“Neither the president nor the attorney general have done a damn thing wrong” – Mark Levin

Mark Levin writes tonight on Facebook defending both Trump and Barr with respect to the ‘controversy’ being drummed up by Democrats surrounding the Roger Stone sentencing:

Neither the president nor the attorney general have done a damn thing wrong. And the sentencing isn’t the right focus now in the Stone case, it is whether the trial was corrupted and whether Stone received a fair trial.

If this story about the foreman is accurate, the federal judge should be appalled at what took place in her courtroom and she has an obligation to determine what exactly took place in her courtroom. She should direct the DOJ to undertake an immediate and quick (time deadline) investigation into the foreman’s behavior (from her selection to her tweeting).

And if you want to see interference by outside third parties and politicians in a judicial matter, listen to what Pelosi, Schumer, virtually every Democrat, and most in the media are demanding: that Main Justice not manage line prosecutors when the latter act in ways that are widely criticized as excessive and unjust. And their constant demands for the attorney general’s impeachment or resignation are intended to intimidate him and prevent him from acting responsibly.

He’s right about where the focus should be. With all that’s come out about Stone’s case, it should be cause for a mistrial, assuming the judge isn’t a hack herself.

I do like the point he makes about top Democrats trying to intimidate AG Barr. Remember how Obama tried to intimidate the Supreme Court justices at one of his SOTU’s? But Barr isn’t the type to be bullied by them, as he reminded everyone today in his statements about Trump’s tweeting.

And just to state for the record, TRS has never been fans of Stone. Wanting him to get a fair trial and fair sentencing has nothing to do with liking him at all.

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