFETY of N.C. citizens.

Ugh. I knew when McConnell started backing Tillis, he was gonna be weak. And this statement on HB2 proves it.

(h/t: CR)

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